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Shadow of the White Knight

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Summary: The self professed greatest fan of the Batman sees the Smallville Universe and decides it's Missing Something

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredFreddyfrmelmstFR18310,38735813,5779 Jun 1231 Aug 12No

The story begins

Shadow of the White Knight.


Disclaimer: I don’t own nor profit from the characters of BTVS DC Comics Smallville or any of the DC owned properties.

Xander sat at the campfire his mug full of coffee as he looked out across the sweeping plains of Africa.

“You look like a man with a lot on his mind.” Came an unusually cheerful voice. Xander looked across the fire and saw what looked to be a flying child in a bat costume.

Xander looked down sniffed then poured out his coffee. “Somebody must’ve slipped me the good shit in that last care package from the Council.”

“Not quite there Cyclops I’m here because this world is lacking something I want you to help me get it.”

“Not interested I’ve got better things to do then talk to a hallucination so get your little cherubic ass out of here and leave me alone.” Xander snapped as he looked down into the fire trying to will Batboy away.

“How about a little trade then? You help me and I give the chance to save your friends?”

“Ok talk and talk fast bat boy.” Xander snarled.

“First it’s Bat-mite and here is what I am talking about.” With a wave of his hand an image of a man in a black costume that looked very intimidating appeared. “This Batman the Dark Knight World’s Greatest Detective and an ordinary yet well trained man. Dedicated to protecting people and saving the innocent, only problem he doesn’t exist in this world. Counterparts to his friends his teammates and even some of his villains are here in this world. And I think this world needs him.” Bat-mite smiled.

“Nice speech rehearsed it a lot? Ok I get it you’re a fan of his what does all this has got to do with me?” Xander snapped.

Bat-mite faced palmed himself. “I am from another dimension I have great powers because of it. This world needs a Batman and you know what it’s like to be the one normal one among the super powered ones. You have the heart the soul and the will to be the Batman for this world. And to sweeten the offer I will send you back in time to the one year exactly before you met the Slayer giving you the chance to save your friends all of them.”

“If you know who I am you know who I dated so that brings to mind one question. What’s the catch?” Xander asked.

Bat-mite smirked. “ I’ll give your younger self the upgrade of the peak conditioning that for your body at that age, as well as the knowledge and training he had up to the moment he first put on his cowl. I’ll even thrown in some funding for you to use to help your operations get off the ground that is it no other help from he me you are on your own no do over no mulligan you fuck up it’s on your head and yours alone.”

Xander stood up and walked over to Bat-mite. “So I go back in time. You set me up with some skills and some cash and I am on my own to become this guy.” Xander asked pointing to the image of Batman.

“That’s right Zeppo you become the hero in the shadows again. You get to make a real difference with your life again not only will you help save the world but you will make the world better for those who live in it. Jesse, Jenny, Kendra Tara, Cordy, Anya and your little bouncing baby brat.”

Xander’s hand shot out and wrapped around Bat-mite’s throat.

“What do you mean my baby?” Snarled Xander.

“Oh you didn’t know and she never told you.” Bat-mite figured.

“The Slayer Faith got pregnant from when you two got together back in the Dale after she was stabbed the Mayor had her Doctor’s terminate her pregnancy so that little mind transfer gizmo would work for Faith.”

“You’re lying Faith would’ve told me if she had been pregnant.”

“Not if she thought she lost the baby because Buffy stabbed her.” Bat-mite gasped.

Xander’s scream of rage echoed across the plains.

“I’m in I am going to make him pay for that one.” Snarled Xander.

“You gonna kill him?” Bat-mite asked.

“I’m not that nice. That sick prick loved to be the string puller the man behind the curtain. I’m gonna drag him kicking and screaming into the limelight I am going to burn the shroud of mystery and power away and let the world see the murdering scumbag for what he is then I will let him rot in jail. Let him see how what Life in Prison is like for someone that doesn’t age. Death is quick I won’t be.” The rage and need for Justice burned in Xander’s eye.

