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Buffy's New Life

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Summary: When Buffy runs away after banishing Angel, she finds out she was never who she thought she was- instead of Buffy Summers, she's Pella Halliwell. Buffy or Pella/Oz

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Finding the Truth

A/N: Wow. It's been a long while since I touched this thing. I am fully aware that you all are possibly fuming and want to kill me. And I have no explanation other than....erm......real life? I haven't even had a lot going on, I just keep forgetting to write.

These events were actually supposed to make the last chapter, and make it much longer. I shortened it because my idiot computer (I've had it replaced since then) deleted 15 pages of what was supposed to be in said last chapter. So the next few chapters should have all been in the last one, if you want someone to blame, thank Dell.

The rest of this only relates kind of to this story. If you don't like long ANs, you might just want to skip.

So, here's the sitch- I'm not heading back to until at least spring break. I'm putting the entire account under hiatus because I want to spend some actual time writing here (I like it better). After I finish all fics on there that are competent and delete the ones that are not, I'll most likely stop posting much on there anyway.

As for here, I am taking a hiatus on new stories (except for "I'm OK", a multi-cross that I'm pretty sure my co-author will kill me if I don't post at some point, and possibly a Willow challenge that's sparked my interest too much). And after this, I'll be off for two weeks because of finals. But I'm going to start a system.

Each of my fics on here are unfinished, but I'm going to take one, along with Magic Manifests in Mysterious Ways, I'm Ok (unposted) and possibly that Willow cross, and focus on completing that. Once I do, I'll move on to the next one. And so on.

So, to sum up, all stories except for this one, MMMW, and the yet unposted I'm Ok, are on a short hiatus. This includes all stories on I'm sorry, especially to my PR stories, but I've currently got four fanfictions actually completed- three of them are oneshots, and one of them sucks. None of them are on this site. That's not a good record. story PRGF will come out of hiatus around Spring Break, whether I'm done with this or not. Only stories on that have at least one review will continue to be written, and I know a lot of people enjoy the two chaps I have up for PRGF.

Anyway, now that I've got a sort of plan out there- oh, one last thing!

Because of word count rules, Chapter 3 of MMMW may have to wait a bit. I promise that it is almost written and I just have to post more in my crosses.

Now, here, those of you who skipped might need to read- most of the time for the rest of the story, the third person narration will refer to Buffy as Pella. We all know who it is, right?

With that being said, lets get to work!

Disclaimer: Nothing has changed in the....geez! Five months since I updated the story. I still have no ownership concerning Buffy, this plot (thanks, lilacsandroses!) and Charmed. The only things I own are this specific story, Alice, and Buffy's renaming. Sorry to disappoint.


As it turned out a couple of Googles later, Prue hadn't moved out of the house. She was listed as the head of the household. For some reason, she'd also listed her, three sisters as well.

The fact that she had aunts wasn't lost on Pella. She felt a small leap of jubilation- aunts! Her actual, biological aunts that may actually see her more than once every five years!

Unless her mother didn't want her. But Pella, though she wasn't positive, didn't think she could bare the thought. So she tried to convince herself of the opposite and stay far away from it.

She was excited- maybe things were actually picking up.


"Hey Prue!"


"I need the bathroom!"

"Phoebe, you'll get it after my shower!"

Having four sisters in a three bedroom, two bathroom household didn't always work out so well. Prue had slept in because her photo shoot was later in the day.

She smiled. Photo shoot, she never, ever got tired of thinking those words. When Andy had almost died back in March(and she thanked God every day that he didn't) she'd really remembered that this job could easily kill you. Not her job as an appraiser, but her job as a witch.

That's right- Prue Halliwell, eldest of four, was a witch. Specifically, she could move things with her mind. And she fought demons. Warlocks, or evil witches, too. Originally, she hated it.....but it kind of grew on her.

But still, she'd seen more than a few witches die at the hands of evil. So she'd decided she didn't want to spend what may be the last few years of her life doing something she didn't want to do. So she'd quit the place and started taking some photography courses and putting her services out there.

One of her professors had offered her an opportunity to shoot for a magazine he worked for. He said she was a gifted photographer. If she played her cards right, this could be her big shot.

It would be, at least, if three sisters out of four didn't need the bathroom.

Phoebe had a college class. Prue had shared why she'd become a photographer with the entire family, and Phoebe had instantly decided that she would rather not waste her time being unemployed. So she was doing some exploratory things. So far, she told them, she was interested in her psychology class.

