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Halloween mystics warriors

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Summary: Ethan comes one year earlier and only four people get after effects even thought the spell end naturally

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Multiple Crossings > GeneraldemonichellfireFR1815520102,1817 Jun 127 Jun 12Yes
I don't own BTVS, Marvel, or Mortal Kombat

Ethan smirked, Halloween was going to be fun he had sold some of his costumes and had some that he could not identify still in stock.

Xander Harris walked into a Halloween store and saw that there was a costume of one of his favorite video game characters Sub-Zero. Ethan gave the boy a discount upon hearing that this boy knew all about the character of that was suppose to be of costume. A mystic warrior interesting was all Ethan thought.

Jesse had found one of his favorite Marvel heroes Iron Fist. Ethan said nothing as the boy bought the costume. A champion from one of the nine lost cities that was something Ethan had not been expecting.

Aura was pissed off that the costume she had ordered from the other Halloween store had been given to someone else as she went into the only other Halloween store in Sunnydale, her eyes fell on that of what looked like an assassin expect for the fact that the swords were pink and that there was a purple wig.

Larry walked into the store he needed to find a costume, he saw one that looked bad ass even if the costume had vampire teeth. Ethan could not help but laugh this boy was going as a vampire.

Halloween Night

"I can't say I'm surprised Jesse." Xander said looking at his friend now dressed as Iron Fist.

"Neither am I." Jesse said looking at his friend now dressed as Sub-Zero.

"Look, seems like Aura and Larry are going as Psylocke and Blade." Xander said smirking at Aura who now was wearing a purple wig, and Larry who now had vampire fangs in his mouth.

Ethan smirked as he began to cast the spell over the costumes this would be a night to remember.

Xander groaned, last night had been an eye opener to say the least, he still had all the memories, training, and power of Sub-Zero in his head. Xander realized that Sub-Zero had meditated the entire night to try to merge their minds in some way so that when Sub-Zero left he would not be defenseless. Xander smirked, figuring that anyone else who had some form of mystic aura around them when the spell ended would have after effects as well.

Jesse got out of bed he now possessed all of Iron Fist's martial arts knowledge. Jesse figured this was caused by the heart of the dragon he now possessed. He hoped that Xander had retained some of what his costume had known as well.

Aura nearly fell out of bed. She now had all of Psylocke's knowledge in her head. Aura chalked it up to Psylocke's telepathy. Aura then thought what if others were effected like I was.

Larry cursed as he got out of bed. He possessed all of Blade's considerable skill, strength and knowledge. He couldn't figure out how this had happened, he figured though Blade could only have had effected him on a genetic level not on a mental level to his knowledge. He hoped that he was not the odd man out in terms of what Halloween had done to him for if that was the case there damn sure would be hell to pay.

The End

You have reached the end of "Halloween mystics warriors". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking