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Shadow of the White Knight

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Summary: The self professed greatest fan of the Batman sees the Smallville Universe and decides it's Missing Something

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Shadow of the White Knight Part 2

Shadow of the White Knight Part 2
Disclaimer: see part 1

Xander forced a smile as he stepped out of the changing room. “How’s it look?” he asked.
“Perfect Alexander.” Smiled his mother. As she turned to speak to the salesman Xander couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Tomorrow there was a major press conference set up to introduce the business world to the new rising star that turned a small investment into a multi-million dollar pay day and a massive company to boot. Xander walked back into the fitting room and shuttered, he never liked suits.

Cordelia Chase and her court of followers were stalking the mall. Their prey was Xander Harris. As word spread thru the small town about the local boy that had done incredibly well for himself, the truth about the abuse that Anthony Harris had inflicted on his family became know Xander Harris’ stock had shot up he was no longer the son of the town drunk destined to take his place, he was a heroic tale of a young man that fought against the horror of an abusive father and turned his life around and was on the fast track to becoming one of the richest men in Sunnydale. Because of this the Upper level social world of Sunnydale had decided by hook or by crook Xander Harris must become part of their world, so their daughters were out in force to find him and invite him in.

Jesse McNally and Willow Rosenberg sat watching Xander’s mother fawn over Xander in his new suit and trying not to laugh. “Yuk it up you two. I hope you have to go thru this sometime while I get to sit and laugh.” Xander smiled at them.

Xander shivered for a second.
“What’s wrong Xander?” asked Willow.
“I feel a disturbance in the Force. “Xander quoted in his best Luke Skywalker voice.
Willow shivered too as she felt something was off. “I feel it too.” Willow countered with her Princess Leia impression.

“Xander how are you?” came a cheerful yet somehow screeching voice. Jesse winced as he saw Harmony leading Cordelia and the Cordettes thru the racks of clothes over to them.
“Remember don’t show you’re scared they can smell fear.” Xander whispered to Jesse and Willow
“Ladies what brings you into the men’s department looking for suits for your boyfriends that will match your dresses?” Xander smiled.
The trio of airheads behind Cordelia stopped as if it was the first time that thought or any original thoughts went thru their heads.
Cordelia smirked at the suggestion. “Not today Xander my dad is throwing a party tomorrow night and would like to invite you he has some business proposal he’d like to discuss with you.”
Xander looked at Cordelia and shook his head. “I’m sorry Cordelia please extend my regrets to your father. I have to be in LA tomorrow for a meeting at my new company. I will call him when I return from LA to set up a meeting with him as soon as possible.” Xander explained.

Cordelia nodded and smile. “I’ll pass on the message Xander.” As she and the Cordettes walked away. ”Too bad you can’t come to the party I would’ve love to show you around the new wing daddy added to the house.”
Once they left Jesse turned to Xander.
“Bro is it just me or do you feel like we should be checking that we came away from that with our balls intact?” Jesse whispered.
Xander looked at his friend. “Buddy you have no idea.” Xander told him honestly as he headed back into the changing room so he could get out of his suit.

As the group got ready to leave the mall Xander noticed Willow was lagging behind them. Motioning for Jesse to keep going he dropped back and saddled up next to Willow.
“Penny for your thoughts their Wills?”
Willow looked at Xander and he could see the fear and jealousy in her eyes. “Oh I get it.” He whispered.
“Get what?” Willow asked.
“You’re afraid that now that I have a ton of my money and seem to be upwardly mobile that I am going ditch you and take up with Harmony or worse yet Cordelia.” Xander faked a shutter.
Willow smiled at the shutter.
“Willow you are and will always be important to me. I never want to know a world where you Willow Rosenberg are not part of my life.” Xander told her as he gave her a one armed hug.
The red head had to smile despite everything that had happen he was still her Xander.
“Thanks Xander.” Willow smiled as she hugged him.

