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In No Man's Land

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Summary: Second chances are important. Sometimes it takes a second turn to remember who you really are.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Buffy-CenteredcloudleonsgurlFR181030,5841216644,0653 Jun 1221 Nov 14No

To Fall and Bleed Pt 3 of 3

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy belongs to Joss. Marvel belongs to Disney or Stan Lee. Nothing is mine.

OMG! I am so happy with all the reviewers and feedback! I appreciate it so much. Thank you all! THANK YOU THANK YOU! :D So sorry about the long await update. I’ll try to make the next quicker.


PAIRING: Eventually Hawkeye/Buffy (with Captain/Buffy friendship) Pepperony, NatashaBruce, DarcyOz, Jesse?, ThorJane(maybe)


‘To Fall and Bleed Pt 3 of 3’

Her body hit the ground. Hard.

Agony rippled through her from her head to her toes. Each of her bones rattling together painfully, as her body gave against the hard the concrete. A copper taste exploded on her tongue and she drew in a sharp breath, when a angry howl reached her ears. She rolled over onto her back, catching a glimpse of a shadow dart from the window. The wolf had decided to take another way inside of diving out like Lizzie had.

Which meant that Liz had precious seconds to spare. Digging down deep for strength, with a painful grunt she pushed herself off the ground and started to run towards the dark black sedan parked a few feet away. Her heart thunder in her chest, each step feeling like a mile and she couldn’t help the cry of relief when she stumbled into the driver’s door. Her hand slapped against the metal and trailed down to the door handle. She tugged at it trying to pry it open. But it was locked.

“No! No!” She pulled at her, her stomach plummeting. “Damnit!”

A wolf’s howl had a scream lodge in her throat, and gritted her teeth together in determination. Curling her hands into fists, she slammed them down against the window. Over and over and over again. It cracked, another fist, it cracked some more. Finally with one furious punch, it shattered sending a shower of glass into the air and Lizzie hissed as it slashed into her hand.

Unlocking the door, she slid in and slammed it shut behind her. Her green gaze flickering around wildly around the cabin of the vehicle. “Keys, keys,” she whispered, pulling down the visor, looking under the seat, and the pulling open the glove compartment. She pulled everything out, all the papers, gloves and a screw driver, freezing like a statue when a loud howl seemed to reverberate through her entire being igniting a swell of panic beneath her chest.
In a split second decision, she grabbed the screw driver and slammed into the ignition, then pulled it back out and slammed into the ignite again until it was wedged in tightly. She grasped it and turned it, the engine firing to life. She shifted it into drive and slammed on the gas, peeling out of there.

She didn’t dare look in the rearview mirror to see the enraged beast, she just keep her eyes on the road ahead of her with one dark thought. What were those things? And why the hell sent were they after me?

Tony was feeling pretty good. Him and Pepper finally kissed, he had his suit back and Ivan Vanko would never bother them again. With a sigh of content, he slid onto the couch only to the have the doors ping open and Nick Fury to waltz in like he owned the place. “I…” Tony paused for effect. “Really hate you.”

Fury merely quirked up an eyebrow. “We need to talk, Stark.”

Tony gave a groan before rising from his seat and going to fix himself a drink. He was going to need it, especially if Fury was going to chew him out for hacking those files. “Don’t you have something better to do then stalk me? Like have an agency to run by chance?” Tony grabbed a glass and the bottle of scotch.

“You’ve been on our radar Stark since the day you were born. You can thank your father for that,” Fury answered, enigmatically.

Tony’s eyes narrowed. “What do you want, Fury?” He demanded, his jaw clenching. “Why are you here? Ivan Vanko’s been dealt with, the mess is done and we both know that I am not ‘fit’ to be apart of your super secret boy band, so why are you here?”

Fury didn’t bat an eye. “How’s your boy, Stark?” Tony didn’t answer, just stared the SHIELD director down. “He’s been making a lot interesting friends lately.”

“You leave him out of this,” Tony stated, darkly.

“I’m not the one bringing him into it,” Fury glared at Tony. “Now, I’m doing your boy a favor. Making sure the cold trail he’s left stays cold, but I suggest you go to him Stark. Be the father you are so sure your father wasn’t.”

“So that’s why you’re here? To give me parenting advice?” Tony swallowed thickly, taking a drink that he sorely needed.

