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Buffy Summers ~ Slayer of Goa'uld ~ Redo

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Summary: 'Buffy Summers ~ Slayer of Goa'uld' Redo. Summary: Buffy is sent back into the past to lead the Goa'uld rebellion on Earth. When she meets SG-1 in the future, her destiny changes.

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Coming Back Home

Author’s Note: The episode time frame for this story is after the episode “Wrecked” but before “Gone”.


Buffy's temporary Watcher explained everything to her about the Goa'uld, the difference between aliens and demons, and why exactly she was there. The Powers That Be sent her on a mission to defend Earth from a new threat, or maybe old threat. She wasn’t sure what they would be considered.

She started training to fight her new enemy and learning how to kill the Jaffa quickly and efficiently. She wanted to kill Ra more than run him off the planet. After all, she was designed to "slay the forces of darkness and end all evil."

Her temporary Watcher had found out rather quickly that she wasn't like most Slayers. She was completely different from the Council's ideal Slayer. She had explained to him that she wasn't found as a potential until after she became the Slayer. That bit of a difference is the reason she has lived so long when hardly any of the Slayers lived for a year after being called.

Within a few weeks, and after much training, she was ready to lead the Rebellion and get Ra off of Earth. She had found out there were many caches of weapons under tents of other people. The Watcher had prepared them to fight against Ra and his Jaffa; they were just waiting for the Chosen One.


It had been about two weeks since Buffy went back in time and all they could do was wait until she came back. He had researched some more and found that Faith was to remain here, and defend the Hellmouth alone.

Then what happens to Buffy? he thought.

He read on and found nothing. He was now really worried about his Slayer.


During the night, the area's inhabitants gathered up the weapons and prepared for the morning's battle.

When sunrise came, the citizens were variously flanked around the outside of Ra's ship surrounding the perimeter. Buffy gave the signal and they attacked. Ra didn't know how to react at first; he was surprised at what his people were thinking of doing.

Ra sent his troops to take care of the situation. He decided to stay on his throne until after the fight was over. This was a lower being’s job.

When the Jaffa came out, the battle for freedom began to become harder to fight and bloodier really fast. No one surrendered though.

The battle lasted for about thirty minutes of near constant fire before the Jaffa gave up and the villagers won. After the Jaffa retreated back into the ship, the villagers kept firing at it so Ra would get the message. The Goa’uld inside couldn’t believe what had just happened. After about one or two minutes, the ships lifted up off of the pyramids and went into space, along with the "army" of Jaffa, leaving the Chappa'ai behind.

"Victory!" shouted Buffy.

"Victory!" shouted the villagers in return.

It was decided that the Chappa'ai would be buried with a cover stone warning the future generations that the device was dangerous. That afternoon, the Chappa'ai was placed in a deep hole with cover stones serving a secondary purpose on top of where the event horizon would form to prevent any travelers from coming through.

Afterwards, the village threw their equivalent of a party. There was food, wine, and all kinds of conversation and celebration. Buffy even got proposed to a few times.

That night, the Watcher told Buffy she was going back home tonight. At this, she started crying happily and hugged her Watcher in excitement with a smile on her face. He was just smiling back at her. She ran outside to tell everyone in the village good luck and goodbye. The villagers wished her the same. She went back to her tent and laid down on her make shift bed and fell asleep from the exhausting day.


When she woke up, she was back in her comfy bed in Sunnydale. She laid there for a minute to feel the relaxing bedding before she got up and went to find her mom... and everyone else.

She was home. She was finally home. She called out, "Mom! I'm back." She waited a minute before calling out again. "Mom?!"

She was getting worried slightly and picked up the phone and dialed Giles' number.

A voice came over the phone sounding tired and hopeful, "Hello?"

"Giles! Oh, it sounds so good to hear your voice again!"

"It's good to hear your voice just as well, Buffy." He sounded relieved as he said this.

"Um, I have a question. Is Mom there with you? I can't feel her here and she didn't answer when I called out for her." Her voice was full of hurry as she asked him this.

"Yes, Buffy, she is here. She didn't want to be alone while you were gone, especially as long as it has been."

She let a sigh of relief out when she heard that her mom was okay and safe. "How long has it been?" she asked.

He hesitated before saying, "One month."

Buffy wasn’t too surprised when she was told this. "About that amount of time passed while I was there, and for some reason, the only thing that changed was my tan."

"Buffy, how soon can you come over?"

"Well, I'm going to clean up myself some and change first."

"Okay, I'll see you soon."

They said goodbye and she put the phone down and headed back upstairs to take a shower. After all, she just spent a month in ancient Egypt with no running water or indoor plumbing.

After she was done with everything, she took a few stakes and knives, hid them on her in case, and then left for Giles' house.

When she got there, she and her mom shared a big hug with each other. Then, it was Giles' turn. When the hugs were completed, Giles suggested that they order something to eat. Everyone agreed and decided on pizza. Giles and Joyce wanted the same thing and Buffy had a different preference. They ordered one to share and two for Buffy.

While they were eating, Giles asked her questions about Egypt, really, how rare was it to hear first-hand accounts from ancient civilizations. Giles, in return, told Buffy about everything he found and what had been going on in Sunnydale.

After they got done (Buffy had eaten both pizzas and drank an entire two liter drink), Buffy and Joyce left for home. Joyce drove home while Buffy walked home so she could patrol.

After a few hours of patrolling, and fifteen vampires dusted, she stopped by to see Spike. He greeted her amorously and they talked for a while, with some kisses thrown in every now and then, before Buffy called it a night and went home.

She went to her room, got ready for bed, and went to sleep. That night, she had another Slayer Dream.
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