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A lost Knight, A found Slayer

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Summary: Halloween happens a year early creating a new world. Xander and Faith must now face the battles before them, and the dark memories now filling their heads.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: FaithbuffaloFR18827,19678934,28410 Jun 1216 Dec 12No


hello faithful readers.

so here is a new chapter. buffy v Lothos. i know the movie had problems, but the great whedon left it as cannon, so i will follow the master.

in further news, i want to announce the opening of a new contest. i want you to write the next chapter of this story, the top three stories will be posted here and considered part of the hunterverse, the rules are simple, write a crossover using any character already introduced in this story. paste the story into an email to me(my email is on my profile here), include any information you want included with the chapter.

you have a month to get the chapter to me, i will inform the winners via email, and will post their stories here.

absolutely any story can be used for the crossover, but the more original it is either in content or tone the more likely you will win.

good luck.



The bright light of the day stings her eyes as she exits the school. Buffy looks up at the sign proclaiming the building as Hemry high. She had though to live a lot longer than this.

Last night she had watched lothos kill Merrick. She could not run away. Buffy hears the rumble of pike’s bike as he pulls up.

“Hello little girl, want a ride with a stranger?” she smirks to herself.

“Well I don’t know.”

“I have candy” he says with a grin dangling an after dinner mint under her nose.

“Well ok then” she says with a grin taking the sweet.

“So it’s going down tonight?”

“Yeah. You don’t have to be there, I would understand if you want to be as far away as possible.”

“Hell, always wanted to go down in a blaze of glory.” Buffy drops the issue getting on pike’s bike. Neither of them sees the black charger sitting on the corner of the street. Buffy can’t see the two displaced warriors sitting behind the tinted windows watching her.

Faith turns to Xander after Buffy drives away.

“Did you know about her boy toy?”

“Vaguely, she mentioned something about Vegas, but she didn’t like to talk about the past much.”

“Were you there?”

“When she fell? Yeah.”

“I only heard the stories, did she really take down an entire fist of trolloks?”

“Two, it was like watching the angel of death. After angel fell she gave herself over to the slayer spirit completely. It was the myrdrall that slipped through and finished her.”

“Do you think the nightstalkers will hold up their end?”

“They’ll be here.”

Chapter 1

Xander sits on the bed of the cheap hotel room he and faith had rented after the raid. His shirt is off exposing the heavy dark tattoos which cover his chest and shoulders. Faith tries to be quiet as she exits from the shower still toweling off her hair. He must be nervous about tonight. Xander only meditates if his nerves are worse then a few glasses can take the edge off.

She sits down on the bed. Xander already knows she is there, she watches as he takes one deep breath after another. She lets her towel slip down revealing her own tattoos. She looks at the intricate ink flowing over her skin.

It was a different perspective, having a spirit riding in your soul. Like a little voice in your ear, urging you onward. She can feel her panther. She was a being of speed and violence. The animal was a mirror to the slayer spirit in ways, but this time it was her choice, she had decide3d to make this her fate.

Faith closes her eyes. She reaches out and touches the panther with her mind. It is like brushing lightning. She can feel her eyes change, her pupils dilating and taking in the low light of the room.

Without a word faith reaches out and touches Xander’s shoulder. His eyes are yellow, reflective, the wolf is as close to the surface as it ever comes. A shiver runs down her spine at the look in his eyes. She doesn’t know if it’s the panther urging her on or just that she is tired of resisting her urges. She pulls herself closer to Xander, barely noticing that her towel has fallen to the floor. Grasping his hair roughly faith pulls Xander into a kiss. He responds with mirrored intensity, pulling her down onto the bed.


Xander looks at the clock, its red readout illuminating the room in an unreal light. An hour past sundown, it was time to prepare. Slipping out of faith’s arms he gently wakes her.

Neither of them speaks as the dress. They don dark cloths, heavy garments meant for abuse. Xander pauses for a moment before shrugging into his worn leather jacket. The brown leather was like a comforting suit of armor. A familiar friend that had been through a thousand battles with him and would see him through a thousand more.

Turning to faith he watches as she pulls on a pair on leather pants which were so tight as to seem to be painted on. He realizes his mind has gone completely blank at the sight of her.

“Well lover, got to say I’m flattered, but you might want to stay in the moment” says faith with a sinful grin. Xander smirks back pulling her into a kiss.

“What can I say, you’re just too captivating.” Grabbing a large duffel from the closet he sets it on the bed. Opening it he starts pulling out an array of weapons. When he is don a truly impressive collection sits on the bedspread waiting to be stowed.

“Ladies first” he says standing back. Faith starts grabbing knives, tucking a pair into her boots and a holstering several others in her jacket. She too still wore the jacket which had been sent to her on Halloween. It had taken a lot of abuse when they had gone after that were, but it was nothing which a few minutes with a needle and thread hadn’t been able to fix. Faith takes two stakes, tucking them into the small of her back.

“You have the ammo for my new babies?” she asks after she is finished.

