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Insights to a badass family

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Badass Family". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A collection of one shots telling how Agent Coulson and his niece Buffy battle rules, betrayals, Aliens, Gods and mystical identities to find their happy endings. Ch 8 -Just how did Clint, Coulson and Natasha handle Buffy's little death period..

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Robin the cheater!

Summary: So Robin the cheater is in town. Buffy wants to get revenge on Faith's behalf - Can she manage it non-violently?

Tony frowned upon hearing the loud conversation occurring in his apartment. He'd returned from the latest mission and wouldn't lie he was looking forward to some alone time with his partner. They refused to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend as, well; they were not in high school. The Press adored them, the British Lady and the billionaire. It turns out that forget Buffy's accomplishments i.e - degrees and power that she could, and did wield. The Press were far more impressed with the fact that she was the woman, who had in fact managed to tame the great playboy.

More than one question from the press had been along the lines of asking how she'd managed the impossible. Buffy who wasn't very fond of the press refused to answer, and would only give a coy smile, and Tony a filthy smirk - it was entertaining to see how frustrated they'd become.

The source of the angst came in the form of her sister slayer, which concerned Tony as he'd come to adore Faith like a little sister. She was like a mini replica of Tony and several had questioned whether there was any relation.

"Dad wants me to go to the White House party." Faith didn't bother to hide her exasperation.

Buffy was a little confused, neither of them were strangers to parties since their adoptions. It was great gaining stable father figures but the parties could definitely be classed as drags. "Faith what gives? You will have support I'll be there and so will Tony."

Tony smirked as he slid to gain a sideward hug off Buffy. They looked the very definition of an adoring couple; Tony couldn't resist being snarky, "Yes for you know where my lady goes ... I will surely follow." He added fluttering lashes and an adoring look to finish the image.

Buffy snickered and pushed him away, "Yes well I couldn't have a more perfect boyfriend."

Faith sighed and finally gave in, knowing that when both Tony and Buffy ganged up on her - it was a lot cause. "Yeah and the IWC will be in attendance."

Buffy finally understood, "Translation Robin the cheater will be there."

Faith pouted, "Exactly."

Tony was not seeing the problem. He hated that any man had made Faith feel anything less than perfect. He was more than aware of her shadier past, as they'd shared stories and fought several of their demons together.

He smirked, "Hey JARVIS is the good Captain here?"

"Indeed Sir," said the AI with a tone that could only be described as long-suffering.

Tony looked like a cat, which'd just discovered the mother lode of cream. "Can you ask him to come up here? ... Tell him that a fair-maiden needs rescuing or something."

The women smiled and Faith was happy to see Buffy so happy. She knew that she was being a little silly, but Robin had been the first time that she really tried in one of her relationships. Only to watch the relationship burn to the ground when she'd discovered Robin cheating on her with one of the female watchers. She'd been livid and embarrassed. The best part had been Robin's excuse that she wasn't emotionally available.

Steven Rogers, the man behind the legend walked through the door. Faith smiled softly seeing him appear in the apartment. He was pretty amazing; he was strong enough for her slayer, yet such a good man that he never made her feel anything less than, well, special. It was not a feeling she was use to when it came to men. He really was a prince among men and she was astounded that he'd picked her. Upon seeing Faith, he gave her such a wide smile that Faith forgot what was bothering her.

Buffy and Tony shared a matching grin. They had seen everything, it was sickeningly sweet hallmark moment, one that would usually have them snarking but in this case they would forego that pleasure. Faith rarely showed vulnerability and anyone who made her feel bad was sure to fear the Queen Slayer and Iron Man's wrath. They were kind of like family in that way. When the information had come to light Buffy had offered to shove a scythe up Robin's ass, and when Tony was informed; he'd offered cheerfully to ruin the man's life when she gave the word.

Steve looked over Faith's head, to mouth, "What is wrong?"

Buffy smiled, as a brilliant plan of attack formed in her mind, "Hey Steve, Faith and I are being dragged to a ball ... where we will be bored out of our mind. Will you come along to keep Faith sane?"

Tony loved his sneaky, maniacal, kickass lady; Fury should take lessons off her on how to be quietly sneaky. He decided to add, "Yeah, you'll have to go in uniform to keep all the cads away."

Steve chuckled, "Not even I say cad Tony but why is Faith so upset."

Buffy rolled her eyes, "Faith's bastard ex will be there. He made her feel bad, I want to shove my scythe up his ass and Tony wants to blow his ass up but I can think of a quieter revenge."

Steve squeezed Faith's hand gently in reassurance causing the brunette smile. It was ironic that he didn't have to treat her gently yet did. He seemed resolute and would do anything to get this stupid man back. "So what is the plan?"

Buffy smirked, "You two just need to be dressed to the nines and let me and Tony take care of the rest." You see while they could both fight and were damned good at it; they were both experts at using words to destroy opponents just as effectively. Buffy couldn't think of a more worthy target of their acidic tongues than Robin. She would make sure that the dads were there as well. It had taken a hell of a lot to stop Giles going Ripper on his ass. The main reason being - Buffy was torn between stopping her Dad from unleashing his bad side and egging him on.

