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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Bet verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow and Xander try to deal with the events of the Bet.

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Mall Madness

Willow looks on at Angelus. Six pieces of blue and daddy's home. It should have been so obvious. Angelus grabs Willow by the arm and Willow quickly sinks her fangs into her wrist. When Angel goes to pull her up Willow spits for his face. Angel dives aside before the blood can touch him and Willow takes her chance to flee. He loves Willow's fire. Angelus watches as she runs for the hills she knows she can't beat him. Soulboy taught her everything she knows And he's been hungry since that stupid doughnut shop guy. He goes off to find something to eat and will go check on Drusilla.

Willow picks up on Buffy and Xander's scents and finds them in the safe house on top of each other kissing. Willow just nudged the two with her foot.

Buffy just shot up in shock. "Willow?"

Buffy sprang right up and got to her feet just like Xander did. Buffy wanted to do this tomorrow guess she doesn't have to wait anymore.

Willow just looked at the two upset a bit. "When did this happen?"

Buffy just held her head down. "About a month ago"

Willow just smiled and held the two in a hug.

Xander just kind of smiled. "Yeah, so not upset Will."

Willow just broke it. "Very happy about this. I'm so, so happy for you two. Why didn't you just tell me?"

Buffy was confused no bites no threats is this Willow? "I wanted to tell you about this I tried before but hellmouth things kept getting in the way. I know how much Xander means to you so I thought it would be better to hear it from me." She said as she was putting her shirt back on. Thank god Willow didn't come here in another couple minutes who knows what she would have seen.

Willow just shrugged. "That's OK I got over it when I had a dream about old and bold Xander and same old Willow. And from one former crush to another I talked to Angel about coffee."

Buffy smiled good for Willow except Willow seemed to be crying. "Willow what's wrong?"

"It's Angel the Judge I think he burned his soul." Willow replied as she ran through the night's events.

Buffy just cradled her in her hands. "It's OK he's been cursed before he'll be cursed again. You can't destroy a soul angel taught me that."

Xander just grabbed his sword and strapped it to his back. Buffy saw it and was worried. "Xander you going one on one with Angelus is probably just going to get you killed."

Xander just shrugged knowing she was right if he went bare handed. "True but if we're going against the Judge, Zodd, Drusilla, and Angelus I think a strategy session might be in order."

Buffy and Willow follow him out the door realizing their not being chased. They head for the library to gather for a plan.

Giles heard the words and felt a chill go down his spine. Angelus has returned because they don't have enough issues with Drusilla and Zodd still out there. Cordelia and Jonathon told Willow they're sorry that she had to fight a soulless Angel. Jenny walked over and hugged her again saying I'm sorry.

"No you're not." Willow said observing techno pagan.

Giles was shocked. "Willow no one wanted this to happen."

Willow just points at Jenny. "She did."

Jenny just stared at her. "Angel saved my life. I didn't want him to turn evil."

Willow looked at her. "Then why were you lying or scared when you said sorry. I could tell from you're heartbeat."

Jenny looked like she might bolt but Xander and Buffy stood at the door ready to cut her off. "I didn't want this."

"Want what?" Buffy asked.

Jenny just decided the truth was out and considering the looks on the scoobies faces not a good time to keep quiet. "My real name is Jana, Jana Kalderash."

Puck sat at the table and quickly put it together. "You're a gypsy."

Jenny nodded in defeat.

Buffy caught on. "You mean gypsy like they cursed Angel gypsy."

Xander glared at her. He knew something was up with her but he didn't expect this. "You were spying on us."

"Just Angel" Jenny assured them.

Giles took off his glasses not really prepared for this. "Was it all a lie?"

Jenny just looked at him seeing the hurt on his face. "I love you Rupert I really do. I just Angel wiped out my whole tribe's favorite daughter and with how much of a monster Angelus is. We had to make sure he was still suffering."

"So they sent you in as a mole." Jonathon catches on.

"Curse him again." Buffy ordered.

Jenny just nodded. "I'm working on it. No one ever saw the Judge coming we thought you were going to do it somehow."

Willow just glared at her. "Show me who's working on it!"

The scoobies went and followed Jenny except for Jonathon and Xander whom were left with the task of figuring out a way to kill the judge. Willow, Buffy, Giles, and Cordy just followed Jenny to a hotel room. When they open the door they find that no one is here. Jenny is looking around confused. "Uncle Enyos?"

Willow just takes one breath and smells it. "He's dead."

Jenny looked at the young red head. "H-how can you be so sure?"

Willow picks up a pile of what appears to be dust off the floor and pours it out of her hands. "Ashes, Dru must have seen him coming in a vision."

"The Judge, nobody saw that Demonic smurf coming." Buffy said.

Giles is worried as Jenny crushes into him and he hugs her even if she betrayed them no one should see their family like this. "If the Judge is killing humans we have to find him now his power will return at an accelerated pace."

Willow shakes her head no. "We still have time. The sun's coming up Dru and Angelus will want to see the fireworks."

Buffy's not to sure to be relieved or revolted by that so she just says let's go still got a day of school ahead of us.

The girls make it back to Sunnydale just in time to make it back for school…yay. They go into the library and see Jonathon and Xander smiles on their faces.

Buffy just looks at the two. "What are you guys so happy about?"

Jonathon just smirked. "We know how to beat the judge."

Buffy shrugged. "Well that's something. What about Zodd."

Xander took this one knowing Buffy won't like it. "I think Zodd is only working with Drusilla for a chance to fight me and I have no intention of disappointing him."

Buffy glared at him. "He killed Kendra."

"I'm not an idiot I know what I'm going up against." Xander assures her. "I fought with him and against him I know what I'm getting myself into."

Buffy knows she's going to regret this. "What did you fight with Zodd against?"

"A cloud demon that could shoot bolts of lightning out of his arse."

Buffy vows no more Braveheart for Xander and turns to Willow. "Do you want to get back at Drusilla for what she did to Harmony?"

Willow turned to Buffy and shakes her head no only thing matters to her and its not vengeance. "I want to fight Angelus bring him in to be recursed."

Cordelia turned to the boys. "Take it you guys are going to mooch more gas off me huh?"

Xander had an ear to ear smile. "Nope"

With that they all strategize on how it's going to play out. However the Judge needs people and Cordy points out the Bronze is closed.

"You guys are too obsessed with teenage thoughts." Jenny said.

Buffy turned to her. "Well it's not exactly like there is a place where people lined up to be slaughtered."

That night at the Sunnydale Mall the Judge, Angel, Drusilla and Zodd show up with an army of vampires. Zodd's actually a little surprised he'd figured if the Boy was really The Black Swordsman he'd stop by earlier in a foolish attempt to stop the Judge. The Judge puts his hands out and energy travels from the Judge's hands to a man whom quickly combusts into flames.

Angelus just smirks at the pile of ashes that will be left over after tonight. "Lock all the exits boys."

The army of vampires spread out happy to oblige. The Judge releases a much bigger burst of energy zapping every person in the mall. This time however the Judge was hit by 10 cross bow bolts before he could fry all the innocent people. The Judge pulls each one out until he looks down at the crowd. "Who dares?"

Buffy just stands there Jonathon's crossbow in her hands in front of Giles, Cordelia, Willow, and Jenny. "I think that got his attention."

The Judge just gave a cocky smile. "You're a fool. No weapon forged can kill me."'

Buffy just smirked. "That was then."

Zodd instantly saw something was wrong. "Wait, where's the boy?"

Almost for tempting fate a M1A tank bursts through the back of the Mall the Tank stopped and the gun aimed itself at the Judge causing Angelus, Drusilla, and Zodd to flee the sight of him.

"What's that do?"

The tank fires on the Judge and blows him to pieces. Buffy just looks at it and can't believe they actually did it. "This sure as hell wasn't forged."

The tank opened and Xander climbed out and helped Jonathon out. "Believe it or not this was actually easier to steal then the rocket launcher."

Xander turned to Zodd and he pulled out the Dragonslayer. "Let's finish this."

Zodd pulled out his sword. "At last."

Buffy turns to Xander. "Don't forget what I said."

"I know." Xander assured her as he ran for Zodd. And the two steels clash leaving sparks until Zodd breaks a window taking their fight outside.

Jenny looks at one of the pieces of the Judge. "Is he dead?"

Buffy looks at the pieces. "No way to know for sure. Pick up the pieces and keep them separate."

Cordelia groans. Why exactly does she hang out with these people? "Pieces? We get the pieces. Our job sucks!"

Angel is quickly fleeing the building seeing the plan go to hell. The judge is gone the big demon is fighting Xander while Buffy and the geek are mercilessly killing with a repeating crossbow and explosive shotgun rounds from earlier. He makes it to the arcade until he's grabbed from behind and thrown into one of the machines head first. Angel got up in game face glass through the skull hurts like hell.

