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Hunter's Moon

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Summary: D'Hoffryn gets a head's up that he will lose Anyanka and protests strongly. So Xander gets a new friend. Adopted fic from Spiritraven.

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Prologue (Spiritraven)

Hunter’s Moon

Chapter 1: Prologue (Spiritraven)


AN: This is my first ever adopted fic. The original was by Spiritraven, who has graciously given consent. Hope I do it justice! I am changing the timeline a bit to be Season 3 of Buffy. I did make a few beta-tweaks, but the main writing is all Spiritraven for the first bits. I’ve marked them.

Disclaimer: Don’t own anything! I am neither Jim nor John Thomas or Joss Whedon. If I was, I sure wouldn’t be posting on website where people could gloss over my glory. And the first three chapter of this story were written by Spiritraven. I'm not her either.

D'Hoffryn looked down at the body of the Hunter with a smirk on his face. He had a plan that will make everyone happy and keep the Powers That Be off of his back. D'Hoffryn knew that in the future he would lose his best Vengeance demon and he couldn't let that to happen at any cost. After talking with the Powers they told him they would leave his Anyanka alone if he found another to take her place as friend and companion of the White Knight. He did better than that, finding the Hunter who will be even greater than the Powers annoying Slayer. Of course there was the small matter of him being dead and the Alien pushing its way from Scar's chest. Still it was nothing D'Hoffryn couldn't fix.

"Aren't you a beauty." D'Hoffryn watched as the alien broke free from the Hunter's stomach. "To bad I have to destroy you." He snapped his fingers and the creature burst into flames screaming from the pain. D'Hoffryn watched as it burned to a crisp before turning his attention back to the dead Hunter. "Now for you."

D'Hoffryn waved his hand over the body and the stomach wound began to close up and the Hunter’s chest rose and fell in time. The Hunter was alive once more. Scar was still asleep because D'Hoffryn didn't want to lose his head. It was better this way for now. He touched Scar's shoulder and both disappeared from the space ship.

"Ah, here we are." D'Hoffryn looked around the cemetery happy to notice no one around. "You should fit in just fine my boy." He told the sleeping Hunter. "I bet you will even love it here. I heard the hunting is good." D'Hoffryn laughed at his joke then snapped his fingers waking Scar up.

Scar jumped up to his feet growling at the strange creature that was smiling at him wickedly. He looked around wondering how he got to this place. The last thing he remembered was the ooman sitting next to him as he lay dying. And now here he was alive and somewhat confused.

"Everything will work out." The creature said stepping back from Scar. The Hunter had all of his weapons with him. "You have a destiny here and it's a great one."

"How can you speak my language?" Scar asked with narrowed eyes ready to tear the other apart with his bare hands.

"It's a simple spell that allows us to understand each other." That would allow only one other to speak with Scar. "If you excuse me I really must get going."

"Where am I?" Scar asked stopping the creature from leaving.

"You're still on Earth in a place called Sunnydale." D'Hoffryn informed the Hunter. "Soon you will meet an ooman and he will be your friend."

Scar shook his head his dreadlocks flying around his face3. "A Blooded Warrior will never be friends with a weak ooman."

"Then train him." D'Hoffryn made it sound so easy. "Oh and before I forget don't kill the slayer no matter how annoying she is the Powers won't like it much." With a wave of his hand D'Hoffryn was gone, making sure to magically reinforce that particular order.

Scar wasn't happy. He had no ship and his Clan believed him to be dead. He remembered dying and now he was here with no way out. At least Scar had all of his weapons and his mask. He saw an ooman pulling its self from the ground, but it couldn't be because the ooman was dead it had no body heat. Scar knew what it was; hearing stories from some of the elders since he was just a suckling. These were oomans that became demons and had to be destroyed as the abominations they were. The best way was taking off their heads. He used his shuriken easily, taking the head of the creature. Scar didn't get any trophies because the prey wasn't worthy. He walked away to see what this place held for him. The night wasn't over yet.
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