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Without you

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This story is No. 8 in the series "A divine family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It had taken scheming, sneakiness and divine powers but thanks to Buffy, O'Neill and Carter could finally marry. Sheppard was pleased truly, only now he had to worry about waring Gods and Anubis dropping in. Part 8 A Diviine family

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other
Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the Olympians
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Disclaimer As per usual I own nada just my twisted imagination. All the rights belong to the respective of their owners of BtVS, Percy Jackson and Stargate Atlantis. On top of that I do not own the song 'Without you'.

Authors note Thank you to all the kind reviews and support. This chapter is for Bradsan, danielbuffyfan and WolfWriter!

Without you

In the military commanders office, Lorne was watching bemused as his unusually unflappable Commander started to stress out. He couldn’t help but snicker, “How is it that you’ve fought off two invasions of Atlantis with minimal help and yet planning a wedding scares you?”

Sheppard gave a mournful sigh, “think back to when you studied the Greek Gods.”

Lorne thought about the stories and he quickly saw the problem. He could just imagine Buffy laughing her ass off down in the Underworld. Still his girl had managed to get her stepmother and father on civil times, so he already knew that she could pull of miracles.

“I’m going to do the only sensible thing that I can.”

Sheppard was not left in suspense long as Lorne hollered, “BUFFY!”

Buffy flamed in frowning, her hair was for a moment in curlers that disappeared with a thought, “What’s the stitch?”

Sheppard snickered, “You’re the Goddess of all Warriors and you still talk like a Californian Princess.”

Buffy raised an eyebrow, “Please, are you telling me that you can’t do a passable impression of a hamptonite?”

Lorne wondered what that was all about but wisely kept his mouth shut. He looked at Buffy, his face clearly showing how desperate he was, “Buffy we are in need of help. I’m willing to agree to your terms.”

Buffy smirked, “Hardly a terrible sacrifice on your part. Still I’d be a horrible girlfriend and cousin if I let you boys suffer.”

Sheppard knew she was too quick to acquiesce, “Uncle playing the drums?”

Buffy snickered, “Yeah he was until Mom decided that he needed a distraction and because of that I needed a distraction.”

Sheppard understood that it didn’t matter how old you were, or, mortal or immortal. It was still just plain wrong to watch your parents make out.

“So any plan on how I can keep my city standing when I have to invite all the family?”

Buffy cocked her head to the side, “Well, Uncle has banned Hepashatus so you won’t have to worry about him and Ares.”

John sighed seeing what a potential minefield this was about to become. “Well I can’t put Hercules near Mom.”

Buffy snickered, “Yeah that would be of the bad. Oh don’t put her near Uncle P. She is still upset that Percy killed her best friend.”

Lorne wondered just what he was letting himself in for. Strangely though, even realising the horrible family politics he had no desire to run from Buffy.

Lorne looked at the sitting arrangements, “If we keep the mortals to a few rows, the demi-gods and goddesses to the next row. Then carefully arrange the higher family.”

Sheppard looked a little miserable, “Do we have to invite Ares?”

Buffy shook her head, “Look if you big brother upset you put him next to Perseus and Andromeda.”

The thought inexplicably cheered up Sheppard. Lorne wondered what was going on; he had developed an unhealthy ability to predict things that would cause him more paperwork. The grin Sheppard was currently sporting usually was the precursor to more paperwork and explosions.

Buffy took pity on her boyfriend, “Ares is technically John’s half-brother but he hates that John had more power before he ascended, even though one of his parents was mortal.”

John rolled his eyes, “The guy may be a god but he is a douche.”

Buffy nodded in perfect agreement, “True but I always remind him that Perseus is always happy to kick his ass. He and Andromeda really are a kick-ass couple.”

The careful placing of the guests carried on long into the night. Well it turns out that Lorne was not truly as tired as he believed when Buffy curled around him and whispered that his payment was due.

Buffy decided to stay in his quarters and have breakfast with Cadman as a favour to her Uncle.

Miracles of all miracles, the wedding was about to start. O’Neill stood up with Jackson as his best man and with them were Sheppard and Mitchell all looking what they were, highly decorated soldiers. Daniel was wearing Armani and knew that Aphrodites’ children would make a play for him.

Buffy wasn’t worried - her money was on Vala. The military men all looked resplendent in full dress-blues and all were wearing their full medal allocation. Buffy stood wearing a bridesmaid dress with Sam waiting just outside the main tower. True to Sam’s word she hadn’t been made to wear a hideous dress something which her niece Cassandra was incredibly grateful about. The music started and she gave Sam a gentle smile, “It time to rock ‘n’ roll.”

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today.”

Buffy was happy seeing the love flowing between the marrying couple. She and John had already given a very quiet gift. It was a simple but effective gift - A promise to look after any family member that came after them.

The couple turned to face each other both looking resplendent in dress-blues. Buffy had given Samantha invaluable advice when they had gone shopping. She could pick a white dress but she needed to be herself more even if that meant saying ‘screw tradition'.

The chaplain spoke the long ritualised words, “If anyone should object to this union speak now.”