The next day Xander Harris found himself being shuffled from one meeting to another as he was being brought up to speed on what his owning the company would mean for him and what he was responsible for. Xander also took the time out to look over the research prototypes and products his company was making. He was also ready to jump for joy when he discovered the recently shut down applied science division and the fact that all the prototypes that were contained therein had been shipped to a storage facility in Sunnydale. He didn’t know if it was Bat-Mite messing around or just dumb luck either way he now had a lot of supplies he could work with.
As the press conference rolled around Xander was trying like hell to make sure he didn’t make a complete ass out of himself on national TV.
As the town of Sunnydale tuned in to see one of their sons make a name for himself an odd event was happening in a dark alley

A portal explosively opened dumping a man in what appeared to be shredded armor on to the ground of the alley.

The man began laughing. “It doesn’t matter.”

Two days after the press conference Xander wandered into Grant’s gym at its 5am opening.

“Of all the places you could work out you came here?” Ted Grant chuckled as he saw Xander.

“I need a workout not a date Grant.” Xander told him.

“Fair enough.”

Ted walked Xander thru the gym showing him the equipment and then he let the young man loose. He jaw dropped as Xander began the most intensive workout he had seen outside of some of his old friends.

For 2 hrs. Xander pushed himself doing the workout Bruce’s memories showed him.

As 7am rolled around Xander ended his workout and hit the showers. Ted sat in his office as he kept an eye on Xander as he worked out.

“Looks like I was right about you kid.” Opening his desk drawer he looked down at a picture of him and the Justice Society. “Looks like someone else is heading down that road.”

As Xander left the gym Ted caught a wave the kid threw at him and responded in kind. “Maybe it’s time I should look up some old friends.” Ted mused.

Harmony Kendal was almost running as she tried to catch up to Xander as he headed to school.

“Xander hang on a minute.” She called out.

Xander plastered a small smile on his face and turned around.

“How are you today Harmony?” Xander asked.

“I’m doing alright but I think there is something I needed to say to you.” She told him.

“Ok says what you need to say.” Xander told her politely.

“I’m sorry for being a bitch to you and your friends for so long.” She stated.

“I have to admit of all the things I thought you were going to say that wasn’t one of them.” Xander confessed.

“My therapist told me if I want people to like me for me I have to stop being such a bitch. Plus this will be good for my image when I start campaigning for the Sophomore Ms. Sunnydale Pageant.” Smiled Harmony.

‘Ah there’s the self-centered bitch we know and loath.’ Thought Xander.

Harmony smiled as she walked away giving her hips a little sway and all Xander could think is my god she really is as dumb as advertised.

His smiled went from fake to real as he saw Willow and Jesse walking towards him.
He had missed this, the simple joys of having friends that didn’t have the weight of the world on their shoulders. That and having a Guy friend that didn’t make you want to gut him like a fish anytime he saw something cool like Andrew did.

“Hey guys.” Xander smiled.

Willow only shot him a mean look and walked past him looking like she was ready to cry.

Xander turned to Jesse “What was that about?” Xander asked completely bewildered.

Jesse only smirked and held up a news paper that had a picture of him and the Actresses Christina Ricci embracing.

“Jesse that isn’t what happened. She slipped in the lobby of the hotel I was staying I just happened to catch her.”

“Catch her is that what they are calling it now?” smirked Jesse.

Xander rolled up the news paper and hit Jesse on the nose with it. “Bad horn dog bad.”

Dropping the paper Xander trotted after Willow.

“It’s about time somebody hit that horn dog.” Came Cordelia’s voice as she watched the scene unfold.

Willow sat in the library near tears as she thought of that picture and how she could never compete with a movie star.

She was so upset she never even felt Xander come up behind her and hug her until she realized she felt warm.

“It’s not true Willow. It’s a picture taken out of context.” Xander whispered as he held her.

Willow grabbed on to him and held him like she was drowning and he was her lifeline.

“Swear to me it’s not true.” She whispered.