“I’m here because I owe your father,” Fury clasped his hands behind his back. “He was a great man. He believed that one day you could be to.” With that Fury swept out of the room, leaving Tony alone with his thoughts and turmoil. Tony reached for his cellphone, and pulled it out dialing a familiar number.

Like some many times before his finger hesitated over the green button. And like so many times before, he hit the red instead then slipped the phone back into his pocket with a long sigh.

The car slid into the mall parking lot and Lizzie shoved the door open, her limbs feeling like jelly as the last bit of adrenaline were fading and fast. But she pushed herself forward, ignoring the stares and gasps. She shoved the mall door open and quickly found a clothing store that had items out on a table in front of the entrance. She swiped a clean sweatshirt and tugged it over herself. The blood on her clothing had already alarmed a few people, who scurried away from her. Lizzie gritted her teeth together, ignoring the tendrils of pain flaring through her legs. She knew had to get to Oz and Jesse. Fast.

She got them into this mess, she had to get them out. Her hand tightened on the cool steel in her jacket. The weight of the knife and gun she had stolen from the Hydra guard was comforting. Seeing the computer stores sign, Lizzie slammed through the door without preamble and shouted, “We’re closing! Everyone out! OUT!”
Lizzie saw Daniel’s mouth drop in surprise. Jesse however had no problem expressing his opinion. He rushed around the counter and asked, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I’m sorry,” she apologized, sincerely. “I thought that they hadn’t followed me. But they knew…” She shook her head, trying to get her priorities straightened. “But that doesn’t matter. Not now. They are coming. You and Oz need to gather everything important, essentials only. We have to get out of here.” she turned and snarled at the last costumer, “I said get out! Don’t make me throw you out!”

The man bolted leaving his precious computer behind. Jesse blinked hard, like he had never seen something like her before. “What?” He sputtered.

“Lizzie, what’s going on?” Daniel asked, feeling panic rise up in him after listening to her rant.

“Those computer files,” she looked between the two men. “Are really important…to some really bad, bad people. They are coming for me and figured out I had been here…” She looked down, regretfully. “They think I told you something. They’re coming to kill you.”

“Is this some kind of joke?” Jesse demanded, glaring down at her. “I’m running a business here…”

“Kinda hard to run a business if you’re dead,” Lizzie pointed out, hauntingly. She placed her hand to her forehead, and started her voice slightly shaking, “I swear to you this isn’t a joke. You are in danger. And I…” she licked her lips. “I have no time to convince you to trust me, I have no right to ask that…but I am. Please.”

Something in her desperate plea made something shift in Jesse’s harden glance and he looked to his friend who was looking confused.

“Look, if it’s a joke, then no harm other than losing a few hours of your store being open.” She pointed out. “If its not a joke and you don’t come with me, then you’re dead. There’s no coming back when you’re dead.”

However Jesse and Oz were no longer looking at her. They were looking over her head at something and the words, “Elizabeth Summers is still very much at large and should be consider a danger to herself and other…”

Slowly, Lizzie craned her head and stared at the television. On the screen was a picture of her face, cold dread seeped into her veins. She slowly turned around and faced the two men with the thought, Well, crap.

Cleaning up the whole “Iron Man” debacle, and a little more dreading the mountain stack of paper, Phil Coulson was ready to call it a day. Then of course, as it always went one of his agents came running up to him to tell him, “We’ve found her.”

Phil straightened his spine, giving a sharp nod. He barked out, “Let’s head out. McKidd, get me Barton now.”

“But he’s busy with--”

“Fury says this takes precedence. Get him here now.”

“Alright…let’s just…calm down,” Lizzie held up her hands in a none threatening gesture. She took a step forward, but Jesse scrambled back pulling Daniel with him, while his free hand slapped around the counter trying to grab a weapon. In the end, he found a spatula.

“Stay back you crazy psycho path!” Jesse pointed at Lizzie.

“I am not a psycho path!” Lizzie said, offended.

“See! See!” Jesse pointed the spatula at her. “That is exactly what a psycho path would say!”

Lizzie crossed her arms and found her eyes following the waving spatula. “Where the hell did you get a spatula?” She asked, brows furrowing while she tried to come up with one reason they would need a spatula in a computer store.

“I…” Jesse looked at it then flushed slightly embarrassed. “I…you know what, that doesn’t matter!” He held it threatening at her. “What matters is that you aren’t going to rip out our eyeballs from our heads and eat them!”

