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Blade Harris

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Summary: Xander goes as Blade for Halloween

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Marvel Universe > Blade > Xander-CentereddemonichellfireFR1821,346046,33531 May 1212 Aug 12No

Halloween night

I don't own Marvel or BTVS

Blade shock his head trying to clear the cobwebs now where the hell was he, this did not look like L.A. as he looked over his shoulder he saw a pair of vampires trying to take down a female. With lethal precision Blade threw his modified boomerang sideways it arched and decapitated the two vampires. As he moved down the street he took down three vampires that tried to take him down with his shotgun. He moved towards where the smell of the putrid of the mother-fuckers flesh was strongest.

As Blade continued to decimate the vampires that were unaware of what the fuck he could do to them. As he reign of destruction continued he saw a pirate going after what looked like a noble woman. Blade cursed to himself "What the fuck is going on here?" He grabbed the pirate and roughly threw him off the noble woman who was thankfully unconscious. Then a voice said smugly "Well if its not the Slayer and her lap dog."

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about or who this slayer person is." Blade said drawing his sword "But you're going to find out the hard hard way I'm no ones fucking lap dog and never will be you mother-fucker." Blade growled. As the vampire moved towards him, Blade smirked as he grabbed one of the vials off his left shoulder and threw it at the vampire. The result was just what Blade had expected the vampire began to swell and then burst, right after that the noble woman began to stir.

As Blade began to walk away he felt a change happening to him, two of the vampires who happened to be running away in fear did not get far as just before Blade lost conscious he threw two vials at them. Xander shook his head trying to figure out what had just happen when he heard the sound of an explosion as he turned around he saw that a vampire was expanded then exploded. Xander tried to think about what had just happened when suddenly he was hit by a wave of memories that were not his own.

A guy name Whistler find him in his teens after the thirst had sent in. Fighting vampires all over the world. Deacon Frost telling him he was just another vampire. Seeing Whistler barely alive after Frost had tortured him. Whistler committing suicide so that he did not get turned into a vampire. Finding out that his mother was alive and a vampire. Learning that Frost was the one responsible for what he was. Killing his mother. Beating Frost. Going to Russia. Finally the memories stop and Xander cursed under his breathe. Fuck now he was a half vampire how would the gang respond to this he wonder to himself as he headed home. Not noticing that Angel was watching him intently.
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