“Alright kid, that’s the Fire I was looking for. It’s time for your final choice no going back are you in or out?” Bat-mite asked with a seriousness that belied his comedic appearance.

“In the Immortal words of Mills Lane Let’s Get It On.” Xander told him firmly.

“Good Luck Xander.” With those words Xander found himself looking out a bus window at the welcome to Sunnydale Sign.

Looking around he found a walkman with a note that said play me.

Putting on the head phones Xander hit the play button.

“Good Morning Mr. Phelps your mission should you chose to accept it. Ha Ha got you kid. Ok here is the rundown of the changes that have been made to allow you to become the Dark Knight. Number 1 Xander Harris has been out of Sunnydale since one week after you finished 8th grade. You were sent to a Wilderness Survival Camp for the summer instead of sending you to Juvenile Hall. Your father filed charges against you for breaking his jaw in 3 places after you laid him out when he tried to hit Willow because she broke a bottle of his beer while trying to get some juice out of your frig. After an investigation your father went to Jail for beating you and your mother since your old man wouldn’t drop the charges the Judge sent you to the camp for the summer instead of locking you up like he wanted. To the rest of the world you were a model camper and even entered into a national competition being held at the camps. You won a grand price of 10,000 which you invested and has grown over the last few months to a respectable 100,000 dollars. By the time you get home however a major company which you own a stake in will make an announcement that will increase that number to 2.5 million. You are on your own after that kid. This message will self destruct in 10 9 8 7 6 why the hell are you still listening to this 5 4 3 2 1. “As the count on the tape hit one the walkman turned to dust and disappeared.

The bus pulled into the depot and Xander smiled as he saw his Mom, Willow and Jesse waiting for him.

With a smile gracing his face Xander stepped off the bus and he was engulfed in a group hug.

For the moment he was content. As that feeling crossed his being the muzak of the depot started playing David Bowie’s Changes and Xander couldn’t help but feel he would see Bat-Mite again one way or another.

Dinner had followed Xander’s return to Sunnydale. Willow was almost glued to his side as they ate. Jesse looked at him with a mild envious smile and his mother well for the first time he could remember Xander could see pride reflecting in her eyes. It was the moments like this he had learned to treasure when he first started fighting the Darkness. The simple good and quiet moments that sustained the soul when the darkness came the moments that showed there was still goodness in the human soul.

As the group headed towards their homes Xander could help but feel a sense of hope in his heart he had often dreamt of a second chance to change things but he never dared wish for it for obvious reasons. While he had loved Anya and even liked Hallie the odds of one of their ilk being good enough to grant that wish and the way he meant it was fairly slim. But now he had his second chance and he was going to make damn sure it was put to good use.

Tomorrow he would start tomorrow demons would run, a good man was going to war.

(I know the line is cheesy but it just fit.)

Sunrise in Sunnydale found Xander Harris in a position that would seem fairly strange to anyone who knew him. Xander was at Sunnydale High School running on the school track. As he lapped the small group of men who he shared the track for the second time he found a man had broke from the pack and was running right beside him.

“You got the rage inside ya don’t ya kid?” smirked the older man.

Xander slowed up his run a bit as he looked hard at the man next to him. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

“Something or someone put a hurt on you but good and you can’t do anything to fix it. You’ve got a fire in your belly and it’s got nowhere to go.” The man told him as they stopped running.

Xander looked at him with narrowed eyes. “I’ve seen that before kid. My name is Ted Grant, if you want to know more come to my gym in it’s over on Washington St.” Grant told him as he walked off the Track.

Xander headed off in a different direction to the one place he never visited especially during the summer.

The Sunnydale Public Library.

Xander sat at the public terminal and did a web search on Ted Grant. He smiled as he pulled up an old newspaper story about him being arrested. “Hello Wildcat.” He whispered. He remembered the story had broken just after he visited the Slayers in Cleveland before his last trip to Africa the story about the Justice Society of America.