Xander tilted her head back and smiled “Willow it’s not true she slipped in the lobby of the hotel mom and I were staying at I caught her when she fell that’s it.” He told her sincerely.

Willow lay her head on his chest. “Willow you are my best friend and someone I care deeply about. Do you think if something like that was real I wouldn’t have told you the second it happened? I am not dating anyone Willow. Right now I am just Xander and I don’t know how much long I will be just plain old Xander with everything that is going on. But remember no matter what I will always be your Xander.”

Willow smiled she needed to hear that.

Xander held her tight hoping he would be able to spare her the pain she would face in her future. Whatever would happen he would be happy if he could make sure she never felt the pain that she would feel in the coming years the loss of Oz and Tara especially.

As school day ended Xander headed quickly to his new warehouse full of goodies from the former applied sciences division of Wayne Enterprises.

As he turned on the lights he saw something that made him laugh.

In the middle of one of the two rows of boxes was a large tank-like car and wrapped around it was a big red bow with an oversized gift tag that said “I had to at least give you the car Bat-mite.”

Xander composed himself and began to take an inventory of what was here and what he could use.

“This is gonna be fun.” He mused.

Gathering what plans and diagrams for things that looked useful he headed for Ted’s place to see what could be added to the strength enhancing suit he already had.

As Xander worked on his suit across town someone else was doing the same thing.

Thomas Wayne Jr. snarled as he looked at the wreckage that was his armor. He had broken into this machine shop in hopes of repairing his armor but the fact of the matter was 90 percent of it was slag. The explosion of the Q.E.D. should have killed him but instead in blasted him to this world.

Said blast also shredded his armor and weapons. And he would need more than just a machine shop to repair them. He also needed money.

“Hmmm robbing a small town bank should be fun just like the old days when I got started.” Laughed Thomas.

As night fell on Sunnydale Xander left Ted’s place with a completed plan for what he was going to add to his suit. Right now he needed to get to some Intel and the best place for that was Willy’s bar and he been preparing for this little walk into the darkness just in case.

As he walked into the bar he had to smile at all the demons and vampires in there.

“Hey get out of here kid I don’t serve minors.” Willy called out.

Xander turned and walked over to the bar.

“I’m not here to drink Willy I’m Xander Harris and I’m here to make you an offer.”

Every demon and Vampire froze at his name. The newly minted richest kid in Sunnydale was paying them a visit.

“What are you talking about kid?” Willy asked eyeing him.

“Your patrons are part of a unique part of Sunnydale society and I know the problems that can come about by accidentally stumbling into that part. I want to make you an offer I will buy this bar and increase its size available entertainment, TVs Satellite Dish Video Poker Machines a Gaming Table or two hell I’ll even throw in a Mechanical Bull. Add to that a steady supply of top shelf booze and all you and clientele have to do is leave Wayne Enterprises and it’s people alone.” Xander smiled

A vampire in a school girl outfit strolled up to the bar.

“You want to bribe us to leave you business alone so you come unarmed and alone to a demon bar? Not to bright at you Mr. Harris.” Smirked Darla.

With a speed that was unheard of for a human. Xander lashed out and grabbed Darla by the neck and hauled her into the air.

“I’m never unarmed and I don’t walk into a situation without making sure I can either A. Walk out alive. Or failing that B make sure that I can take everyone else in the room with me when I check out.” Xander told the room firmly as he slammed Darla to the ground the impact shattering some of the vampire’s bones.

Placing a card on the bar Xander smiled at Willy. “The Offer is good anytime Willy. Think it over a bit and give me a call.” As Xander headed for the he heard Darla scream as she pulled herself off the floor and charged Xander. Her speed hampered by her broken bones Darla’s charge was stopped when she slammed into a wooden stake Xander was holding.

‘How?’ was the last thought that went thru her head before she dusted.

“This doesn’t affect out deal Willy.” Xander smiled as he stepped out into the night air.

