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"The McDonald Boys" 'Verse Story Art

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Fan Art

This story is No. 1 in the series "The McDonald Boys". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: As the title says, this is my story art for my 'verse, "The McDonald Boys," in which Lindsey McDonald and Eliot Spencer are twins.

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Television > LeveragepoestheblackcatFR72346001,02611 Jun 1211 Jun 12Yes

Lindsey and Eliot

This posting ("story" is rather the wrong word for something that doesn't contain a narrative) is exclusively for Angel/Leverage fanart created by me, poestheblackcat, for my verse, "The McDonald Boys." If you would like to use these images, just review or message me, and I will gladly give you permission. (The same goes for anyone who would like to use my verse in their own stories/art.)

This first fanart is a painting of Lindsey and Eliot. I used Karat Liqua paint on computer paper. I know, wax paint isn't the best thing to use when one is planning on scanning the work, especially not on regular computer paper, but that's what I had on hand. That's why there are all those weird light spots on the painting. But ignore them, okay? (Pretty difficult, now that I've pointed them out...Don't look at the big pink elephant in the room! Don't!)

I'm not an artist, nor am I an expert Photoshopper. This is the best I can do. Sorry! No harsh comments, pretty please!

Anyway, enough blathering on...Here it is:


That's Lindsey on the left and Eliot on the right. I used photos of Chris Kane that do not belong to me as a base for the paintings. (That was my disclaimer. Was that enough of one? Should I add more?)
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