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Summary: It was in her twenty-fourth birthday when an alien (literally) crashed the party. Thank the Powers that Andrew wasn't there.

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Marvel Universe > Thor > Dawn-CenteredGartabroFR1532,5021268,5524 Jun 123 Jul 12No


Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy:the Vampire Slayer or Thor.

A/N: Banner by cloudleonsgurl.



“Loki, no,” said Odin.

With a last look at the people that he had once believed to be his family, Loki let go of the end of Gungnir, allowing his body to fall into the black hole below him and that was swallowing the remains of the Bifröst.

His body disappeared inside the rift and there was pain as nothing he had felt before, the unstable energy ripping him apart and it felt like something was taking away a part of him. Then, for a few welcomed moments, everything was still and Loki allowed himself to relax in this place that was everywhere and nowhere.

Something tugged at him and he fell.

Buffy’s birthdays were never dull, mostly because demons considered those parties the perfect moment to attack her. However, today was July and Dawn’s birthday; nothing special was supposed to happen today, nothing especial ever happened during the summer.

Of course, the man that fell from the sky and crashed her birthday party managed to destroy the peacefulness that had reigned in summer until that date. Dawn approached to take a look at him; Rona was behind her, observing the fallen man with a calculating look and Vi was searching for a weapon.

He was unconscious and hurt, his face and clothes were dirty from the fall against the ground. From his ragged breath, it was probable that he also had something broken.

The Watcher looked at Rona. “I think the party is over.”
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking