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In No Man's Land

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Summary: Second chances are important. Sometimes it takes a second turn to remember who you really are.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Buffy-CenteredcloudleonsgurlFR181030,5841216644,0643 Jun 1221 Nov 14No

To Fall and Bleed Part 2 of 3

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy belongs to Joss. Marvel belongs to Disney or Stan Lee. Nothing is mine.

OMG! I am so happy with all the reviewers and feedback! I appreciate it so much. Thank you all! THANK YOU THANK YOU! :D

Pairings: Still on fence

Chapter Six
‘To Fall and Bleed Pt 2 of 3’

31 and half hours left

She was slightly perturbed.

Okay, that was a lie. She more than slightly perturbed as she tried to stare anywhere but the dead man’s face. When she had saw Jesse McNally, her stomach fell into a never ending abyss and guilt wafted through her. Not many knew how hard the death of Jesse hit Buffy, the guilt she carried afterwards. Pursing her lips, Lizzie tried to shrug off these feeling and the man’s arms, “Uh, thank you.” Then she added, “And don’t flatter yourself.”

Jesse let out a bark out laughter, slightly surprised by the reaction. “You’re welcome and I hope you don’t feel offended if I do.” He then looked over to Daniel and said, “Who’s your girlfriend?”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Daniel glowered at his friend, then looked at Lizzie who once again reclaimed her sit on the bench shaking out her legs. “Are you okay?”

“Yea…yea, just my legs…”

“Do you have your wheelchair?”

The question made Lizzie halt and remember the inferno eating away eagerly at her house. Her wheelchair was probably a metal piece of junk by now. “No,” she answered, quietly. Moving her hands over her legs, trying to massage the pain out of them. “I’ll be fine. I just need a few moments.”

Glancing over at his friend for a brief second, Daniel offered, “Why don’t you come in sit in the store then? We have more comfortable chairs than these benches out here.” He sent Jesse a glare as the dark haired man was about to say something. Jesse closed his mouth with the roll of his eyes, but his lips were up in a slight grin.

Lizzie halted, wondering if that was such a good idea. Running into not only one, but two familiar faces, from the other world especially when life altering changes had happened in her life…it sounded like something other than coincidence was at work. And if there was one than Lizzie hated more than Hydra, it was her destiny being out of her hands. Swallowing the sudden wave of trepidation, she tried to smile, “If it’s not too much of a bother.”

Minutes later, Jesse and Oz were moving about getting ready for the day while Lizzie sat by the counter where they sold coffee. She glanced over at the computers, and asked, “Who thought that a coffee shop and computer shop would go well together?”

“Geeks,” Jesse supplied, putting more UBS cords on the shelves. “You see geeks get very fixated on things, when they get fixated on things, they want to get them done and they need something to help them stay awake. Ergo caffeine beverages.”

Lizzie gave him a half smile. “Talking from experience?”

“We plea the fifth,” Daniel sent her a grin.

Lizzie returned it with a chuckled, before her lips turned downward in a frown. Anger boiling quickly in her stomach. You don’t have time for this.

Perhaps, it was because despite being strangers, their familiar faces gave her a sense of peace (and slight guilt). And she didn’t want peace. Not until Hydra paid for what they had done. Narrowing her eyes, she strengthened her resolve. Lizzie will not let go of her anger and pain until every last one of them is dead. Daniel looked over at her and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yea,” she released her vice grip on the cup, looking down at the crack now forming in it. “I’m sorry. I will pay for that.” Then winced when she realized she didn’t have any money.

“It’s not problem,” Daniel waved it off.

“At least it’s a broke cup, not some idiot spilling coffee over a thousand dollar computer because he’s pissed we don’t have what he needed,” Jesse commented, looking over something on the computer screen and typing.

Lizzie raised an eyebrow sensing a story, but shook her head. “Oz…” she corrected, “Sorry, Daniel. Daniel, Jesse, thank you for your hospitality, but I…I have to get out of here.”

“Oz?” Jesse asked. “Wizard of Oz? This is the girl who called you that?”

Judging by the sour look Daniel sent his friend, Lizzie realized why he snapped when she called him it earlier today when he had liked it when they first met. Trying to keep his face calm, he asked, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

She opened her mouth to tell them that she was fine, instead what came out was, “My mom…she passed away…” No, she’s was murder, a bullet straight to the heart… Swallowing the bitterness that threatened to fill, she pressed on after both me gave them their condolences, “Thank you. It’s just…hit me hard.”

