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Buffy Summers ~ Slayer of Goa'uld ~ Redo

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Summary: 'Buffy Summers ~ Slayer of Goa'uld' Redo. Summary: Buffy is sent back into the past to lead the Goa'uld rebellion on Earth. When she meets SG-1 in the future, her destiny changes.

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredefwrocksFR1899,0380410,03623 May 1213 Nov 12No

'You Are Now Leaving Sunnydale'

Dear Everyone,

I am sorry to have left like this, especially right now. But I have a new job to do, given to me by the Powers That Be.

Faith, please take care of the Hellmouth and everyone.

Willow, Xander, thanks for all your help. You guys are awesome.

Giles, you can have the gallery and the house. You are the best person someone can know. You have been a great watcher.

Angel, I still love you, and thank you for coming. You'll always be a part of me.

Spike, thank you for everything you've done for me. You're amazing!

Cordelia, keep being you. You're good at it.

I'll contact you as soon as I can after I get settled in. Good luck, everyone! I'll miss you all!

~ Buffy

As Angel read the part to him, he started to cry. She still loved him, and he loved her. He still considered himself a risk not worth taking the chances on romantically.

He ran downstairs to break the news: Buffy had left for her mission. On the way out of the room, he noticed a few of her bags gone. He quickly looked to see if her weapons and clothes were still there. Her weapons were gone and quite a few of her clothes were gone. She didn't plan on coming back soon.

When he got to the living room where Giles and Spike were still, he held up the note.

"What is that?" asked Giles.

"It's a piece of paper, you git," scoffed Spike.

Giles turned a glare onto Spike that looked like Ripper was ready to come out and play. Spike just smirked in return.

"Will you two stop acting like children? (He paused until they looked at him.) It's a letter from Buffy. She's gone." explained Angel.

Giles sat there with a shocked expression on his face. "Did she say where she was going to?"

"No, but she said she had a new job from the Powers That Be."

Giles sighed. "She'll contact us when she's ready, which I hope is soon."

Angel growled. "You're just going to let her go? How do we know she's even left Sunnydale?"

"Yes, I am just going to let her go. She was given another assignment by the Powers That Be. The reason I know she has left Sunnydale already is I saw her go by the window over five hours ago," Giles stated knowingly.

Angel growled again. "And you didn't say anything?"

"I didn't see the need. She would never have been able to get where she needed to without you stopping her."

Angel threw the note at Giles. "There. Read that and see if you regret it."

After Giles read it, he felt a tear escape his eye before saying, "I think we should gather everyone here to read the letter aloud."

Spike stood up. "Let me. I’m getting bored. Who do I get to round up?" Spike said smiling and bouncing up and down.

Giles answered, "Get Faith, Willow, Xander, and Cordelia."

Spike nodded and went to get the aforementioned people. Before he got out the door, Angel stopped him.

"Spike, wait a second." Spike turned back to face Angel. "I'll get Cordelia, she isn't here in Sunnydale."

"Alright, blokes. I'm off to find the witch, the H&H Slayer, and comic boy."

Angel and Giles rolled their eyes at Spike.

Buffy sat on a cross country bus with a stop in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She was headed to Cheyenne Mountain to join the Stargate Program.

She had found out her clearance, asked Xander what it meant, and Willow helped her get an ID badge. Being the only one Buffy knew who could hack into top secret government files, she had Willow go into the Initiative files and discover Buffy's level of security clearance for her. She had a level three.

Since Xander still knew all about the military thanks to Ethan Rayne's stunt that one Halloween, she asked him about the level of security clearance that she had. He said it was called Top Secret (TS) clearance and that it is applied to information that reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security if disclosed to unauthorized sources.

Now she was on her way to a top secret military installation in Colorado Springs. It was being run by the US Air Force, who had been training officers for years to go off world, fight aliens, and explore the galaxy. She loved to play with the thought of being on a different planet, but it wasn't guaranteed that she would get in the mountain without becoming under arrest. After all, it was the military. She just hoped that they weren't like the Initiative.

When everyone was gathered at 1630 Revello Drive, Giles read the note Buffy left aloud to everyone. When it got to Spike's part, everyone heard Angel hiss under his breath at Spike, who just laughed in response. After Giles was through, everyone sat in silence for a minute. Faith was the first to speak up.

"So B actually left."

"Yep." Xander answered.

"She left without saying goodbye." Angel said sullenly.

Xander started mocking him. "No reason to get upset, Dead Boy. She didn't tell anyone goodbye."

Angel got up and left the house quickly.

"I don't think she's coming back any time soon." Giles stated, figuring what was probably true.

"No, G-Man, she isn't. She has every intention of following the dream note through and be a member of this military team." Xander knew she was on a mission for the Powers That Be against a new evil, and he and Willow had every intention to help her however they could.

At this, everyone accepted that and went back to what they were doing before, for the most part. Faith went back to patrolling except this time in a different area, Xander and Willow went back home, and Giles and Spike continued talking on the couch. Cordelia left to go find Angel and go back to Los Angeles.

She turned her attention back to the side of the road outside the window. The bus passed a sign that said "Welcome to Colorado, the Centennial State."

All she was worried about was what might happen after the coming six hours left on the bus. She sighed and leaned her head against the window.
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