Angel smirked getting to his feet. "I knew you still loved" Angel turns around and sees Willow "Oh you."

Willow looked at her former sire knowing this won't be easy. "Yup plain old me"

Angel went to punch her but Willow blocked it and countered with a fist of her own.

Angel just smirked. "Should have used that sword on your back to go for the kill. Are you still hoping some part of soul boy is still in here?"

Willow looked at him not taking her eyes off his eyes as Angel taught that's how you know what they're going to do next. "No, but he will be soon enough."

Angel dropped the smile and when Willow went to punch him he grabbed her hand and threw her head first into another machine.

Buffy approached Drusilla. It's hard to believe one vampire did so much damage. She killed Harmony and sent Willow into a downward spiral. She summoned the order of Taraka which killed Kendra and is making Xander fight Zodd right now. Buffy desperately wants to be out there with her slayer dream but Xander made her swear she would not interfere after seeing what happened when Kendra did. And to add one last piece she assembled the judge whom has killed who knows how many people before they stopped it.

Drusilla smiled. "Do you want to play?"

Buffy glared at her. "This is all just one game to you isn't it?"

Drusilla just laughed like a little girl. "My games brought daddy back and I get to end the world once we put humpty dumpty together again."

Buffy pulls out Kendra's stake from her back ready to keep her promise. "Not if Mr. Pointy has anything to say about it."

Buffy throws a kick but Drusilla blocks it easily. Buffy takes a couple swings but Drusilla ducks under each one. Buffy realizes it's not good to fight a psychic on a mission they know exactly what you're going to do right before you do it.

Xander is outside still fighting Zodd to a stalemate their swordsman skills are evenly matched. Zodd just smiled. This is it the fight he has been waiting for centuries. Too long now humans have been obsessed with their guns. Zodd slaughtered them easily with his regenerative abilities. The Black Swordsman and the Beast Swordsman swords clashed one last time as Zodd's sword broke. Xander went to stab Zodd right through the brain but the demon grabbed his sword mid strike and laughed.

"I had forgotten no forged blade can stand up to yours or Gaiseric's cursed blades." A horn shoots out of Zodd's head as he takes his demonic form. Xander just holds his sword tight and pulls freeing his sword and cutting Zodd's hand. Xander groans when Zodd throws a Car at him. Xander makes one quick cut down cutting the car in half each side missing him completely. Xander sighs in relief and can't believe that actually worked. Xander sees Zodd rush him and runs out to confront him. He uses his smaller size to his advantage and makes a running slash at his leg. The wound heals up fast enough and Zodd swings his right hand at Xander whom responds by side stepping to the left and cutting off his left arm. Zodd just grabs his left arm and hits Xander with it knocking him to the floor.

"Nice going Harris you just gave him a weapon." He chastises himself remembering his original fight all those years ago.

Angelus picks up Willow and smashes her face head first into a crane. Willow comes out with a bloody game face kicking Angelus in the groin before returning the favor smashing his head through the crane next to it and throwing him to the floor. Willow pulls out her sword and tries to pin Angel to the floor with it but he rolls out of the way.

Angelus looks at her impressed she's going this far. "Is my little Willow ready for the big fat kill?"

"You could always surrender." Willow offered.

"Not really my style." Angelus quipped.

Willow ran Angelus out of the arcade and Angel grabbed her. She made a fake quick swing of her sword at Angel's chest and stabbed him in the leg with the real one. Willow tackles Angel and tries to knock him over the guard rail and knock him out but Angel grabs Willow and throws her into the guard rail. Willow throws a punch as angel feels his jaw shatter a bit from impact. Angel growls and kicks her legs out from under her knocking her to the floor. Willow tried to recover only to get kicked in the face.

Angel just smiles picking up her sword pulls. "Your little scooby gang seems to think you're immortal. Let's see how long you live without a head." Angel rushes her and Willow grabs one of his legs and flips him over the guard rail to the 1st floor. Angel holds on to her arm however pulling he over with him and both vampires flipped over the guard rail.

Buffy was still trying to fight Drusilla. She imagines this fight would have been over if she hadn't overcome hypnosis against the Master. Who would have thought dying last year is saving her life this year. Drusilla pushed her to the ground clearly in control of the fight. Drusilla smiled looking down on the slayer. She just as quickly turned her face into one of horror. "Daddy"

She looked on as Angel and Willow crashed from the second floor down to the floor. Buffy took the opportunity to get Mr. Pointy ready and tackled Drusilla from behind and they both fell down the steps. Buffy put the stake right through Drusilla's heart as she swore she would do for Kendra. Drusilla just smiled having one last glimpse of the future. "She's going to drink you soon." She turns into dust finally dead.