“So why come here?” Jesse asked, bluntly. Daniel elbowed his friend and Lizzie had a ghost of a smile on her lips.

“I actually need computer help, funny enough,” Lizzie didn’t think it would hurt to tell them this and after all the closer she stuck to the truth, the less chance she could be caught in a lie…or them involved in anything. “I have files that are locked and everything I’ve done hasn’t gotten them open. I needed to…know…if there is anyway to get past the encryptions.”

“Encryptions?” Jesse appeared taken back. “What the heck do have on your computer that needs encryptions?”

“It’s my father’s computer,” she snapped, defensively. Perhaps this was a bad idea after all. “And that’s what I’m trying to figure out.”

“Why would your dad need encrypt—” Jesse began but Daniel hushed his friend up with, “Jesse, it isn’t any of our business.”

“Dude, some chick you met at the undercover job, comes here with a computer with encrypted files? What if she is like a Russian spy?” Jesse pointed at her.

Lizzie refrained from speaking in a Russian accent and asking him, ‘What do you know about moose and squirrel?’, but just barely. Instead she stated sarcastically, “Yes, I am a Russian spy sent here to kill or brainwash the geeks of America with subliminal messaging.”

“I’m surprise someone as blond as you knows what subliminal means,” Jesse shot back.

“Hey, this is natural! Not dyed!” She snapped, pointing to mess upon her head. She glared at him heatedly and grinned when Jesse flinched back from it, but didn’t look away. That’s when it happened again. It was much like what happened with Dr. Bowlin. The web, except instead of a mass of distorted lines, it was a light glow in or around--she couldn’t tell--Jesse. Lizzie frowned wondering what the difference was and if this what Whistler meant about her empathic sort of power? Cause it was giving her motion sickness.

It hit her. Dr. Bowlin had been lying to her, and the lines burst outward angrily colored red as if warning her. This web surrounding Jesse in a red haze wasn’t lies, it was emotions. He didn’t like her being here, not anymore. Something she had said, changed his open friendliness quickly to discomfort. Lizzie pondered this quietly, still wishing that she had something cooler than being a human lie and emotions detector. Lizzie pouted, running her fingers over the counter.

“Is the computer in that bag?” Daniel suddenly asked.

“Huh?” She blinked.

“The computer…with the files…” Daniel asked slowly. “Is that the computer?”

“Yes…” Lizzie said, tensing up slightly. “Why?”

“Do you need someone to look at it?” He titled his head.

“I…I guess…but not right now,” Lizzie stated, shaking her head. “I didn’t bring any money and…” She pinched the bridge of her nose. “I really should get going.”

“Why do you have your dad’s computer?” Jesse asked, suddenly.

Lizzie held him with a steady stare. “He left it.”

“That doesn’t explain why you are so eager to get into it,” the young man pointed out. Daniel sent him a glare once again pointing out it wasn’t any of their business. Jesse ignored it, “Won’t your father need it?”

“I‘m sure he‘s too busy with his mistress to realize its gone.” Lizzie remarked coolly. Something flickered in Jesse’s eyes like she had just confirmed something.

“Oh…let me guess,” Jesse said, looking down at her. “Daddy took everything and ran and now you’re looking for a way to blackmail him to get money?” Lizzie opened her mouth and he pointed at her shoes, “Gucci shoes aren’t cheap.”

Her first instincts were to hit him, or say something in her defense. Instead, she bit her tongue opting to instead send him a heated glare. His theory of blackmail was more believable than the truth and could just work to her advantage.

She sat back in the chair and composed herself. “What kind of straight man knows Gucci shoes on sight?”

“I know a spoiled rich kid on sight,” Jesse answered her darkly.

Lizzie raised an eyebrow. That explains the animosity. “Tell me...was it an ex-girlfriend? Is that why you are so…angst ridden and a big jerk?”

Jesse eyes narrowed, lips turned downward. Daniel sighed, and said, “There’s a costumer. Go deal with them.”

“Why do I have to deal with them?” Jesse asked.

“Because I dealt with the last one.” Daniel made a shooing motion with his hand and Jesse just rolled his eyes, moving towards. “And you’re being kinda of an ass.”

Jesse glowered, but did as he was told.

“Sorry…about him,” Oz stated when his friend was out of earshot. “He’s a bit…touchy…about certain things.”

