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Buffy's New Life

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Summary: When Buffy runs away after banishing Angel, she finds out she was never who she thought she was- instead of Buffy Summers, she's Pella Halliwell. Buffy or Pella/Oz

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherRingofHeartFR1533,8761154,0832 Jun 123 Jan 13No

Finding Hope

Still don’t own Buffy, still don’t own Charmed, still don’t own the idea. However, I swear I am writing this with only the idea to look off of. Also, I know if your under 18, then a social worker can't help with an adoptive parent search, but let's just ignore that, shall we?

Pella Chelle Halliwell

Adoptive name: Buffy Ann Summers

Birth date: November 5, 1981

Adoptive Parents: Joyce and Hank Summers

Adoptive Residance: Los Angeles, California

Biological Mother: Prudence Halliwell

Town of Residence: San Francisco, California

Biological Father: Unlisted

Reason for Adoption: Teen Pregnancy

Social Worker: Alice Sullivan


Buffy walked into the San Francisco Child Services. Checking the papers, she had arrived here yesterday and dipped into her bank account for a hotel room and breakfast. Now, to find her family.

She walked up to the receptionist: a tall girl with dark brown hair, skin as pale as a vampire’s, and a sweet expression. She looked up and smiled. “Hi, welcome to Child Services. My name is Paige, can I help you?”

Buffy smiled. The girl seemed only a little older than her, and made a great first impression. “Hi, my name’s Buffy Summers. I need to talk to Alice Sullivan. By chance, does she still work here?”

Paige nodded and flashed a bright smile. “Sure does. Alice just finished her 20th year here and is going on the 21st. What’s this about?” she grabbed a yellow note pad with the extension list on it.

“I’m trying to find my real parents,” Buffy explained.

Paige nodded. She understood. If her parents hadn’t died when she was younger, she never would have found her sisters and would be in the same situation. “I see. She was the social worker in charge of your case?”

“Yeah, as far as I can tell,”

Paige quietly pushed the extension numbers and waited for Alice to pick up. She did so on the third ring. “Hey Alice, I have a girl over here who you adopted out looking for her birth parents. Buffy Summers?” Paige nodded. “Thanks, Alice. Remind me I owe you lunch,”

Paige turned back to Buffy. “She’s in her office…just go down the hall. It’s the second door on the right,”

“Thanks, Paige,” Buffy said.

“Hey, no problem. That’s my job!” Paige smiled and flashed a victory sign. Buffy laughed and walked to the aforementioned office, waving at the woman.


Buffy knocked on the office door and crossed her fingers. A big boned, blonde older woman opened the door and flashed a smile.

“Buffy Anne Summers. My, I haven’t seen you since you were a baby. Come on in!”

Buffy straitened up and followed the woman into her office. She sat down across from the oak desk on a comfortable red chair. Alice smiled. “The perks of working here so long. Anyway, Paige said you wanted to find your birthparents?”

Buffy nodded. “Yeah. Mom and Dad- I mean, Joyce and Hank, they hadn’t even told me I was adopted,”

The smile dropped and Alice shook her head. “Technically they were supposed to tell you. It was asked by your mother that your adoption information be kept open,”

Buffy smiled. “Does that mean you know something?”

“Now, don’t get excited hon," she warned. "I can only give you a little. What's in the records is open, but it's not much,"

Buffy shrugged. "That's fine, it's better than nothing," she sat down. "So, what's the sitch?"

The lady pulled out blue reading glasses and a file folder labeled "Halliwell-Summers". She opened the flle and looked at the top page.

"Is there anything you would specifically like to know?" she asked finally, after re-familiarizing herself with the case.

"Well," Buffy started cautiously. "Anything you have would be great. But maybe....well, we could start with an address maybe? And did she give you a more detailed reason to why she gave me up? Her name was Prudence, right?"

The social worker nodded at her old charge. "That's right, although she hated her name and liked to go by Prue at the time," the young girl chuckled. "Her grandmother loved the name, though. She didn't have a mother, you see. Her's died in a drowning several years ago,"

Buffy pushed away the sudden grief at finding her grandmother was dead, and took comfort in the presence of the slayer.

"Anyway," The social worker continued, noticing Buffy's eyes watering up slightly. "God, you were the cutest little daring I had ever seen! But your mother knew it was best that she gave you up- she was eleven and knew she couldn't take care of you...."

"Wait, wait, wait, slow down a mother was eleven?" Buffy was shocked. She knew that teen pregnancy meant young......but she didn't think it meant *that* young.

Alice nodded sadly. "Yeah, I'm sorry hon. But your mama was pretty young when she came here,"

Seeing Buffy was reeling from information overload, she stopped a moment. Buffy shook her head, and then looked back at the social worker. '"It's fine; it makes a lot of sense. Anything else you can tell me?"

"She loved you," Alice told Buffy. "She really did. Anyway, I have her old address here, but your father's unlisted here as well, I'm sorry. Though according to my notes, it may be a blessing; Prue didn't seem to like him much. I don't have much else,"

"Well, it's a good start," Buffy replied with a smile and a nod. "I wasn't expecting to find out so much anyway. If you could just tell me the address, that would be great,"

"Let's see here....." Alice looked through the file for a moment before finally coming up with the address. "Ah, here it is! 1329 Prescott Street. Now hon, she probably won't be there now....she's 28. She may have moved out,"

Buffy sighed. "It's alright, I wasn't expecting that much anyway. Thank you so much, Mrs. Sullivan,"

"Oh please," Alice brushed it off. "It was no trouble. And call me Alice,"

Buffy stood up and shook Alice's hand. "Alrighty, Alice. Thanks again,"

"Your most welcome, Buffy. You call me up if you need anything else, you hear?" She told her with a mock stern expression.

"Sure," Buffy paused on her way out the door. "Alice?" she asked softly.

"Yes?" Alice stopped putting the file away and looked up.

Buffy's mind made up, she smiled at her old social worker. "Call me Pella,"

Alice's smile grew wide. "Alright. You have a good day now, Pella,"

As soon as Buffy, now redubbed "Pella" walked out the door, Alice's smile quickly turned into a scowl as she looked up to the ceiling in annoyance.

"Alright already!" She called. "I'm coming! Would you people stop with that incessant jingling?"
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