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Devil's daughter

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Summary: Faith is the daughter of a blind lawyer

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Marvel Universe > GeneraldemonichellfireFR181414,81858030,3184 Jun 1221 Dec 13No

revenge and hell to pay

Gunn had just bought a newspaper whose headline was about the bombing and killing of the Wolfram & Hart employees in Mexico City when he entered the hotel and overheard Cordelia talking to Wesley. "No, just an image of a humaniod skull with three rectangular points where the lower jaw should have been."

"Fuck... um, you're sure?" Gunn asked, feeling raw terror shooting through him.

"Ah, Gunn! Good morning, you've meet this demon?" Wesley asked, not noticing the fear in the street fighter's eyes.

"Does it look like I've met him?" Gunn shot back in a mix of fear and anger brought one by the embarrassment over feeling the fear . This was not a subject he wanted to go over just yet.

"I can't say." Wesley said, taken aback by his friend's tone.

"Well..." Gunn took a breath to buy time. He should have figured Wes wouldn't guess who it was: the former Watcher always assumed a demonic threat due to his training."Yeah, well, let me put it this way; I'd rather be turned then take on that mother-fucker." Gunn stated with utter sincerity.

"Why would you say something like that?" Cordelia asked shocked. Gunn to say he would want to be turned instead of facing someone meant that they were bad news. Very bad news!

"Give a minute and I'll show you who I'm talking about." Gunn said as he set the newspaper down and walked over to Cordelia's computer.

"Ah, have you ever seen him act this way before?" Wesley quietly asked Cordelia.

"No. And for him to say he would rather be turned means he is really scared of that demon." Cordelia replied, with equal quiet voice. For Gunn to be this scared meant that he knew this demon, but he seemed not have faced him and didn't want to.

Gunn checked the records of Frank Castle and noticed something about his family's shooters as he looked at their court appearance. He realized that Wolfram & Hart had, rather ironically, created the most successful serial killer of all time. The irony came from that serial killer being aimed at that sort of scum they protected.
He printed of the information relating to Castle and the gunmen who had killed his family. As he returned to where Wesley and Cordelia were he said. "Looks like Wolfram & Hart are finally being attacked by a monster of their own creation."

"How? They keep tight control on all their assets." Wesley said in a matter of fact tone.

"Also who come you are so afraid of this demon?" Cordelia chimed in.

"His name is Frank Castle, he's no demon...not in the literal sense, and he's the freakin' nightmare of the underworld." Gunn said.

"Never heard of him." Wesley said.

"You don't run in the right circles." Gunn stated earning a glare from Wesley.

"And you do?" Cordelia asked surprised.

"I never said I had a pristine past. He focuses on the non-supernatural elements of the underworld but from what I've read in the paper, and with Cordelia's vision, I'm guessing he's behind the Wolfram & Hart attacks." Gunn said.

"Why the sudden change in MO?" Wesley asked now intrigued.

"I'd guess he's learned Wolfram & Hart is rotten to the core...and the fact they defended the men who killed his family right in front of his eyes." Gunn said giving them what he had printed off on Castle.


Pete Wisdom was not having a good day. MI-5 had brought him in to aid with an assassination of the head of the Watchers Council. If it was the Council, it had to be supernaturally related they were sure. Hence Pete Wisdom was sent.
He just had received the ballistics tests back and nearly fell out of his chair. "This can't be good!" He looked over the report again and, sure enough, the ballistics and other evidence already gather matched the MO of 'unsolved' shootings in the US of high level criminals. All had positive Punisher sightings in the area just before the shooting and his trademark .338 Lapua rounds. Not a definitive link as it was one of the most popular sniper rounds in the Western World. Indeed as snipers from nearly all British military and civilian agencies used it, it could be a local off-book hit! Hell, Wisdom would have been tempted: Travers was a right bastard if there ever was one. But the sightings made it most likely a "Frank Castle Special." And that opened a host if thorny issues.

"Yeah..." Pete though as he chewed through some vinegar-covered chips, "Definitely a right damned mess." Frankly, from what he'd heard of Frank's targets, he wasn't sure he really wanted to stop the Yankee bastard's rampage! To Wisdom, it was simple Darwinism in action. Why stand in the way of order of things and all that?
The former wetwork's specialist's smile was rather jolly at the thought. But why let them know he had killed Traver's nagged in his mind. Castle should be smarter then that unless...

Wisdom cursed. The Council had weight in the British government and was certainly corrupt, but Castle to kill someone over simple corruption was not his style.

He had heard about some of their activities about the Slayer, but he'd not taken them seriously. The fact that there had not been any gangs massacred lead him to believe that Frank was out of the country already. Add in the fact Wolfram & Hart was taking a beating led Wisdom to figure Castle was behind that. It was no secret that W&H was evil, and add in the fact that Castle had killed the head of the Council then all evidence pointed to that this was personal. What more, the fact that Castle had left a USB drive for investigators to find, which he had yet to check out, implied further that Castle saw the Council as something for others to finish. Due to this, Wisdom had made sure that until he looked at it no one touched the drive so that it would not be comprised. His gut was positive a lot of bureaucrats and politicians, not just Council members, would be sleeping on cots by the end of the month! No, The fact Castle gave something to the police meant that he had bigger fish to fry and knew that the authorities could take down the Council on their own. Wisdom fingered the USB drive as he pondered which pub would be best to have a few pints in as he watched the political storm that crazy cowboy Yank and he were about to unleash....
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