“I noticed,” Lizzie muttered dryly. She stood, sending Oz a polite smile, “I appreciate you letting me sit here, and the coffee, but I have to get going.”

“Oh, it was no problem,” Daniel brushed it off.

Lizzie tried mustering up a sincere smile, but failed. She turned and walked out of the shop. Daniel put a few things away when he saw the computer bag sitting on the floor. He cursed, grabbing it and ran out the shop. “Hey! Hey!” He shouted in hopes of getting her attention.

Looking back and forth through the mall, he tried to spot her, but she was long gone. Lamely, he said, “You…forgot you’re bag…”

Nick Fury was having a heck of day.

Hydra had suddenly resurface, coupled with this blonde that was trying to kick said evil organization’s ass and doing a surprisingly good job at it. Which made Nick very, very determined to find this girl.

It should have been easy. Video cameras were on every street, every record digital and with the amount of influence

SHIELD had, it should have been so easy. It became apparent quickly that it wouldn’t be easy at all.

This girl, or someone was covering her tracks. Video feeds, records, destroyed with a virus that not even their best analysts had yet to figure out. Nick sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. This was giving him a headache.

A big headache.

25 hours earlier

Lizzie had left the computer shop and roamed around the mall, keeping her hood up as she got her some food. She sat there eating quickly while thinking about how to come up with some money. She had money in the bank, but Hydra was probably watching it. It’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you.

She supposed, she could always get the money and then flee very quickly. She chewed on her bottom lip, thoughtfully. It was a risk she was going to have to take. She walked ten blocked before she finally found a bank. Cautiously, she pulled up her hoodie and made her way to the ATM. Brushing her blonde locks into her face as she eyed the camera, she fetched her card out of her pocket.

She vaguely remembered her mom getting after her saying she should keep her card in a pocket. It might bend it. The inane comment hit her hand and Lizzie felt her knees buckle slightly. Swallowing thickly, she put the card into the ATM wiping a few tears that ran down her cheek.

She put in the pin number, sending a wary glance around her. She quickly put in the maximum amount of four hundred dollars and took the cash when the machine spit it out when the hairs on the back of her neck rose and she spun around only to have something hard slammed across her face. She saw stars flash across her vision much like those in cartoon and then everything fell black.

It was dreamless unconscious. Nothingness that seemed to last forever, she knew she had been here for hours lost in the darkness. Then it hit her like a brick wall. Salt. The smell of hit her so swiftly, she immediately roused from sleep. Blinking groaning as her skull throbbed painfully, when she realized she was bound to a chair. Her green eyes flickered around and she realized that not only was she bound, she was in some type of abandon warehouse. “Great…That's just great.”

A bright light was pinned down on her face. She tilted her head, pointing her eyes other where. She realized that she was in some kind of warehouse. She hissed as someone grabbed her hair, pulling on it harshly. “Where is it?”

“It?” She shifted, uncomfortably. “It can be many things. Be more specific.”

“The computer, the files, where are they?”

They were on her, right? Lizzie closed her eyes in half despair and half relief, she had accidentally left the computer with Daniel and Jesse. “Not with me,” she answered, lightly.

The grip on her hair tightened before releasing her. She watched as a stern looking man, a long jagged scar running down each side of his face and his blue soulless eyes stared into her. “Do you know who you are dealing with?”

She gave him an unimpressed look and eyed his bald head, “Mr. Clean’s evil cousin?”

He snapped something in another language and she felt two people shift forward. One man grabbed her face holding her still by her chin and hair, and the other brought forth a tray of objects. Pliers, scalpels, 8-inch knives, and more. Lizzie’s eyes slowly widened as a sliver of fear shot through her already racing heart. Her gaze snapped to evil Mr. Clean, and she summoned all her courage and met his gaze steadily. “Pliers? Scalpels? With a name like Hydra I expect some originality. You have so failed the evil mastermind quiz.”

The man just stared at her as if she were speaking another language before proceeding to pick up the knife. “Who are you working for?”

“The Muffin man,” Lizzie said, dryly. If she was going to die, she was going to die with her sarcasm intact. “You know, the one who lives on Drury Lane.”

That earned her a punch to the face. “Who…are you working for?” This time, a blade was pressed against her cheek.

“Oh…I don’t know,” Lizzie tried to lean back away from the blade. “Who are your bosses most afraid of?”

Seeing the men exchange glance, she lied, “I work for them.”