“Do you think we’ll get the playboy channel now?” asked a vampire.

Xander was happy Darla was dead and that means Jesse gets to live. Add to that he just showed the underside of Sunnydale that he was willing to work with them and he wasn’t an easy target. Not a bad night’s work.

As Xander walked into the Bronze he smiled as saw Jesse and Willow at a table.

“Greetings Program.” Xander smiled as he slid into the open chair at the table.

Willow smiled. Jesse just looked at Xander.

“I was checking out a new video game system built as a demo model over at my warehouse. The game was Tron Light Cycles.” Xander smiled.

Jesse’s eyes bulged.

“Wow.” He whispered.

Xander smiled. “Just don’t ask what you are getting for your birthday I’m not answering.”

Willow laughed at the look on Jesse’s face at Xander’s comment. While Jesse went into fantasy land.

The pair just left him sitting there as they went played pool.

Thomas Wayne smiled as he left the Sporting Goods shop. He had been able to gather a number of guns and supplies that will aid him in his plan to rob the Sunnydale Bank.

He chuckled as the mighty Owlman the Brains behind the Crime Syndicate had been reduced to this a common thief.

But soon he would rise again.

The following Saturday found the soon to be former Mrs. Harris at the Sunnydale Trust Bank to sign some of the paperwork for the new accounts her son had opened for her.

Jessica Harris had to smile as she thought about her son. Despite all the beatings he had taken at the hands of his father, most of which were to save her from them, he had become a truly noble young man and a better son then she deserved.

Her musings were cut short as Willow and Jesse walked into the bank and said hello.

“Good morning Willow, Jesse how are you today?”

“We’re good Mrs. Harris just coming into cash in some change.” Jesse smiled as he held up a shopping bag of rolled coins.”

“Ahh the infamous camping fund.” Smiled Jessica.

“Where’s Xander this morning?” Willow asked with a smile.

“He is doing his morning workout at the gym. He wants to keep up the exercise program he started during the summer.” she smiled.

As the trio waited in line to be called up to the counter a group of men in clown masks came storming in the front door with guns drawn.

“This is a Robbery everybody on the floor now.” Yelled the lead robber as he fired a blast from his shotgun into the ceiling.

This type of robbery should’ve been over in a minute or too but it seemed fate was conspiring against that as a pair of Sunnydale’s finest were pulled up to the coffee shop across from the bank just as the shotgun blast rang out.

Within two to three minutes the bank robbery became a hostage situation as the Sunnydale Police’s competent day shift arrived.

Xander mean while had finished his workout and was putting the finishing touches on the suit’s upgrades with the new tech he got from Wayne Enterprises.

However as the local news channel was playing on a TV in the background Xander quickly became aware of the danger his mother was in.

“Mom.” He whispered. Dropping the tool in his hand he was like a mad man as he stripped the suit off the stand it had being hanging on while he worked and began suiting up. Stopping long enough only to grab a nomex racing hood out of one of the boxes of equipment and supplies from the warehouse that he had brought to the basement. Xander was on the street and running for the bank.

The street in front of the bank was crowded with police and on lookers as almost everyone in town had turned out to see the drama unfolding.

As he reached Main Street Xander ducked into an alley.

Taking a deep breath he slid the hood down over his face. “I hope this works. Hell of a way to field test this suit.” He chuckled as he slipped the hood over his face and jumped up grabbing on to a fire escape ladder.

“Memo to me look into a grappling hook or something for this kind of thing.” He grunted as he climbed up the ladder then strength of the suit slightly bending the metal where he grabbed hold.

Once on the roof Xander checked around for any cops. He saw none but instead he saw a single man in a clown mask holding a rather large assault rifle.

“I hate clowns.” He growled.

Reaching down to satchel attached to his back Xander drew out a tranquilizer gun. “Smile clown.” He whispered as he fired catching the clown in the neck and dropping him like 3rd period French.

Moving across he quickly relieved the robber of his weapon and zip tied his hands and feet.