“On the desk. I’m glad Barny has friends here would have been a pain in the ass to get this together without his hookup” says Xander starting to outfit himself with a truly impressive array of blades. Finishing off he takes his short sword in hand. It was amazing workmanship, there had to be spell craft in the forging of it. After all the abuse he had already put it through it was still none the worse for the wear.

“How much of a tab we run up?” asks faith loading her revolvers.

“Well we should probably track down a few jobs after this.”

“Bright side, we die tonight we won’t have to worry ‘bout being broke again” says faith slapping the barrel closed on her revolver. With a flourish she holsters the weapon. Tonight was not about subtlety, she is wearing both pastels. They are riding low on her hips.

Xander chuckles as he sheaths his sword on his back. He had broken down and cleaned his 1911 earlier, it now rode on his hip, its pearl handle seeming to glow in the dim light.

Chapter 2

It is a perfect moment, it is all Buffy can think as pike holds her in his arms. They dance to the bad music, ignore the idiots surrounding them. She wishes, then, that she could freeze that moment. But like all things it passes, and in its place chaos comes.

It goes to hell fast, as vampires seem to flood the gym. Pike ducks down grabbing his duffel full of crudely whittled stakes, she hides a grin as he pulls a toilet plunger bearing a sharpened point from the bag.

“Time to go to work” he says passing her the bag.

“Right” she replies, ripping the hem of her dress to free her legs. She pauses looking at the minion attacking her fellow students.

“Just go, take care of Lothos, I’ll handle these ones.” She is paused in indecision, when a shot rings out. She turns to see two figures, a man and woman, they looked like modern day gunslingers. The woman, a dark haired beauty with darker makeup had just fired a shot into the air, every eye in the gym was turned to her.

“Well then, let’s party” she says with a sinful smile. Buffy doesn’t know if she should run away from the clearly man woman, or help. Before she can decide a portion of the newly turned minions descend upon the two. Buffy could swear she heard the man laughing as they pile onto him, but there was no way. Buffy is about to rescue them when the mass of vampires suddenly collapse into dust.

“It can’t be good that I keep inhaling this stuff” says the man brushing off his shoulder.

“What you waiting for girl? Join the fun” says the woman to Buffy as she grabs a diminutive vampire by the neck and proceeds to start bashing his head into a wall.

Buffy and pike join in the fight. The stand back to back and start killing the minions. She tries to keep close to pike but in the press she soon loses track of him. She finds herself fighting beside the woman.

“Who are you?” she asks as the woman dust three vamps in an intricate move her eyes can barely follow.

“call me cat, lover boy is wolf.”

“I’m Buffy” she replies dusting a newly turned vampire she is fairly sure had sat in front of her in French.

“The boy toy your watcher? Gotta say he’s a younger vintage then usual” says cat as she viciously tears through her opponents.

Buffy is speechless at the woman’s apparent disregard of their predicament.

“You do realize that we’re fighting for our lives her right?” asks Buffy finally. She is perturbed that cat starts laughing at her words.

“Girl, this is a Tuesday, when you’re fighting for your life you’ll know.


Pike watches the man as he dusts vampires left and right. He is fighting with a sword and clearly knows how to use it. Since when do people use swords?

“Take that you undead mother” yells pike plunging his stake into a vampire.

“Dude, you gotta be more mellow” says the man as he seems to flow around the flurried attacks of several of the vampires.

“Huh, I’m Pike” replies the young rocker as he attempts to stake another opponent.

“call me wolf” replies the man.

It seems like hours but mere minutes later the four panting fighters stand surrounded by piles of dust and bleeding bystanders. From the looks of it most of them would survive.

“You good lover” asks the girl as she cleans off her machete.

“Always. I got ten.”

“Sixteen” she replies with a smirk.

“Showoff.” As they talk Buffy checks on pike. He had made it through the fight with little injury.

“Well that finished the previews, lets see about the main show” says faith finally.

“Sounds like fun” replies wolf rolling his shoulders loosening up.

“You realize you two are crazy right?” asks pike.

“You think they’ll show” asks cat ignoring the comment.

“They’ll be here.”

“Lothos is mine” says Buffy turning and starting for the door. Wordlessly the rest fall into step behind her.


Xander is struck with a profound feeling of déjà vu as they walk to battle. How many times had he followed her into the jaws of death. How many more would he in the future. He turns to faith, she has the same look in her eye. they had decided last night that it would be better if Buffy didn't recognize them when she finally comes to sunnyd. hence the false names.

With a grin he embraces the wolf, he can feel the change overtake his eyes, and the night comes into focus. With a mirrored look of mirth faith calls on her own spirit, he watches as her eyes change, her pupils extending into catlike slits.

Buffy tries not to be unnerved as the two of them start laughing.


Whistler looks down at the school grounds of Hemry high. Blade stands beside her a silent statue of implied power. She keeps her features smooth pulling a set of ear buds from her pocket. Taking out her iPod she hits play.

The thumping sounds of her latest playlist start pounding into her skull.