As he strolled home Xander stopped at the bus depot and picked up a map of Sunnydale and headed for home. Now that his morning workout was over, and the slight delay of checking out Grant had taken up part of his morning it was time to get to work, Step one Recon know the enemy.

Setting up the town map on his wall Xander grabbed his dad’s old camera and headed to the door.

He was surprised when he opened it to find Willow and Jesse on the other side Willow about to knock.

“Hi guys.”

“Hey Xander.” Smiled Willow brightly.

“Hey bro I’ve got to admit, I was shocked to see you running pasted my house, this morning at 530 am what’s up with that?” Jesse smirked

“What do you think bone head? I worked hard these last few months to get this body, you think I’m gonna start slacking now.” Xander covered.

Jesse nodded to Xander in agreement Willow just blushed as she remember how he had changed over how he had looked before he had been sent to that camp.

“What’s with the camera Xander?” Willow asked trying to shake the conversation away from Xander’s body.

“I’m working on an idea with a friend I met at camp we are designing an RPG about a Zombie Outbreak and surviving it in a small town so I was going to walk around town and take pictures of the public buildings and use them and a map of Sunnydale to start to design out fictional town.” Xander bluffed.

“Alexander you have a phone call from a B. Atmite he says he is your stock broker. When did you get a stock broker young man?” His mother called from the kitchen.

“One second guys.” Xander smiled sheepishly before grabbing the phone from his mom.

“Hi B what’s up?” Xander spoke into the phone.

“Just following thru with the money I promised you kid. I gave you a ten grand prize for a national contest held at the camps you took first place you put 7 grand in the bank and then invested the other 3 over the month and a half since your portfolio grew to about 300 grand today thanks to a very lucky streak where you were buying stock in the floundering Wayne Enterprises when they suddenly announced a major win for the company which shot their stock prize thru the roof. You know have a liquid assets of two and a half million dollars and 53 percent of the voting stock of Wayne Enterprises good luck kid.” Bat-mite laughed as the line disconnected.

Xander dropped the phone.

“Bad news baby?” asked his mother worried about how much money he had lost.

Xander shook his head no.

“Good news?” asked Willow.

He should his head yes hamming it up so they wouldn’t suspect that he knew this was coming.

“You made some money?” Jesse asked getting to the action.

Willow was worried Xander would give him whiplash as he shook his head furiously.

“How much money?” his mother”

“A lot.” Xander smiled.

“A lot as in you can buy a car or a lot as in you can buy a house?” his mother asked

“Two ….”

“Two thousand dollars not bad.” Smiled Jesse.

“No bro Two point five Million Dollars.” Xander told them only to find Jesse and his mother had fainted and Willow looked like she was in La La Land.

“Willow? Wills?” Xander snapped trying to see if she was still with him.

“I’m sorry the brain you are trying to reach is not home right now please try back later.” Willow whispered as she joined Jesse and Xander’s mom on the floor.

Xander rolled his eyes. “I hope your getting a good chuckle out of this Bat-mite.

Once Xander had managed to bring around his mother and Willow and dumped a pot of ice water on Jesse he sat them down and explained what had happened.

“Ok baby just to recap you won a national contest and claimed the prize of Ten Thousand dollars.”

“Yes mom.”

“You put seven thousand in the bank and decided to invest two thousand dollars.”

Xander nodded. “Yep.”

“And thanks to a streak of good luck your investments have grown into two and a half million dollars.” His mother finished.

“Well that and I own the company I invested in because the downturn before the big announcement allowed me to pick up a bunch of outstanding shares and I know own 53 percent of the company.” Xander explained Bat-mite’s set up.

“What company do you own Xander?” Willow asked.

“Wayne Enterprises.” Xander answered.

“Why do I know that name?” Jesse asked.

“It’s the company owned by that Doctor who was killed with his wife and son in L.A. they never caught the killer it was on Unsolved Mysteries last week.” Willow told him.

“So Mr. Millionaire what’s the first thing you are going to do with your money?” smirked Jesse.

“Hire a damn good accountant.” Xander smiled.

