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Shadow of the White Knight

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Summary: The self professed greatest fan of the Batman sees the Smallville Universe and decides it's Missing Something

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Shadow of the White Knight part 3

Shadows of the White Knight part 3


Disclaimer: See part 1

It was raining which Xander thought was appropriate for Jesse’s funeral. At least this time his family will have a body to bury.

Xander dressed in the suit he had bought for his L.A. trip as he ended the funeral home and made his way over to Jesse’s family. His Mother Sarah instantly hugging Xander.

“Thank you for coming Xander I know it must be hard for you” she told him softly.

“I had to be here for him no matter what Mrs. M” Xander gave a weak smile.

Jesse’s dad Sam shook Xander’s hand. And Jesse’s sister Kat gave him a hug.

Xander looked over to the corner where Willow sat sandwiched in between her parents.

“Hey Willow.”

Willow looked up and she flew over her mother and hugged Xander for all she was worth.

“Why did this happen Xander why?” she begged to know.

Xander held her and looked her right in the eye.

“There are evil people in this world Willow and they do evil things.”

“I’m glad that guy in black almost killed that murderer.” She declared.

“Whoa Willow.” Xander was amazed at how blood thirsty she was at that moment.

“He chucked him thru the window and sent him a good 45 feet onto a cop car Xander it broke the son of bitch’s back. I wish he finished the job and killed him.” She swore.

“That’s enough Willow.” Her Father told her firmly.

“Mr. Rosenberg Sir I think she needs to vent after all that Psycho not only held her hostage and threatened a lot of people but she watch one of her best friends die right in front of her eyes. That’s not something that should be bottled up.”

Ira Rosenberg nodded and sat down.

Xander sat down next to them as the remaining few people drifted in as the service was about to start.

As the service ended Xander and Willow walked outside.

“Hey X how you holding up.” Faith asked as she came walking up offering a brief hug.

“I’m surviving Faith.” He told her.

Faith nodded and turned to Willow.

“Hi I’m Faith a friend of Xander’s from the survival camp. You must be Willow.” Faith offered her hand.

“Yes yes I’m Willow.”

“Nice to meet you only wish it was under better circumstances.” Faith admitted.

“Likewise.” Willow told her.

“Would you like to come with me and Xander and get some lunch?” Faith offered.

Willow looked at her for a moment then shook her head.

“I can’t I have to go down to the police station and give my statement about what happened at the bank.” Willow declined.

“Want us to walk with you? That’s where mom is now.” Xander offered.

Willow nodded “I’d like that.”

As Xander, Faith and the Rosenberg Family headed to the police station Faith glanced at Xander and she could see the wheels turning in his head. He was thinking about something and thinking hard.

Once they reached the police station and said their goodbyes to Willow, Faith turned to Xander.

“Ok Boytoy what’s on your mind?” she asked.

“This robbery didn’t happen last time around Faith. Someone other than me has changed things.” Xander told her.

Faith nodded then her expression took a darker tone.

“By the way Boytoy I want to talk to you about a little rumor I heard about a deal you made with Willy.”

“Faith it’s not what you think.” Xander told her.

“Explain it to me Alexander Lavelle Harris; I thought we don’t do deals with the dark.”

Xander winced as she said his whole name.

“Of course we don’t but we do make them think we do so we can get Intel.” Xander smiled. However as he saw the look on Faith’s face, “Better if I show you come with me to the warehouse.”

Once the pair reached the warehouse Xander took Faith into the off and showed her a laptop with a map of Sunnydale on it.

“So you made a deal for a laptop you’re a millionaire now what the fuck?”

Xander rolled his eyes. “Faith it’s not a laptop. It’s a tracking receiver. Opening another case next to the desk Xander pulled out what looked to be a bag of black sand.

“Faith these are G.P.S. trackers about the size of a piece of sand. Every bottle of booze every speck of food I supply Willy with has these inside of it. They then transmit the location of every demon and vampire that eats or drinks at Willy’s back here and records their movements so not only will we have their movements but the location of every nest and hideout they use during the day. Also all the upgrades the TVs the gaming equipment everything in there will be bugged.

Faith was shocked.

“What you didn’t really think I’d make a deal with the devil Faith? After all rule number one when dealing with the devil?”

“Don’t.” Faith smiled a bit.

“Right I established a cover that Xander Harris is semi-tolerant of demons and even willing to work with them on a limited scale where as the Batman will just be a hunter no quarter given to a hostile demon. It’s a small separation of the two but it’s a start.”

“So you’re really going to do this double identity thing huh?”

“I am a man of my word Faith and I told Bat-mite I’d be what he wanted me to be.”