“Jesse, maybe we should calm down,” Daniel suggested lightly. “Freaking out is going to get us nowhere.”

“Yes, Jesse,” Lizzie added condescendingly, “Stop freaking out. I wouldn’t rip our your eyeballs and eat them…I’d put them in a jar and keep them.”

Jesse blanched while Oz, no, Daniel tried to figure out if Lizzie was joking or not. With a roll of her eyes, Liz looked at both of them with a serious glare. “Look, you are in danger,” she started.

“Yea, from you,” Jesse pointed.

“No, not me!” Lizzie glowered. “Look, the stuff on my dad’s computer? Some really, really, epically bad guys want it and they are coming here to get it! So we need to go before they get here!”

A strange silence reigned over them, while Oz stated, “What about your mom and the fire?”

Bitterness leaked in her voice, “They found us. Killed her. And the fire…was partially my fault, but I had to escape…” Lizzie looked at them, earnestly. “Look, I didn’t want to tell you, didn’t want you to get involved. That’s why I asked just for equipment to unlock the files.”

Jesse and Oz shared a look before the two of the back away a few more steps then leaned in to have a private conversation while Lizzie composed herself wiping away the tears that threatened to fall.

“I don’t believe her.”

“Well, I do,” Oz stated.

“Well, I’m president of our club, I outrank you. My vote is the only one that counts,” Jesse pulled out his cellphone and began to dial 911 when Oz ripped the phone from his hands and threw it across the store. “What are you doing?”

“Doing…” Oz licked his lips. “Doing what’s right. We’re helping her.” Jesse opened his mouth. “And technically you were demoted from president after that incident with the clown and the goat in Amsterdam.”

Jesse glared at him. “You swore never to bring that up.”

“Unless the situation is dire.”

“The situation isn’t dire!”

“The situation is dire!”

Jesse glared before grudgingly agreeing. “Fine. The situation is dire…but only cause she is a psycho and we are standing her arguing while she’s plotting to put a knife in our backs.”

“If I was plotting anything…the knife wouldn’t go in your back,” Lizzie came up behind him, and regarded him coolly. “It would go in your lap.”

Jesse’s mouth dropped open and Daniel let out a startled laugh. Jesse glared at his friend, “It is not funny.”

“From where I’m standing it is,” Lizzie smirked.

“Yea, but from where I’m standing…” Jesse struggled to come up with a comeback. “So is your face.”

“Ooooh,” Lizzie shuddered mockingly, “look at me, in awe of your wit.” She shot him a deadpanned look. “Now are we going to get out of here or what?” She asked them, hands on her hips. That’s when a sensation crawled up her spine, and she held her hands telling them silent to stay there before she walked over to the door. Pulling it open, she peered out it. Her eyes were pulled to two men dressed up as police officers. Alarms went off inside her mind and she instantly knew these two were not police.

Hydra had found them.

Not good! She pulled her head back in. Turning to them, she told them quickly, “I know you don’t believe me. You have no reason to trust me, I have given you no reason to trust me, but I’m telling you if you stay here, you will die.” She saw uneasiness creep into their bodies. “Take the computer. Take it and get to someone who can do something with it. I‘ll hold them off.”

Her heart pounded in her ribcage, feeling them draw near. Lizzie shot a quick look over at the two people, the two lives she had dragged into this mess and couldn’t help feel guilty. She pushed the computer bag into Daniel’s hands and told him. “Go. They’re here! You have to go! Go now.”

Daniel looked at her. “Lizzie…”

“We can’t just leave you here,” Jesse ran a hand through his head. “Y’know if you really are telling the truth.”

Daniel nodded.

Lizzie asked herself silently why she had to deal with stubborn people. “Ten minutes. Wait for me for ten minutes and if I’m not out of here by then you guys run. Run and…give the information to…I don’t the CIA, the FBI, drive all the way to the white house and give to the president himself, just…” She took a shaky breath. “Just make sure…to get it to someone who can stop them.”

“You’re coming with us.” Daniel told her, firmly surprising her. Jesse shot Daniel a look, but didn’t correct his friend.
She backed away from them. “Ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes…” Oz confirmed.

Lizzie watched the two make there way down the street and out of sight, before turning around and marching towards the two ‘police officers’ sent to arrest her. She drew up her hood shadowing her face.

They paused upon seeing her marching towards them.