“She lies,” one man spat. “She’s too sloppy for a SHEILD agent.”

“Your face is sloppy,” Lizzie snapped.

The man muttered something under his breath in another language before asking, “Where is the computer now?”

“Nope,” Lizzie shook her head, flinching as the man tugged her head further back and Mr. Clean now held the blade pressed against her pulse beating wildly in her throat. “That would be giving you my leverage and for someone in position, not exactly productive choice.”

The blade still, before lifting from her the neck to her right cheek and sliced. Lizzie jerked, biting her tongue as pain exploded across her face and she felt blood pool down the side of her face.

“Your sarcasm is becoming tiring.”

Lizzie felt swallowed back the blood, and drew in a sharp breath. “No need to be jealous that you can’t keep up with my witting repartee,” she managed to get out, her entire body shuddering.

"Where is the computer?"

"Don't you have kitchen to help," Lizzie looked straight up at baldy, "clean?"

Another slash, this on her collarbone. Another question, another answer, another cut. The pain kept building up and building up, but she managed to hold. She managed to not break. Twenty minutes later, she was bleeding everywhere, but she was holding on by a thread. A thread, she thought swallowing a mouthful of blood as she punched, but I'm still here. Her head hurt and started to feel light. A bitter laugh was on her tongue, but she managed to swallow it back as she waited for the man to aske the same questions he had been asking. Where are the files? Where is the computer? Who do you work for?

“What did you tell them?”

“Tell who?” Lizzie stilled, thrown by the sudden change in the questioning.

“Those two boys…”

Lizzie froze, her stomach clenching as her blood chilled with dread. They knew about Daniel and Jesse.They had been following her since then. Oh, God. Are they okay? Are they alright? Her throat constricted and she tried to say that they had nothing to do with it, but the man sliced her left arm from the shoulder down to her elbow causing Lizzie to let out a whimper of pain.

“Doesn’t matter. We have orders to take them out either way,” the man said. “No loose ends.”

No! Lizzie thought, eyes widened.

Suddenly an loud ominous bang, echoed through the warehouse. Everyone froze and the sounds of growling broken the silence. The men started rapidly speaking in another language, and one man walked out of the warehouse a gun held in
his tense grasp.

Lizzie shifted, starting to pull her wrists out of the binds, eyes flickering between the two men.

He leaned down getting her face, “Any last words?”

She froze when she felt the barrel of a gun slid underneath her chin. Taking deep angry breaths, rage boiling in her veins and she felt her binds begin to give way. She closed her eyes, then reopened them to send him a vicious glare.

“Four.” She croaked out, a vicious smirk crossed her lips, “Loose…end…this…bitch.”

She had reached around grabbing the scalpel from the tray and plunged it right into his neck. She flinched back as a fountain of blood spurted forth, hitting her face. She pulled her legs up to her chest and then put her feet on his stomach, pushing him away easily now that his grip had went slack.

He stumbled back his gun falling to the floor when he reached up towards his throat. It did no good. Lizzie pushed herself off of the chair, rubbing her neck and watched as the man slumped to the floor. He gurgled for his last breath and he stared straight at her. Anger, disbelief, in those dark eyes before it disappeared leaving blank glazed look.

Lizzie took a deep shaky breath, standing on her own two feet with a surprising steadiness. Horror. It swelled within her as her mind finally came to grips with what she had done. She supposed she should sway, throw up or something of that nature…however a stronger feeling came overriding that.

A sense of accomplishment…a sense of satisfaction. This is the beginning…, she told herself silently after retrieving the knife and gun. All of Hydra would pay.

“No! GOD PLEASE NOOO--argh!”

Lizzie whirled around towards the sounds of rapid gunfire and screams. There was sound of something being ripped apart, before it became very quiet. Eerily quiet.

The air felt thick, and it was hard to breath. Lizzie watched the entrance, and she knew there was something beyond it. Something not human. A shadow, large and giant, was cast on the floor. Lizzie looked around and spotted a catwalk.

She turned, running up the stairs trying to make her footsteps as quiet as possible, and ducked down on the catwalk to watch the shadow draw closer and closer to the entrance. Until finally the two shadows emerged into sight.

Wolves? Lizzie thought, stunned. There weren’t ordinary wolves. They were like wolves on steroids, three times the size of a normal wolf with golden armor layered upon their chest. She was going to assume they weren’t Hydra, since she was pretty sure that the other two Hydra men were dead. Or worse.

