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Devil's daughter

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Summary: Faith is the daughter of a blind lawyer

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Marvel Universe > GeneraldemonichellfireFR181414,81858030,3184 Jun 1221 Dec 13No


Thanks again to ltlconf for betaing

A tower in New York City

A large man sat in his office thinking. One of his contacts had just informed him of something that surprised him. Apparently Daredevil had a daughter. As he took stock of the information given to him he let out a small chuckle. If he played his cards right he could take out a major thorn in his side. He picked up his phone and dialed a number that he knew, but never before had reason to call. A man in his position had many such numbers. "Davis, I have a story for you to write."

A graveyard in California

Five men worked in silence as the dug up a coffin. Their master wanted the body and they would not fail him.

Just then a man walked towards the group. As he got near them his face altered to one a Star Trek fan would call a poor imitation of a Klingon. As he reached the men, his grin showing fangs, one calmly spun and swung his shovel at the deformed man’s neck, neatly decapitating him. The headless body and said flying head instantly turned to dust.

The man turned back to his still working fellows and continued their work as if nothing had happened.

A graveyard in Japan

Three men were doing the same as their associates in California, exhuming a body from its grave. Though this time with no interference from the local color.

Three Weeks Later,
A Law Firm in New York

"Matt did you subscribe the LA Times," a chubby man clutching a newspaper asked his partner.

"No, why" the obviously blind man in question asked back, confused on several levels at query. Being blind more or less precluded reading a standard newspaper after all. And he had a cover to maintain.

The chubby man shrugged, "Someone dropped off a copy, figured it had to be yours."

Matt raised an eyebrow, "Now, why would someone do that?".

Again a shrug, "I'm not sure, the person left a post-it note on it saying to read page seventeen.”


"Well, I of course did as asked and read the stories on said page. One was pretty interesting: Seems that a teen girl confessed to two murders, one sorta hinky if you ask me…well the whole thing is kinda hinky. The really fascinating thing, however, is when they took her DNA to be tested for cold cases…it had “radioactive elements of undeterminable origins” in it. The story goes on to say that the radiation is bonded to only half of her DNA. I’m no expert, but that’s supposed to be MORE than a little impossible. And to top it all off…well in the photo she looks a lot like Electra.” The man paused, “And we both know that in our business such things are rarely coincidences.”

"And you think it’s a trap," Matt stated.

"Hell yeah! But here's the kicker: Whoever sent this also made a point of saying what standard procedure errors the cops made. And they made a lot of them, though over the arresting officer’s vigorous protests. One push and the whole case falls apart. Hell, all the suspect has to do at this point is withdraw her confession and the DA’s got nothing truly solid.
“That in and of itself is plain sloppy even by the standards of the old LA DA’s office standards. They’re usually a lot more careful these days. Hell Matt, she’s under-aged and they never even bothered looking for a legal guardian before questioning her!”

Matts brow furrowed. From top to bottom this stunk: The newspaper, the pointing out of the story, and the sheer and blatant rush to convict a teen girl with no evidence.
Matt held out his hand, "Let me see the note." As he felt the and then took a whiff. He frowned; it smelt like the paper had been at Fisk Tower. But why would Fisk, of all people, tell him about a possible daughter?

Oh yeah. A trap…but a trap Matt knew he’d have to walk into. Family is family after all, and Matt had too little family to spare.
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