Lizzie just sent them a sinister grin, as a power rose in her. She stopped right in front of them. "Hi!" She brightly greeted them.

They paused, uncertain what to do since they were out in the open. Liz however, had no reservations and lunged forward, burying her fist into the tall one’s stomach. He doubled over and the short one lunged forward to grab her.

Liz’s hand grabbed his and she twisted them without mercy, the bone snapping.

“You’re not human,” the Hydra guard stumbled back in surprise and pain.

“Surprise,” Lizzie said, with a sarcastic smile. Then she moved, the burst of anger as a flash of her mother’s dead face flashed inside her mind. All thinking, all reason left, and suddenly she was just this primal being raging. Feral, yet graceful. This was the piece of the slayer that still resided within her, splintered and broken, seeping into her in order to heal itself.

The world was a blur of violence, fists and kicks, grunts of pain and finally the victorious feeling welled up inside her chest as she finally stood above them.

“Hey, you! Stop!”

She barely raised her head, her eyes catching some guy in the suit. Everything told her that he wasn’t an enemy, but that didn’t mean she was going to stop for a chit chat. She bolted through the stunned crowd. She weaved between people, as she kept her sight on the entrance. Her heart was like thunder and her pulse raced like lightning in her throat, and she heard someone yelling behind her.

But she was not going to let anything stop her from getting away.

Agent Coulson was getting a headache at the sheer number of people of there were in the mall. The whole cover up was going to be a nightmare. At least it will be easier than Stark‘s mess, he thought pinching his brow, then he saw a person rushing out of the mall. Which was strictly out of the ordinary, until he saw one of his agents chasing her.

“Sir, it’s her!” The agent caught his superiors eye.

The hooded figure turned and bolted, leaping into a van with ‘Dingoes Ate My Baby’ painted on the side of it. The van squealed tires and rushed off.

Agent Coulson’s lips twisted downward then he barked out the orders, “You and you, get the video footage. I want all the security tapes. As for the rest of you, get witness statements and get this mess cleaned up while I stall the police and whoever else will be interested in this little disaster. Barton,” he turned to Hawkeye who was fiddling with an arrow looking decidedly bored, “follow them.”

“On it.” Barton in one swift move slid into the vehicle through the window and hit on the gas speeding after the colorful van. Phil watched with a sigh, running his hand down his face, “This is going to be a long day.”

“Jeez, you look like shit.”

Lizzie sent Jesse a scathing look. “That’s general what happens when a fist hits your face,” she told him, deadpanned.

“So…” Jesse eyed her. “You were really telling the truth. At least, about someone being after you.”

“They were after you too,” she reminded him, darkly.

“Alright. No fighting,” Daniel intervened. “At least we are alive. That’s all that matters, right?”

Jesse grumbled under his breath. “Where are we supposed to go?”

“No hotels. No motels. We can’t risk getting caught by cameras,” Lizzie said, monotone. She looked in the passenger mirror, and a frown slipped up her lips. There was a black van that hadn’t turned off and it had been behind them for quite awhile.

“Turn off this exit,” Liz ordered.

“What? Why?” Daniel asked, blinking. Lizzie kept her eyes trained on the black van, trailing about three or four car lengths behind her. Her eyes narrowed, and nostrils flared as she drew in a quick breath. Shooting a glance over at Jesse and Daniel, she stated, “I think we are being followed.”

“What?” Daniel’s eyes widened.

“Those guys from the mall?” Jesse asked.

“Don’t know. Don’t think so.” Lizzie replied. “But I’d rather not find out.”

Jesse coasted through the yellow light ahead and turned left off the highway. “What does it look like?” Jesse tried to look back, and Oz shifted in his seat to do the same.

“Don’t look,” Lizzie ordered.

“Then how are we supposed to know if they’re following us?” Jesse complained, shooting her a small glare.

“I’ll look. But only through the mirror,” Liz told him, her hand clasping the gun tightly. “I don’t want to give them any reason to get suspicious…yet.”

Lizzie watched the light turn red, and steadily watched the van pull on through the intersection. And it was closing the distance between them. “Time to run,” she stated. “Floor it!”

Jesse did as he was told without any snappy comment, the situation too dire for sarcasm now. They sped up the highway, and Jesse zigzagged between cars trying to lose the dark van. But it wasn’t working. Biting her lip, Liz thought quickly.