Buffy saw someone shimmering in, and all the divine family sensed it at once.

A shadowy figure that had read one too many dodgy villain scripts demanded, “You will all bow before your god!”

O’Neill yelled, “For crying out loud I’m getting married.”

Gone were the mild-mannered sharply dressed aunts and uncles. In there place were the true gods and they were pissed.

Zeus thundered, “I am the great god Zeus and you expect me to bow?” He chucked a sustained lightning bolt.
John stood next to his father, combining their power, “Well I have to help my old man out.”

Buffy nodded at her father and step-mother, “He has to go," she said iin all seriousness. Then with an added pout, "it took me ages to plan the wedding and I’m wearing a dress.”

Clearly that was all the explanation needed for the Underworld family as they combined their powers. It turns out that a half-ascended power really was no match for the combined anger of Buffy, Hades, Persephone, John and Zeus.

The guests were startled at the pile of ash which was all that was left of the once great villain. Buffy didn’t bother trying for serious, the quip falling so naturally from her lips, “Clean up on aisle three.”

Percy grinned, and along with his father and brother Dirk, created a narrow water funnel which swept up the ash before moving gently and carefully to the balcony.

The whole event took less than a few minutes. The upshot being that the marrying couple were ecstatically happy, the humans who had tried power games against the Atlanteans were glad that they had failed.

Jack was still laughing, “Best wedding present ever! Now does anyone else have any objections?”

Buffy would be having words with her cousin about tempting the fates. Buffy intended to fry anyone who so even muttered until this ceremony was over.

Steven, who was one of the scientists, was playing DJ. He had somehow managed to hook an I-pod into the Atlantis systems. Although he had been unsure if that would work because when the powerful divine parts of the brides and grooms parties had arrived. Well, it would not be unfair to say that Atlantis had turned into an overactive fan-girl. If it had a voice then Steven was sure that it would have squeed.

O’Neill had held his hand out to take his new wife out for their ‘first dance’. He heard the first chords of the songs and laughed freely, all could agree that the words to the song ‘without you’ were incredibly fitting.

Sam gave him a confused look he smiled softly pulling her close. “Listen to the lyrics.”

I can't win, I can't reign
I will never win this game
Without you, without you
I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same
Without you, without you

I won't run, I won't fly
I will never make it by
Without you, without you
I can't rest, I can't fight
All I need is you and I,
without you, without you.

The guests watched on, seeing quite clearly just how in love the couple were. The couple normally so situationally aware; only had eyes for each other.

Rodney noticed that the couple were dancing so elegantly that they could have competed if they wanted to. “Oh that’s just perfect. Is it something that all officers know how to do?”

Jennifer squeezed his knee, “I don’t know. I certainly can’t dance like that.”

The music of the soft ballad filtered out to be replaced by a tango. Buffy was delighted, if there was one thing she was by nature was passionate.

She looked at her lover and raised an eyebrow in challenge, “Have you got the moves?”

He stood and pulled her to him, showing her exactly what his moves consisted of. Rodney turned to bitch to his best-friend figuring that he would have at least one ally. Instead he and Jennifer watched in shock as Sheppard held his hand out to Laura. She grinned back, “Well we can’t let them show us up now can we.”

Rodney still couldn’t believe how tight lipped his friend had been. Who was he kidding? It was John and feelings. All of Atlantis had watched in amusement in the last few month at the relationship that had developed between Sheppard and Cadman.

The couples were joined by a few other couples. Hera and Zeus seemed to be using this dance to work off their latest spat. Rodney was unsure why Hades and Persephone were dancing as if they were on fire. It seemed to be a twisted version of foreplay, which given the way they flamed out mid dance must have worked.

The passionate song mellowed out and as a result so did the dancing. Buffy happily rested her head on Lorne’s shoulder; a place that she felt happy to be and told her lover as much.
Rodney could guess that Atlantis would be holding a few more weddings over the coming months. He was not a genius for nothing it was clear how smitten Lorne was and his best friend. Well he looked over at Sheppard who was dancing so close to Cadman. The fact that Sheppard was allowing another person to dance so closely was telling in itself.

Buffy was ridiculously pleased that the wedding was such a huge success, once they had washed Anubis’s remains off the floor. It was truly funny in the surrealist way. For all the Military members in attendance, the only one to be involved in the ‘skirmish’ if it could be called that was John. Buffy was not sure that it could count; skirmishes would imply that both sides involved had an equal chance of winning. Anubis for all his power could not deal with the combined power of Zeus, John, Hades, Buffy and Persephone.

Buffy’s favourite part of the interruption had been the water show that they had been treated to. She personally thought it was a fitting end for such an ass-hat, which was the observation that she shared with her lover.

Lorne looked at her with such desire, her only thought was too flame them to a private place. She gave him a sultry smile, “We need to say our goodbyes.”

Of course, if Lorne realised that the next weekend he would be visiting Buffy’s parents. Well, I would imagine any desire would be doused by a healthy dose of fear. Well maybe but that is a story for another time.

The End

You have reached the end of "Without you". This story is complete.

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