Xander was slow to get to his feet. To him however the fact that he could get hit by Zodd and still be able to get up shows what he's made of. Xander stands sword ready as the beast reattaches his left arm. Xander just rests his sword in his hands and puts the blade behind him.

Zodd just looked at him. "Are you exhausted already? Counting on the strength of your sword in one last futile attempt to defeat me?"

Xander just smirked at Zodd's arrogance. "Attempt nothing tonight I'm going to kill you."

Zodd swung with a right hand and Xander ducked under it. The reborn swordsman swung his blade in one quick horizontal swing. Zodd jumped out of the way and attempted to gore Xander. Xander dodged the horn but was caught in the middle of the demon's head running him back first into a car. Xander coughed up blood from the attack falling to the floor. Zodd just looked at the boy. Is it over already?

Buffy ran down to where Willow and Angelus landed. Angelus landed in the wishing well he's fine but Willow smashed her head on the concrete floor when she landed and was bleeding bad. Buffy went to the floor and pulled up Willow she wasn't looking too good but she was conscious.

Willow looked at the slayer. "Hey Buff. Why are there three of you?"

Angelus just cracks up laughing. Buffy gently puts Willow down and turns to Angelus in smoldering hatred she runs to him and jumps and comes crashing down on the unsouled Angel's legs breaking them in multiple places. She'll make sure they bring Angel back like Will wanted to. Angelus' face cringes but he works through the pain. He takes the sight on with a smile.

Buffy just looks at him. "What's so funny?"

Angelus just smirks he knows what they intend to do with him but he'll have on last drop of fun. "The worst thing that can happen to a vampire next to having a soul shoved up your ass. Brain damage, vampires can exist as mindless vegetables but it's cruel not being able to do anything, feel anything, touch anything for eternity. And with Willow being the mystical Rasputin vamp that she is. She'll be stuck like that for eternity."

Buffy pulled him up by his jacket. "How do I stop it?"

Angelus just smirked with Angel's knowledge he knows Willow will be fine but he can have one last round of revenge. "Willow's healing will go into overdrive if she drinks warm living blood. So what poor bastard are you going to feed to her?"

Buffy just planted one firm kick on his jaw and knocked him out. She walked over to Willow and pulled her up a bit.

"Watch the head Buff." Willow pleaded. "I don't feel that good."

Buffy nodded. "You hit your head Will and are about to go on a permanent trip to coma land."

Willow just nodded weakly set to pass out. "Sounds nice"

Buffy jostled her awake. "No Will listen you can still get through you just have to drink." Buffy sighs realizing what Drusilla meant. "You have to drink me."

Willow shook her head vehemently you don't eat your best friend. "No there has to be another way."

"There isn't Will. Now I am not going to let you die with slayer blood you might not even need it all."

"You don't understand." Willow replied this was her worst fear. "I won't stop because I might not want to. It will just be too tempting to drain you dry."

"It won't be." Buffy answered. "I know that you've changed but your still Willow you are not a murderer. Now I'm going to save your life whether it be two puncture holes or a cut artery and I'm counting on you to save mine."

Willow just nodded. "I'll try." Willow willed herself into her game face and sunk her fangs into Buffy's neck. She could instantly feel it working as the vampire ambrosia slides down her throat.

Zodd picked Xander up by his sides. "Is that it, is that the limit of your strength. No for a human you were incredible but if you won't fight anymore I will tear you in half." Just like in Buffy's dream she warned him about Zodd pulled at Xander sides trying to rip him in two.

Xander released a scream in agony till he shouted. "Puck now!"

The elf flew out of Xander's pant leg and got right in Zodd's face hitting him with a spark blinding him and making him drop Xander out of instinct to rub his eyes. Xander repeatedly stabbed him in the stomach with a knife until Zodd can see straight again and grabs his arm holding him up. Xander has to say he misses the cannon he used to have on his arm this is like the 12th time it would have been useful since Halloween.

Zodd just rolled his eyes as Xander tries a few more swings. "Foolish mortal. I heal almost instantly."

Xander just twirls something on his other hand. "I'm kind of counting on that."