“Oz, watch out!” Liz told him, as she ripped her seatbelt off and dove into the back of the van. She stumbled towards the doors, and told Oz to hold on. The red head’s eyes went wide as Lizzie slipped her hand into the door handle and flung it open. She stumbled slightly, her eyes catching sight of the pavement rushing past her. She steady herself along the van’s wall and her green eyes narrowed sending a glare at the black van’s driver.

Oh, what a shame. And it was. The man was gorgeous in a rugged, rough kind of way with a sharp angled jaw covered in a five o‘clock shadow. His brown hair feathered down on his leonine forehead and his hazel eyes were sharp, like a hawk’s and slightly widened upon seeing her. Lizzie couldn’t help the slight smirk that appeared on her lips, and she knelt down, raising her gun. The man’s lips twisted downward and Lizzie pulled the trigger.

The man swerved, grasping her intentions and the bullet missed the tire. Lizzie’s lips pursed annoyed, and Jesse shouted, “I’m turning right!”

Lizzie had a split second before her body was propelled forward. Her chest hit the van floor, her head hanging out the back and she almost came up close and personal with the pavement. “Lizzie! Are you okay?” Oz asked. More like shouted.

“Yea…brilliant,” she pushed herself up on shaky limbs. Her eyes connected with the rugged handsome man, and she got the impression that he was laughing at her. Gritting her teeth together, she pushed herself up once more. Her body bobbing with the gentle rhythm of the dirt road. Aiming the gun, she fired several rapid shots without hesitation.

In the black van, Barton hissed. Either way he turned, the tire was going to get his. There was a loud bang, the black van jostling with a loud screech and Barton held on tightly. Aggravation rippled through him, as well as a reluctant admiration for the blonde.

Lizzie watched the black van teeter as it skidded to a rough stop, and it fell back on the four tires with a loud creak. Satisfied he wouldn’t be chasing them anymore, Liz slammed the door shut. She stumbled to the front of the van, “Floor it. Get us out of here before they decide to send back up.”

Jesse nodded, pressing the pedal all the way down to the van floor and they sped out of there.

It was hours later, that they finally pulled over. It was a on the edge of a forest, just off the side of the road. After much trial and error, the finally made a fire and sat around it. Jesse was looking around the van, hoping to scrounge something up to eat. What he found made his crazy day even worse.

“I didn’t exactly expect to come camping tonight, so all we have is a half eaten candy bar, and an old moldy cheeto,”

Jesse informed them. Daniel flopped backwards with groan, while Liz winced feeling guilty.

“It’s my fault that you two got involved in this. I’m…” she bowed her head with a deep sigh, leaving her apology unsaid.
They didn’t exactly trust her, and she wasn’t sure they’d believe her. Silence reigned over the unlikely trio, the stars twinkled above them merrily, a stark contrast to the mood. Finally, Liz took the blanket that Jesse had given her and drew it up around herself. She laid down on the ground, letting her exhaustion sweep through her. In the distance, she heard a strange, but familiar sound but she was too tired to care.

“What is that?” She heard Jesse asked.

“Sounds like wolves,” Daniel commented, nonchalantly.

Liz gave a tired nod, then she actually processed what he said. She jolted upward, completely wide awake and she looked over at Daniel. “What did you just say?” She asked, her green eyes wide.

“I said ‘sounds like wolves’,” Daniel repeated, giving her a strange look.

Lizzie’s body went cold, her veins felt literally like they were coated in ice and dread. She shoved off the thin blanket and she ordered, “Get…get up! Get your things! Put out the fire! Come on! Come on!”

“What? What is your damage?” Jesse demanded, when she kicked his hindquarters to get him moving.

“Get up!” Lizzie’s voice sounded panicked.

“Why? What’s going?” Daniel recognized the look. It was the same one she had on her face when the men in the mall were coming. Totally, unadulterated fear.

“Wolves…they,” Lizzie turned and froze on the spot.

Lumbering forward, in a slow lethal gait was the black wolf moving towards her like a dark shadow ready to swallow her up. The eyes beneath the golden helmet shined in the moonlight, glittering with deadly intent. It swayed it’s head back and forth considering her, darkly. Liz held her hands, “I don’t suppose we can talk about this?”

Jesse make a choking noise beside her while Daniel remained rooted to the spot. The wolf snapped at the air, warningly at the two men as if telling them to leave. Lizzie wasn’t sure what to think. It wasn’t the actions of a evil monster, but it did want to kill her so that didn’t exactly make it good either.

