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Devil's daughter

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Summary: Faith is the daughter of a blind lawyer

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Marvel Universe > GeneraldemonichellfireFR181414,74158030,3894 Jun 1221 Dec 13No

Family reunion

Thanks to Oxnate for Betaing this chapter

Faith was busy working out when one of the guards told her she had a visitor. Who could it be? Faith thought to herself. Wesley had visited her two days ago and Kate had yesterday. The fact that it was sunny out made her certain that it was not Angel unless he had used the sewers. As she got to the area in the prison assigned for visitors the guard directed her over to a table where a blind man was sitting. Faith was now confused. Why did a blind man want to see her?

"Hello Faith. My name is Matt Murdoch." The man said in a New York accent.

"What do you want?" Faith nearly growled.

"Just to see my daughter again." Matt said in an even tone.

“Funny one.” Faith smirked.

He matched her smirk. “Well, maybe 'see' was the wrong word.” he admitted.

"So how often do you pull this scam?" Faith said sarcastically.

"It's not a scam. The only reason I'm here is because I read an article in the LA Times about you and how one of the doctors treating you while you were in a coma said that radiation was bonded to your DNA." Matt said.

"So how does that make you my father?" Faith asked. She was pissed off. Radiation in her DNA? How could that have happened?

"My partner, Foggy, said you look like a cross between me and an old girlfriend of mine." Matt said trying not to piss off Faith.

"How does that prove anything? All I know is that you're a blind man who claims to be my father." Faith snarled.

"A blind man who lost his eyesight to radioactive waste when he was a child." Matt said keeping the tone of his voice even.

"Prove it. Use DNA to prove your claim." Faith said half believing what he had said.

"Can't. The radiation in your blood makes DNA comparison impossible. However here's a photo of your mom, and before you ask - I did not even know you existed before I read the article in the LA Times." Matt said as he got up and left leaving Faith to ponder what he had just said.

Wolfram & Hart building

"Fuck." was all Lilah could say. From the contacts in the LA prison where Faith was being held they had learned that Matt Murdoch had just visited her. Matt was a hell of a lawyer, showing up Wolfram and Hart time after time a feat that was considered impossible until they had faced him. And worse, he was claiming to be her biological father. Whether it was true or not didn't matter. He'd have the Slayer out of jail in just a few days and her bosses' plans for her would go down the tubes. She wondered if it was too late to request a transfer to another location.
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