Zodd looks closer at the boy's hand. He knows all of the modern weapons he's still a mercenary. He realizes Xander's holding a grenade pin and the bomb is in his chest. Zodd threw Xander with impressive force making him slam hard into the ground. Zodd sprouts his wings trying to fly away and dig into his chest with his hands. Xander gets to his feet as Zodd's wings come out he runs and gets the dragonslayer. The bomb goes off and a hole punches through Zodd's chest. The demon gets down on all fours but still manages to fly away, but Xander jumps on his back leg dragonslayer sheathed on his back.

Puck watches the two go high above the mall. "This is so not good."

Xander hung on for dear life. He certainly wasn't expecting to get this kind of view of Sunnydale. He scurried up and climbed up as Zodd crashed into the side of a building. Xander climbed up to avoid the debris then ran to his back and with one last Swing he moved his sword straight down impaling Zodd on the sword in the back. Zodd crashed hard into a building and Xander fell off and did some rolls taking his sword with him since he never weakened his grip. Xander looked around as did Zodd. Zodd found him and let out a war cry. Xander let out one of his own and rushed Zodd as the demon tried to fly into him. When close enough Xander used his sword as a pole vault and jumped onto Zodd's head. With his sword still on the ground he pulled it across cutting Zodd in half vertically from skull to groin.

Xander panted and gasped for breath as Zodd's body revealed its true form. Xander forgot that acolytes turn back to human form after they die. As the acolyte's form faded and the man beneath revealed itself, Xander couldn't help but laugh. It was somewhere between the Black Swordsman's mad laugh and modern Xander's slacker chuckle as one more piece of Guts was at long last buried and withered away into dust. Zodd's pre-sacrifice state was both so fitting and so unexpected that if not for Xander's years of happy peaceful semi-well adjusted life combined with Guts' experience and madness it likely would have driven him over the edge. Thankfully Zodd was so old and writhen through that his body just faded away to dust as hundreds of years of decay caught up with him.

Xander got back to the mall just in time to see Jonathon pick off the last vampire with a custom shell.

Jonathon smiled. "You made it."

Xander just shrugged. "Looks like. So where are Buffy and Willow?"

Xander instantly noticed Jonathon's short breath. "Where are they?"

Jonathon didn't say a word and just pointed to where there was a red fountain that was once blue. Xander ran as fast as he could. Who didn't make it? Giles, Jenny, Cordelia. Oh god Willow. She was his best friend since childhood fangs and all. Loosing Jessie was bad he doesn't know what he would do if he lost Willow. That leaves Buffy. The girl he loves. He'll have Schierke resurrect whoever did it just so he could kill them himself. And if it's one that got away he'll flood the streets in demon blood and empty out the hellmouth. He'll make sure demons curse the day the slayer died. He gets to the fountain and sees a fully recovered Willow with Buffy holding a cloth to her neck sitting down on a bench. Next to her is Giles holding a cloth to Ms. Calendar's neck with Puck healing them both. Xander wedges in and holds Buffy's cloth for her.

Willow looked at him trying to tune out the blood his rapid beating heart is pumping. "Did you have to run all the way here?"

"Don't blame me because the latest Scooby is a psychotic leprechaun." Xander replied. Seriously Jonathon just scared the hell out of him with that. "So how did we do?"

"We won a hard fought battle." Giles said.


Buffy held up Mr. Pointy. "Dust at last, Dust at Last thank god the crazy bitch is dust at last."

"Evil deadboy"

Willow pulled Angelus' head out of the fountain and throws him back in. "Contained."

Xander turned to Buffy and Jenny. "Your necks"

"I let Willow bite me." Buffy answered. "It was the only way to save her. Jen-Jan…"

"It's just Jenny now." Ms. Calendar answered. "Helping vampires definitely gets you kicked out of the clan sad to say."

Buffy nodded. "Anyway she saw what I was doing and tagged herself in to keep me alive and make up for lying to us."

Xander just smiled that didn't go past Buffy. "Xander what is it?"

"Just thinking back on everything since Halloween. I have both lives in control and in balance now. Willow is in full control of her vampyness. We got a new friend. Hell Cordy's in a deserted mall and isn't even window shopping."

Cordelia just tuts. "Like I'd buy something here."

Xander gathers up Angel's body and the scoobies depart the mall world saved vamps staked and tomorrow they'll start looking for a way to recurse Angel.

A/N Thanks to genericrandom of for letting me use a better version of Zodd's death scene.
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