Peaking in thru a skylight Xander’s heart dropped to his feet as he saw five clowns standing around a group of people that included his mother Jesse and Willow.

“No.” he whispered. Dropping back out of sight of the skylight. “Focus Harris you survived Cleveland you even escaped New York and the hoard of teenaged slayers.” He shuttered. “You can handle the bastard brother of Bozo and the four stooges down there.”

Moving over to the roof access hatch Xander popped the hatch and dropped down into the Bank’s Maintenance office.

“What was that?” came a voice from the hallway outside the office.

“I don’t know hang on I’ll check.” Came another voice.

‘Shit they’re are moving around.’ Thought Xander as he jumped on the ladder and closed the roof hatch. Instead of dropping back down the short tunnel to the office Xander stayed in the tunnel the suit blending in perfectly with the darkness.

The clown entered the office. Doing a quick sweep he went around the office making sure they hadn’t missed anyone. “It’s clear.” He yelled back looking around the room his back to the ladder.

The sap never seeing the black shadow drop from the tunnel.

‘Two down four to go.’ He thought as check the clown for anything useful.

Finding nothing he zipped the clown around the ladder.

Opening the office door a crack Xander peaked out and saw two more clowns one with a Mohawk and the other with red hair opening the vault door.

“So any idea how we are suppose to get out of here with all this money with the cops and the whole damn town out front?” Red asked Mohawk.

“Yeah the boss has a detonator on him that is connected to a pair of bombs we hid at the hospital and the elementary school. Either they let us go or they go boom.” Laughed Mohawk.

Xander felt like throwing up he knew demons were bad even some humans were that were even worse, but this was the first time he had personally heard one talk.
‘You are so going down.’ Xander thought as he flipped open a compartment on his arm and activated a signal jammer. It was intended to block radios but it also worked with detonators

Sneaking up on the pair as they loaded the cash in the vault into bags.

As Mohawk slid a bag out into the hall his eyes went red as he saw the man in black.

“What the fuck?” He cried as drew a silenced pistol and tried to draw a bead on Xander as he charged the pair of clowns.

Xander drove the palm of his left hand into sternum of Mohawk sending the gun dropping to the floor and the clown into the back wall of the vault.

As the gun hit the floor it discharged and Xander ducked as the bullet moved past him and slammed into a safety deposit box.

As he moved to right himself he heard Red cocking his shotgun Xander swung his leg out sweeping Red’s legs out from under him before
driving his fist into the man’s gut slamming him into the floor.

Quickly zip tying the pair Xander moved toward the main floor of the bank peaking thru the crack in the swinging doors to bank’s main floor Xander was horrified to see the remaining clowns had Willow and Jesse on their knees facing the door and both had guns to their heads.

“Listen flat foot you get the armored van here in 5 minutes or these kids aren’t going to have heads.” Snarled the lead clown.
As the clown turned towards his henchmen he froze.

“Something’s wrong.” Spinning around Xander saw the clown had grabbed Jesse and pulled him into a headlock putting a wicked looking knife at his throat.

“What’s wrong boss?” the 2nd clown asked. From the look of the clown Xander could see he was there for brawn and not brains. The clown looked a linebacker

“Listen stupid.” The boss told him.

He did and then turned to the boss. “I don’t hear anything boss.” He admitted.
Xander could almost see the clown rolling his eyes under the mask.

“That’s the point you moron we should be hearing the boys moving the money into the hall. It’s too quiet check it out.”

The henchmen nodded. As he headed for the door Xander backed up and readied his tranquillizer gun. However Xander was not ready for the clown to charge thru the door like he was running for his life. Xander was knocked off his feet and his gun was sent flying.

As his head cleared Xander felt the grip of a large hand across his throat as he was hoisted into the air.

“Well well well what do we have here” the clown laughed.
Gasping for air Xander grabbed at the clown’s arm and used the strength of the suit he drilled his fingers into the clown’s wrists forcing him to break his grip.

