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Devil's daughter

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Summary: Faith is the daughter of a blind lawyer

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Stick telepathically told Psylocke to wake Giles up. While she was doing that he overheard Logan say something to Matt about the apple not falling far from the tree and about how Faith could make on hell of a lawyer. He'd heard this of course and had to hide the smirk on his face. The fact that Logan knew that Buffy could hear that implied Logan was trying to get her to foolishly attack Matt, something he knew would wound her pride.

Buffy was still trying to figure out why Faith had said what she had said when she overheard the fuzzy guy say about the the man wearing shades. Chiefly that Faith was very much like him. Buffy then realized that he had to be 'the devil' and, without hesitation, charged him only to be shocked when he deftly dodged her and then hit her in the center of her spine with what she'd thought was simply his cane. It hurt like the dickens and made her lower half go numb for a few seconds, causing her to kiss the floor.

Matt smirked, Logan knew that getting Buffy off their backs would easier now that he had shown her that he could take her down with 'just a cane.'

Giles, whom had just been revived somehow, was now in shock over Buffy attacking the blind man with no warning. More so that he had managed to knock her to the ground with a quick strike to her back with his cane after dodging Buffy no less. Certainly something he had not been expecting.

Willow for her part was also shocked to see Buffy taken down by nothing more than a quick shot to Buffy's back with the cane the man was carrying. Even more that she'd gone after a blind man!

Murdock could read the Slayer's allies' shock over both her actions and his. "Now, before Ms.Summers here decides to humiliate herself anymore, I'm Faith's father. Furthermore, Buffy attacked because she had incomplete information. I am indeed the 'blind devil,' but only metaphorically speaking. You see, I also go by the name Daredevil when I'm fighting crime...long story for another time. And just for the record my partner's last name is Nelson."
Matt decided to get the introductions over with and avoid time wasting clashes and questions. Nodding his head over the eldest woman in the group, "Psylocke over there was British, but due to events (that are complicated even for someone familiar with what happened) her mind was transferred into that on a Japanese assassin." Matt then nodded to the other young brunette, "Shadowcat, the young lady here, can phase through. well pretty much anything." He then pointed his cane casually to a young Asian girl. "Jubilee, the other young lady over here, can control plasma. She also lost her parents when they were murdered. Oh, and apparently and Ms.Summers over here used to harass her at their old high school. He smirked and nodded in Logan's direction, "Logan here, called Wolverine is...well Wolverine. Hurting him is rather pointless as short of vaporizing him you'd just piss him off...and I mean that fondly Logan."
He then looked at the young man in biker leathers. "Johnny some of you seem to know. He's a useful ally and while bit impulsive at times, he knows what he is doing. Though unlike Ms. Summers he does tend to think through decisions even if he ends up making occasional rash ones. Stick over there is my mentor and leader of the Chaste."

Giles realized that he had gone too literal on the prophecy, because he had not connected Nelson to the son of a champion, which was what it meant in old English. Anya on the other hand had figured out that Gulo Gulo referred to the scientific Latin name for a wolverine. Tara, who had mean told of the prophecy, figured out that Prime Islander referred to England for the Prime Meridian and Apollo's wrath referred to the two atom bombs. Willow had figured out that living ghost referred to Shadowcat as she could move through solid objects.

Just then Buffy noticed a purple iguana with wings flying into the store. Logan, who happened to follow her gaze, said "Thought you told Lockheed to stay away Kitty." This took Buffy off guard they happened to know this demon and were friends with it.

"He has to have a good reason Logan." Shadowcat firmly responded. Just as she said that Lockheed landed on her shoulder and began speaking in a langue that it seemed only the two of them understood. Everyone in her group looked expectantly at Kitty who nodded to her little friend, then spoke up. "Something about a blonde woman looking for her key though I'm not sure."

Before anyone could say anything Johnny face seemed to melt away, his head turning to a flame-wreathed skull much to the shock of everyone who did not knew Johnny. The now-present Ghost Rider growled out, "Glorificus" as he walked towards the door. This shocked Giles for he had not expected for the man who had come in with Faith to figure out Glory's identity just from a poor translation from what appeared to be a dragon. A dragon of all things! But that was impossible, dragons had been wiped out in the medieval times.

"Beat the bitch back to where she came G.R." Logan said smirking.

"That you can by certain of." Ghost Rider said with gleeful malice as he walked out the door.

Kitty saw Giles' stunned expression and Buffy's paranoid glare decided to head of questions. "Before you ask, Lockheed's an alien not a dragon. He's my friend not a pet." Kitty said cutting off the Watcher who had just opened his mouth.

"Long story and one I would like to forget." Logan added. Kitty agreed nearly being turned into a member of the Brood was not one of her fondest memories even if she had met Lockheed on the parasites home world.

Hyperion Hotel, Angel Investigations, LA

Cordelia was having trouble with the most recent vision she had received. It had only a white skull, a man in black with murderous eyes, the Wolf, Ram, and Hart, and the sound of gunfire. The skull was human looking, but stylized, having three elongated rectangles instead of the normal grinning mouth. The only thing that was clear was this: he was bad news for the bad guys... so long as the man didn't think YOU were the bad guy!

Wolfram & Hart building downtown LA

Lilah cursed. It now appeared that the Punisher was attacking their buildings both in the US and out. The only reason she could think of was Fisk or someone equally well-connected (and a beef with Wolfram & Hart) had supplied Castle with anonymous information on there security (you can find Wolfram & Hart locations in the phonebook. Their security is another matter.) and let Castle loose to do what he did best. The Senior Partners now had to deal with Frank Castle on top of everything else. That cold chill in her spine was spreading....

Mexico City, United Mexican States

War Journal

W&H should do a better job on supporting their buildings. Three carefully placed 10 pound C4 charges caused the building's foundations to collapse. The fact that Mexico City is built on a filled-in lake made it so I didn't need too use as many as I would have in most other cities. Of course the demolition was done as to not endanger other buildings. The large plaza surrounding the W&H building, while making a open approach difficult, aided in minimizing collateral damage.
Anyone who survived was dealt with.

Fisk Tower, New York City

Fisk smiled. The Punisher had already taken out the Boston, Atalanta, New York City, Washington D.C., and most recently Mexico City branches of Wolfram & Hart. You had to hand it to the man; he was thorough and worked quickly.

Fisk knew that Punisher was not going to make it easy for Wolfram & Hart but even he had not suspected Mexico City to be a target. Castle usually stuck to the US. This also meant that Castle was taking out the cartels, which were a big source of clients to Wolfram & Hart. But since he avoided the Mexican cartels, due to their association with Wolfram & Hart, his operations wouldn't lose one cent from Castle's campaign.

Fisk also knew that Castle, being who he was, would not stop until they were all dead and buried. The big man let a cold smile form as he reread the reports.
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