The night was on and fortuitously the benefit was being held in New York. It was being as the crème-de-la-crème of society's elite, and it truly was, as the big hitters on the political, military and Meta scenes were all in attendance.

Buffy and Tony arrived in style, his Audi R8 and looking nothing short of spectacular. He was wearing a tailored tux, with red trimmings. Buffy was wearing a dark scarlet velvet figure hugging cocktail dress, with a tantalising split, and her tumbling loose from a twist. They looked coiffed, poised, and rich - the Press ate it up.

Not two seconds later, Steve and Faith pulled up in a vintage car he'd been gifted by Tony. It was decided that mess-dress wasn't necessary, as he looked an even finer specimen in a tux. He'd of course had to stand as it was debated by his girlfriend, Buffy and Tony. It was a good job that the war had eradicated any sense of embarrassment as if not, he'd have been beet red for most of the afternoon.

In the ballroom many self-important people were milling about but Faith, Buffy and their other halves just found a quiet corner. They were content to sit and mock the other guests. Faith took in the surroundings and sighed; it was just like being back in London. "There he comes."

Tony raised a glass, "Let's go and introduce ourselves darling."

Faith glanced to Buffy to ask was her boy being serious; only to see a matching grin. Good God, insanity really is contagious. She also made a mental note to ask Pepper to keep an eye on Buffy and Tony plotting. If it was one thing they'd learnt was that they shouldn't leave the two to plot too long otherwise chaos would descend.

Robin puffed out his chest up, when he saw two of his heroes heading his way. He had loved Captain America as a kid, and had positively squeed with Xander when he was defrosted. They were yet to get close enough to see, who were with them. The ladies were very clearly the envy of nearly all the people in the room.

He couldn't see them, but both gave off an air of regal beauty, which few could match. The women wanted to be them, and the men would prefer to be the one whose arm they were hanging on to. He could guess that Buffy was on Stark's arm. He had heard all about them from the London House, and had managed to grit his teeth to hear all about the fabled courtship of Buffy and Faith. He felt a pang of regret over that; he really did. He hadn't meant to cheat. Really he hadn't but he couldn't handle not being first in her heart.

He froze when he saw who was walking beside Captain America - it was Faith. She looked radiant and happy, and so in love that it hurt. He felt jealous and wanted to punch something, which was weird. he had always prided himself on being able to rise above petty things.

Buffy stopped, "Robin how nice to see you in America. Have you met Tony and Steve."

Tony shook his hand but clearly was more interested in Buffy than him. He hated that he was being ignored. Steve stepped forward to shake his hand. Steve smiled, looking to all the world like his good natured self, but anyone who knew him, knew better. "So I hear you're the one I have to thank."

Robin frowned, "I'm sorry. I don't understand."

Tony grumbled something that might have been, "I thought that teachers were supposed to be smart." However it was said quietly but Buffy's response was loud enough, "Yeah, well anyone who hurts Faith is stupid."

He winced, he'd been stupid and wished he'd never cheated on Faith. Steve squeezed his hand a little harder, which was none subtle reminder of his strength, "Yeah if it hadn't been for your stupidity I would never have had a chance with Faith."

Tony laughed, "You're awesome Steve. Don't let anyone tell you differently."

Faith snickered, "Yes he is and now he is gonna take me dancing."

Buffy said a little louder, "Public place."

Whilst Tony wiped a mock tear away, "She really is like me. It[s impressive to get that much innuendo in such an innocent word."

Robin coughed feeling very awkward. He had no idea why Wesley and Giles had insisted he be here, but he was starting to get an idea about why he'd been asked. The couple turned back to him with matching shark like grins, "Doesn't Faith look happy?"

Robin was forced to look on the dance-floor to see the couple dancing. They were a picture perfect definition of a couple in love, and God did it burn to watch.

Buffy and Tony shared a look of satisfaction. Okay, so Buffy hadn't got to hit him, which would have been way more fun for her, but just maybe, this was a neater solution. Tony wasn't done though. "She is happy and if you mess with that. I will ruin you financially and then I'll let Buffy have her fun."

Buffy grinned, "Yep everyone is in agreement that we shouldn't be allowed to plot together."

Tony swept up her hand extravagantly, "They are just jealous of our love. Let's show them how to dance."

Robin got to watch on the outside as the couples enjoyed their own company. And yeah he was jealous of their love, but soon turned his attention elsewhere as he'd caught the gazes of Rupert and Wesley. He was not a stupid man and could see that Faith, Buffy, Steve and Tony hadn't forgiven him and it was just plain suicidal to court the anger of the man, formerly known as Ripper.

Buffy just rested her head on Tony's shoulder and said quietly enough that only Tony, Steve and Faith would be able to hear, "Feel better?"

Faith sighed, as she mirrored Buffy - not realising that she was hammering the final nails in the coffin for Robin. "Heaps. You guys rock."

The revenge would be complete a year later, when Robin had to watch from near the front row as Steve and Faith vowed in front of each other, and their guests - to love, honour and obey.

Authors Note: Well hoped you like. Sadly the day job kicks in again on Monday and that means updates will be sluggish until late February.

The End

You have reached the end of "Insights to a badass family". This story is complete.

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