“I’m clean-up crew here to take out the garbage.”Xander said with a raspy voice from the bruises now forming on his throat.
With a mighty punch Xander sent the clown flying thru the swinging doors where he went skidding to the feet of the last clown.
Stepping thru the doors Xander stood in full view of everyone in the bank.

“Let him go you bastard son of Bozo.” Xander growled. He voice raspy from the damage to his throat.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” The clown exclaimed.

“No Joke asshole let him go.” Xander demanded.

The Clown cocked his head.

“Why should I let your little buddy go ?” the clown asked the humor in his voice evident.

“Because I will be sending you to hospital in traction if you don’t” Xander counter

“Well how can I refuse an offer like that .” The clown laughed as he made a quick move and sliced Jesse’s throat open.
Willow screamed as Jesse dropped to floor the blood gushing from his opened veins.

Willow tried to rush to him only to be grabbed by the clown stopping Xander’s charge at him.

“Now that the opening act is out of the way. The clown pulled a remote out of his pocket.

“Your dead friend there is only the beginning. If I flip this switch the local hospital and the elementary school goes boom and he will be the first of many today.

As the clown looked in Xander’s eyes he saw something and he was afraid of what he saw.

Like a flash Xander was moving and he the clown in air and detonator in his hand.

“I already took care of that little possibility.” Xander growled as he turned the detonator into a paper weight.

Dropping the useless remote Xander yanked the mask off the clown. “I hate clowns.” He snarled as looked at the man’s face and he saw that he had a smile carved into his face.

“I guess this is just a bad day for you.” Xander snarled as he threw the unmasked clown out thru the front window of the bank and onto the roof of a squad car.

Rushing over to Jesse Xander checked his fallen friend and found he was gone.

With a snarl Xander ran back to the office and up the tunnel and on the roof. When he reached the roof he started running and jumped roof top to roof top until he was well away from the bank Xander dropped to his knees and let out a heart wrenching scream.

“Jesse.” He screamed. Once again he had failed to save his brother.
Xander knelt there and cried for he didn’t know how long.

A hand on his shoulder. Xander looked up and saw someone he really didn’t expect to see.

“Faith.” He whispered.

The Brunette Slayer nodded as dropped to her knees. And wrapped her arms around him.

“How?” he whispered.

“Bat-Mite sent me. The Powers That Be prevented him from coming or rewinding the day. He saw what happened and despite your deal he was going to give you a redo but the Powers blocked him so he sent me.

Faith looked at Xander with tears in her eyes.

“What made you come back here again?” she asked him as she held him as close as she could.

“I’ve lost so many people Bat-mite gave me the chance to save them all. But the one I couldn’t live with was our child.” He told her.

“What how did you ?” she gasped.

“Bat-mite told me. Of all the things in my life all my successes and failures didn’t mean a thing if I couldn’t save our child.”

Faith hugged him tight. “I’m gonna be with you thru all of this Xander and after we blown that Silver tongued Son of a Bitch into the strata-sphere we can try again. We can have a life a family.”

Xander stood up and pulled Faith up with him.

“A family huh?” Xander smiled for what seemed to be the first time in forever.

“Yeah I don’t time travel for just anyone Boytoy. You were the first guy to give a damn about me and treat me like a person. Woody was a good guy but not the guy I was supposed to be with. When you came back from Africa for the yearly meeting I was hoping to talk to you.”

“Talk to me huh?”

“Yes I wanted your permission to come back to Africa with you.”

“Faith since when do you need permission to do anything?”

“Since I decided to try and start a relationship with you.”

Xander smiled a bit. Before his face fell as he remember what had just happened not that long ago.

“Faith I need to go face Willow my Mother and Jesse’s family please come with me?”

“I’ll will be with you from now on Xander. We are in this together.” Faith told him firmly as they both headed to Ted’s so Xander could change
and they could face what was coming together.
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