Beside her Jesse and Daniel were searching for weapons. Unfortunately, the only thing they came up with were weak-looking branches that ha fallen from nearby trees.

This was not going to be fun. Lizzie gritted her teeth together, her body tensing for an attack. How the hell am I suppose to stop this thing?

A tilt of its head, as if it were coming to a decision and it leapt. Lizzie threw herself backwards on the ground, so when the wolf went to land on her, she planted her feet against its breast and with all her strength she threw it overhead of her. Jesse and Daniel flung themselves opposite ways to avoid the animal.

Lizzie rolled onto her stomach, and got to her feet. The flight and fight instinct inside of her pointing to flight more than fight. She had no weapons, didn’t know the limits to her strength or power, and that thing was HUGE up close.

“Get to the van!” Lizzie ordered. “Go! They are after me not you!”

“Everyone is after you!” Jesse shot back, but he reached out pulling Daniel with him. The wolf watched them with disinterest before turning back towards her. It bared its teeth with a snarl and Lizzie could only stare. “My what big teeth you have,” she breathed out. It lunged, and Liz quickly used a nearby tree to give her a boost and sailed over it. She landed on her feet, twisting to face the creature that dug its paw into the dirt to spin around. It did not look happy to have missed its target. Liz licked her lips, preparing for round two while Jesse was trying to unlock the van door.

“Who locks their doors in the middle of nowhere?” Daniel complained.

“It’s habit!” Jesse glowered. “So shut up and--” The was the sound of a tiny piece of metal breaking. “Oh…that’s not good…”

“Unlock the doors!”

“I can’t!” Jesse’s voice went shrill. “I broke the key!”

“YOU WHAT?” Daniel screamed.

Lizzie leapt out of the way and the wolf sailed past it. It’s paw shot out trying to turn around, and slammed viciously
into a nearby tree. The tree splintered and cracked, by the force. Lizzie wished the thing would just give up, but with a groan of frustration, she watched it rise to its feet once more. That’s when she also noticed something else.

A piece of its armor had shaken loose when it had landed, and was barely hanging on to its hind leg. It had a sharp and wicked curve that would just be perfect for piercing right into its neck. Lizzie bent her knees, staring down the wolf as it shook its head and turned towards her. It lunged forward, and Liz sprang upward in a jump. And landed right on the wolf’s back.

Digging her fingers under its armor, she anchored herself to it as it bucked and swung around wildly trying to get her off. Her teeth jarred together and the world was blurred in violent, dark colors. She reached out, her fingers digging into the broken armor and she pulled with all her might. She heard Daniel shouting at Jesse, then a roar of a car engine. The wolf jerked, startled by the unfamiliar sound and Lizzie ground her teeth together, the burn of strain coursing through her bodies and then--CLINK! The piece of armor sat victoriously in her hands. The wolf sensing her slacken grip, leaned down on its forelegs and then reared his hind legs upward shooting her over its head. Liz gave a startled yelp as her body slammed into the ground.

“Liz, look out!”

Heart pounding in her chest, she turned bringing up the piece of armor as hot breath spilled across her face. Seeing sharp teeth nearing her face, and in a swift split second movement, she buried the armor shard into its neck.

The wolf gave a violent roar, a horrible bellow of pain that shook her to her very core and a blood fountain of blood shot out across Lizzie’s face. She fell backwards and stared as the wolf’s body slumped to the ground, shuddering and shaking before finally one violent breath went through it. Then finally the thing lay lifeless in front of them.

“Piece of cake,” Lizzie managed the quip, but the way her shoulder sagged in relief said it had been anything but.

Jesse was covered in dirt, a bruise appearing on his cheekbone, raised an eyebrow. He slumped, pressing his back against his locked van door. “I’m glad you think so,” he stated, his tone surprisingly even. “Now…I think we have something to address like WHY THE HELL ARE THEIR DEMON WOLVES AFTER YOU?”

“I…” Lizzie pursed her lips. “I’m not sure.”

“Not sure? Not sure?!” Jessed spat. “Lady, I’m being to think you are more trouble than you are worth.”

“Not to interrupt,” Daniel intervened. “But where’s the other one?”

“Other what?” Lizzie turned to him.

“The other wolf,” Daniel replied.

Liz’s eyes widened, and that’s the other wolf appeared around the side of the van and grabbed Daniel between it’s jaws.


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