“So blade, what do you call a puss filled monster with no remorse?” asks Hannibal checking the clip of his weapon he ignores the silence from his two companions “ a teenager” he giggles at his joke. Blade and whistler turn and look at him.

“What? Fuck you I’m hilarious” he says grinning as her slams the clip home in him modified m16.

Wordlessly whistler and blade step off the edge of the building. Blade plummets to the ground slamming down with enough force to crack the pavement. Whistler is slowed by grabbing onto a rope and lands a second after the massive dhamphere. Hannibal sits on the edge of the roof for a moment before clipping his harness into the rope and following them. He starts whistling a jaunty tune as he shoulders his rifle.

The gym of Hemry high is surrounded by a large number of vampires. It is clear that almost all of them are freshly turned. Their minds are too taken with bloodlust to do much resembling tactics.

Still whistling his tune Hannibal opens fire with his m16. The bullets might not dust them, but it would hurt like hell.

His gun clicks empty and Hannibal drops the weapon to the ground. Pulling a pair of cross encrusted knuckle dusters he grins.

“Baby, it is clobbering time. The three of them charge the disarrayed mass of vampires. They plunge into the mass just as the doors of the gym open to reveal Buffy, pike, Xander, and faith. The vampires didn’t know what hit them.


Buffy plunges into the vampires, faith had known the gunfire was coming somehow, she had held them back until it ended.

Buffy grasps the stake pike had handed her moments before and starts taking down vamps. She sees figures, dark almost too hard to see, among the mass of vampires. They seem to dart through the mass followed by a cloud of dust.

She suddenly finds herself fighting back to back with the man called wolf.

“We got these fuckers, find lothos and end this” he says turning three vampires to dust with a swipe of his blade.

With a nod she breaks away for the fight. Without knowing how it is clear where she has to go.

She walks into a dark tunnel. Lefty appears before her.

“SO you made it” he says flashing his fangs.

“I gotta ask, old as you are, have you never considered investing in a hairbrush?” with a smirk he lunges at her. Sidestepping his clumsy attack Buffy plunges her stake into his chest.

“Oh” he says before crumbling into dust. She pauses for a moment looking down at the grey pile. Music starts to play. A solo violin playing a haunting melody. She follows the sorrowful sound. Coming into a dark room she finds lothos. He is lounged playing his violin.

“I knew you would come. Did you like my last gift for you? He was over a thousand years old, a true kill. I wanted you to feel that before the end.” Lothos stops playing rising to his feet.

“Why can’t I fight you?”

“Because this was always meant to be. You are my destiny, we are linked.” He pulls Buffy into his arms, bearing her neck. Buffy doesn’t know why she can’t move, she needs to move. She can feel his cold lips on her neck. She knows what is about to happen, then it hits her. Merck’s last words echo through her mind.

“Wait till the music stops.” She doesn’t know why but suddenly she can move.

Wait, are you actually telling me those lines work on girls?”

“What? We are one, you can’t resist me” he says trying to hold her.

“Really dude, I gotta say it is not attractive to be this clingy” says Buffy elbowing him in the gut. His hold losses, as he is doubled over in pain.

“Bitch” he coughs out.

“Yeah, well, I’m the bitch that killed you” says Buffy pulling out her last stake and plunging it into the vampire’s chest.

He screams out in pain his voice cracking. Buffy watches impassively as the master vampire crumbles into dust.


Xander slumps against a wall suddenly feeling the dozens of wounds he had sustained from the battle. He can feel the comforting weight of faith as she leans into his arm.

Open his eyes he looks out at the dust filled battleground. Pike is leaning on the fence clutching his side. The nightstalkers have already disappeared into the night.

“Well what you want to do next?”

“I didn’t have anything else planned.” Xander pats down his pockets, finding his flask he pulls it out and opens it. Just as he’s about to take a drink faith grabs it downing a large pull. After a second she hands it back to him. Chuckling he finishes it off.

“So I gotta ask, this whole thing, how often this happen” asks pike from across the yard.

“Fair bit” replies faith “Tough the medical makes up for it.”

“You get medical?”


Xander looks up to see Buffy walking out into the open.

“He dead?”

“Yeah, toast.” She says plopping down next to Pike.

“To living another day” says Xander producing another small flask from his jacket. He makes to drink only for faith to grab the flask from him again.

“Dude, come on.” Says Xander as he produces another flask.

“How many of those do you have?” asks Buffy with an incredulous look.

“Enough” replies Xander downing the flask.

Chapter three.

Xander and faith sit in the charger. They are outside Buffy’s house. They drove her and pike here after the fight. Xander watches as the two of them limp into the house.

“Odd seeing her so young.”

“Hell I can’t believe she managed to take a master.”

“You know it was years before she told us about tonight, or what tonight was. Pike didn’t survive the first time.”

“He reminds me of you.” Xander looks at her with a raised eyebrow “You know what I mean. He reminds me of what you were like when we first met.”

“You had me wrapped around your finger within five minutes” says Xander with a smirk.

“I think your being generous” says faith with a smirk “I had you in the first minuet.” Xander laughs pulling her into a kiss.
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