Piper, in the other bathroom, had an emergency at the club. She'd just opened it up, naming Phoebe, Prue, and Paige partners. She called it P4, short for the Power of Four. It was doing alright, but it was only just starting to take off. Piper was actually having a few issues (mainly being some idiot who wouldn't leave when he came and Piper literally had drag him out the door so she could close), but right now someone had called her about an issue with the pipes. So she had to get her butt out the door.

Luckily enough, Paige had to be at work by 6:00 each morning. Otherwise it would really be a jam.

Phoebe tapped her toe and groaned. She was going to be so late! Knowing it took Prue at least ten minutes to take a shower, Phoebe walked over to Prue's room.

It wasn't like she was going to do anything major. She wasn't the vindictive little sister she used to be. In fact, she was on a mission and had asked Prue before, while they were meeting in the hallway, if she could grab the family photo album. Prue had seen a couple of pictures of Paige in passing while said sister was at work, and Paige really wanted to see them. They were the only pictures she would have of her parents- Sam was a whitelighter who was barely allowed to say hello, and Patty had died years earlier. Even with witchcraft, it wasn't exactly a Kodak moment.

Phoebe hefted the large book with reverence- half her childhood had been placed in here, a while ago when Prue had been sick, sentimental, and had some free time.

She decided to flip through it. She had her homework done, so it wasn't like she had much of anything else to do.

She opened up to the first page and immediately started laughing. The first picture was of the four of them- not particularly funny. Unless you had been there during it's taking, and had seen the cat knock over the camera just after said perfect shot had been taken, which had knocked into- what else? The grandfather clock.

Between demons and other disasters, all four sisters had complained at some point that they would spend half their lives fixing that damned clock.

Flipping through the book, she smiled at the different moments. She smirked as she saw Prue and Andy at prom together- the two really did make a fantastic couple, even though Phoebe could remember the stain on the inside from where she'd worn the same dress to her homecoming in 10th grade. She laughed at Piper with braces. And finally, she found it- a young Patty and the ever young Sam, holding on tightly to a blue bundle, with Paige's sweet little face barely visible.

She cooed quietly at the cuteness of the moment. She'd only seen a few pictures of baby Paige- Paige had apparently burned most of them the night after her parents died, before her social worker had gotten to her. After a moment, she went to turn the page.

Which stuck.

The page stuck to the page behind it. An annoyed, stubborn look crossed Phoebe's face as she tried to wedge her nail in between the pages. It wouldn't unstick.

There was no doubt about it. The pages weren't a result of static cling. They were glued together.

Why would Prue do that?

"Phoebe, you still need that shower?"

Phoebe jumped. She hadn't realized she'd been looking at the album for so long. Long enough to make Prue, who was now standing with her hair in a towel, in her good khakis and a bright red fancy t-shirt- slightly concerned.

"P-Prue! You scared me!" Phoebe's mind was still revolving around why Prue would glue two pages together- it could have been an accident, or Prue just not waiting for it to dry, but Phoebe's intuition was telling her in no uncertain terms that it was Prue's intention.

Prue gave her a look. "This coming from the woman who can see the future and hear a flea nine feet away?" It was pretty common in the household to refer to Phoebe's Vulcan-like hearing and the fact that she relied on it more than the average person. It was more of an inside joke, like laughing about how Piper needed glasses (haha, yeah right) or Paige talked to much and Prue really thought about things way too much. She laughed, breaking the tension. "I didn't realize you were so absorbed in the book, Pheebs,"

Seeing her way out, Phoebe nodded like a bobble-head doll. "Mmhmm, absorbed! That's what I was!"

Prue looked at her as if she'd lost her marbles. What was with Phoebe today? "Phoebe, what exactly have you been drinking?"

Oh, she needed to get out of this situation fast if she ever wanted to find out what was on that page. "Nothing, Prue, really," She told her, trying to actually lie. "I just saw a picture of baby Paige,"

Prue smiled. "She is the cutest, isn't she?" She walked over and saw the picture she'd suspected Phoebe had been looking at. She sighed. "Paige was asking for it?"

"Since you told her it existed, yeah," Phoebe said, happy to be on a somewhat safer topic.

Prue combed a piece of hair back. "I hope she's doing ok. Sometimes she says that she's fine, but she really feels like she isn't a part of this family. You saw how disappointed she looked when we went back to our childhoods, and she couldn't find a single picture of her,"

"I know," Phoebe had felt the same way. At least she had some. Grams could barely believe her when they'd said they were the Charmed Ones- yes, there were four of them, and yes- Paige was half-whitelighter.

"Pheebes! Aren't you going to be late?" Piper called.

Phoebe looked up at the clock and blanched. "Crap!" She yelled, running to the bathroom for five minutes before heading out the door, photo book in hand- she would look over the glued page with Paige during lunch.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Buffy's New Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Jan 13.

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