Jesse looked at him with a look of pure horror.

“DUDE?” exclaimed Jesse

“What I got the money I want to keep it.” Xander smirked.

“I’m proud you are being so responsible baby.” His mother smiled.

Xander just smiled. It was not often he heard those words especially from his parents.

As the day wore on Xander knew his chances of getting any recon done during the day was nil thanks to the fact Willow and Jesse were sticking to him lick glue. Wilkins would keep for one day needed to get back into the swing of Sunnydale after all he hadn’t been here for a while.
As the sun set Xander said goodnight to his friends and headed up to his room and started pulling out a pair of black sweat pants and dressed for a little night recon.
He also headed down into the basement and snapped a leg off a broken chair down there. He may have ninja training now but there was no point in being over confident after all this way the hellmouth and over confidants was the express route to an early grave if you were lucky.
As he snuck out the basement stairs it dawned on him how much he missed this town even if it was a vampire infested nightmare it was still his home.
The night was spent locating Vampire lairs across the town and even a few small raids into the lairs if they were empty for a few spoils of war and some liquid cash for supplies. After all no sense in advertizing that Xander Harris was stocking up on demon and vampire killing supplies.
As the town clock tower struck 1am Xander quietly slid back into his house. The night was both profitable and informative. Now that he had some intelligence on his enemy’s operation it was time to do some shopping and get some supplies for his mission.

As a new day dawned on Sunnydale Ted the killer robot stood in his garden clipping his roses unaware that he was being watched. Xander hid in the tree as he loaded the spear gun he had gotten during his looting last night and now with the help of the car battery and jumper cables in his back pack Ted was a dead robot walking.

With a whistle causing the murderous Mech to look at him Xander let the spear fly striking Ted thru the left eye and dropping the robot to the ground.
Dropping out of the tree Xander raced to the fallen murderer.
“Sorry Teddy bot but you’re marrying days are done.” Dropping his pack on the ground Xander connected the jumper cables to the spear and electrified the robot frying its CPU.
Disconnecting the cables Xander dragged the metal remains back into the house. “Jesus you are heavy.” Grunted Xander as he dropped the robot on to floor and hoisted it up onto the kitchen table.

Rummaging thru the kitchen Xander returned to Ted’s remains with several garbage bags, a tool box and a very sharp kitchen knife. “I know you can’t hear me you Terminator wannabe but I hope to God this will bring some peace to those women you killed.”
With those words Xander began to cut the fake skin of the robot and then once it was skinned he began breaking him down into spare parts.
“Just when you thought you’re dignity couldn’t drop any lower.” Xander gripped as he stuff the fake flesh of the robot into the one of the trash bags and the parts into another. Once the former serial killer was in pieces Xander dragged both bags down into the basement.

“Well it’s not the Batcave but it will do for now.” Xander whispered as he looked laid out some tarps and went to get the bodies’ of Ted’s victims. They were owed a proper burial.

The Next Morning Xander snuck out and bolted for Ted’s place he grabbed a cat nap there after taking care of the remains of Mr. Roboto’s wives so it now counted as a residence so no Vampire could enter. He had a safe place to work from. Ted’s house also had a rather large Machine shop and work shop Xander guessed for personal up keep. He began to take stock of everything there information was key and he needed to know what supplies he had on hand.

As he cataloged everything he had to smile as he came across blue prints for Ted’s original designs and plans for other tools and weapons that may prove useful. That’s when Xander stumbled across the mother lode of Ted’s work shop the plans for a body suit that would increase a person’s physical strength, speed and agility by a factor 2.5. They was even a journal detailing it’s construction and the successful tests of the suit.

“It’s perfect.” smiled Xander as he began looking over the plans and checking the materials listed in the journal. Tonight he would work on the tools. Tomorrow be would work on the intel. He had taken a step towards wearing the cowl for real and at the moment in a place far away from Sunnydale a midget in a Batman costume smiled as he chosen Batman moved one step closer to becoming the Hero that was needed.
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