Lizzie slowly made her way down the catwalk closer to the exit as the wolves ventured farther into the room. One had fur, silver as the glowing full moon. The other pitch black as a moonless and starless night. What the fuck? Lizzie thought, keeping wide eyes on them as they went towards the dead body. Their nose flaring as they breathed in.
Scents. They are looking for something.

The silvery one made it’s way to the chair she was strapped into and smelt it before letting out a small growl. The black wolf raised his head away from the Hydra man’s body, and growled in return.

They are looking for me.

The realization was a like a vat of cold water being dumped on her. She had to get to the exit. She couldn’t fight these things. She would be torn apart. Slowly, Lizzie pulled herself over the railing of the catwalk, carefully watching the wolves knowing she only had one chance at this.

Sucking in a sharp breath, she closed her eyes mustering up the courage. Then she jumped down.

Her feet hitting the ground with a loud clap. A jolt of pain went through her body, but she didn't have time to linger on that. Behind her loud howls and growls erupted behind her, and she did the only thing she could do.


The old, abandoned warehouse becoming like a maze as she flew down the hallways, turning right and left. Anything too lose the wolved sprinting after her. She couldn’t stop, couldn’t make sure she was going the right way. She just knew she had to run. Sharply she turned right and when she was halfway down the darken hallway, she heard giant thuds of the wolves turning sharply behind her.

Not now,she thought angrily as a web of lines began to form in front of her path. It flared red in warning. But out of the corner her eyes, she saw that up to the left, it was flaring blue. Lizzie didn’t have a chance to wonder, and she just hoped it was the right thing as she ran to the left.

She saw a landing twenty feet in front of her. Some sort of loading bay judging by the hooks dangling from the ceiling.
The blue web shot out and stretched forth to the hook dangling in the air. Lizzie ran towards the railing without a second thought. Her feet hit using it as a boost and she leapt forward. Her hands reached out, grabbing the hook. The force of her body, swung the hook forward and she was flying through the air.

She stopped herself from being smashed against the wall, by throwing out her feet and catching herself. Immediately, Lizzie looked over her shoulder and watched in horror as the silvery wolf picked up sped before leaping as well.
It body sailed through the air, it’s wide jaw filled with razor sharp ivory teeth coming towards her. Her heart pounded in her ears. In a split second, Lizzie twisted her body swinging out of the way just in time as a wall of flying fur sailed past her. There was a loud crash, and a loud yelp. The other wolf that slid to a stop let out an anguished howl.

One down…Lizzie thought glancing down at the beast, impaled of several pieces of metal. Blood staining it’s beautiful silver fur. A snarling sound made her look up at the black wolf, it’s lip curled and it’s eyes glaring through her.
One to go…

She let go of the hook, dropping down. She spared the injured wolf another a glance before sprinting down the hallway filled with light hoping the light was a way out. Her lungs burned, her wounds ache and blood covered her. Her heart thundered in her chest, in rhythm with the thundering sprint the wolf took towards her.

She could feel him, right behind her. He was just too fast. She wasn’t going to be able to out run him.

She let out a light scream as a paw grazed her back. She tumbled forward and landed on her face. Hot breath spilled across her back and she knew in that instant that this was no normal animal. She knew that it was sentient, knew that it was smart. Knew that it intend to make her death most painful to avenge it’s friend. With a surprising swift, Lizzie slipped out the knife and her arm swung backward in an arc, praying to blade hit flesh.

There was a loud cry of anger and pain. The wolf pulling back, and Lizzie shoved herself forward, pushing all her strength, all her thought into running.

Light. That had to be the way out, right? Lizzie made her way to the light, before she stopped short. Her heart thundering in her chest when a loud growl echoed from the other end of the hallway. She had trapped herself in. The door to her left and right were board up and would take too long to break down. By the time she did that, she would be puppy chow.

She peered at the window, the seconds ticking by forever as she saw she was still quite a distance from the ground.
A loud growl echoed from the other end of the hallway and Lizzie took in a breath before pulling out the gun. She whirled around and shooting at the wolf. Her aim was good, fur went flying. Splatters of blood. But the wolf was far too enraged from it’s hurt companion that the pain meant nothing.

She had seconds to decide.

Dive through the window…

Or be ripped apart.

The choice was simple.

So, she jumped.

RRs are appreciated.

THE WOLVES ARE ODIN'S. For anyone confused. :D
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