“Alright I’ll buy that for now. So what other toys do you have in this place?” she asked as she looked out the office windows to the warehouse floor.

Xander just smiled.

As Xander showed Faith his supplies Thomas Wayne Jr. walked into Sunnydale Hospital’s loading bay.

Moving with a speed and stealth that would’ve impressed most vampires he quickly made his way up to the psych ward where the robber from the bank was being held, since it was the most secure place in the hospital.

With a pair of quick strikes to take out an orderly and a nurse Wayne walked right into the Robber’s room.

“Well Mr. Kerr it seems that things did not go as you had planned them.

“Maybe so but the game just became a lot more interesting.” Groaned the clown.

“But it is a game you are no longer a part of due to your broken back Mr. Kerr.”

“Call me Joe.”

Wayne chuckled. “Joe Kerr funny.”

“Gotta have a punch line to go with the smile.”


“So you here to kill me for messing up your plans?”

“Not at all you played your part perfectly. Your little robbery allowed me to hack into the bank and electronically steal a lot of money from a lot of people. The town Mayor a few dozen account from Luthor Corp. Shipping what appeared to be a government slush fund. All and all I made out quite well Joker.”

“I like that maybe I’ll just be Joker from now on. So if you’re not here to kill me why are you here?”

“I’m here to settle our outstanding debt. You were hired to create a diversion by committing a robbery you did now I am here to finish our deal. Pulling a needle out of his jacket Wayne put in on the bed next to Joker’s hand.

“Gonna poison me now?”

Wayne smiled. “Nothing of the sort my friend I pay my debts. This is a medical drug that I have a supply of. It causes regeneration of the body. It will heal you almost instantly. But it will be quite painful.”

Joker looked at him as if he was nuts.

“Right so one injection and I will be healed completely huh?”

Wayne nodded as he pulled a gun from his waistband and handed it to Joker.

“If I’m lying I’m dying.” Wayne told him as he picked up the needle.

“You know you’re fucked up in the head and coming from me that’s saying something.” Laughed Joker.

“I take it as a compliment” Wayne told him as he injected Joker.

Joker’s teeth buried in his lips as the pain lanced thru his body. It was if every nerve in his body was electrified at once. As the pain faded Joker could feel all his pain disappear.

“Well it appears to work as advertised.” Joker cackled as he slid out of the bed and stood up.

“Our business is concluded. Nice working with you Mr. Kerr.” Wayne told him as he headed for the door.

“From now on boss please call me the Joker.” Laughed the scarred man as he watched his now former boss leave.

Looking down at the gown he was wearing he sighed.

“Need some new threads before I go.” Walking into the hall he spotted an employee locker room.

“Beggars can’t be choices I suppose.”

10 minutes and a blood curdling scream later and the Joker stepped into the hall in a slightly blood spattered purple suit.

“Purple not my first choice but it grows on you heh heh heh.” He laughed as he headed for the exit.

As the newly christen Joker made his way out of the hospital across Sunnydale in the Office of the Mayor Richard Wilkins was throwing a fit.


Frank Stein Detective of the Sunnydale Police was on his knees about to beg for his life.

“Your honor it appears that one of the Robbers took a shot at the man in black when he surprised him and the Bullet ricocheted off the wall and entered one of your safety deposit boxes and it went thru the box and destroyed your amulet.”

“Do you have any idea how important that amulet was to my plans without it my powers will steadily grow weaker and I will age at an advancing rate until I become my true age. That box was magically strengthened to withstand a nuclear bomb and the most powerful magical forces on the planet how did a bullet manage to penetrate that box Frank.”

Stein gulped as he prepared to take for his life.

“What our friend with the magic can tell us sir is that whoever supplied the weapons and the ammo to the robbers is blessed by Janus the God of Chaos. And the Bullets themselves were custom case out of cold iron sir. Whoever sent them into that bank was well aware that magic was being used to protect it.”

The Mayor sat at his desk and took a breath.

“Find me someone with a connection to Janus and I want them here as soon as possible. And call then make a call Mr.Vordigan tell him to be here in three days I have a job for him.”

Stein nodded and made a move for the door.

“And Frank, if you fail at anything between now and the Eclipse I will erase you.”

Stein nodded and ran from the office as quick as his legs would carry him.

“So hard to find good help these days.” Wilkins commented.

Willow sat in her room. Looking down at the gun that sat on her bed alone with a box of shells she stole from her parents office. They had left for a conference that morning. Swearing they would be back the next day by 3pm.

She was going to kill that clown. When they brought clown to court tomorrow she was going to kill him for what he did to Jesse

She was going to make him pay.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Shadow of the White Knight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Aug 12.

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