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Summary: Brian and Dom raise Dom and Letty's son.

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Movies > Fast and the Furious, TheSleepingStallionFR2177,823285,43016 Jun 125 Jun 13No

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Brian Receives a Surprise

*Disclaimer* I own nothing!

Brian starred at Letty in surprise. She stood in his door holding a tiny baby wrapped in a soft blue blanket with her usual hard glare.

He lead her to his couch and asked, "What's up, Letty? Whose baby is this?"

"Mine and Dom's. His name is Dominic Conner Toretto. You're gonna adopt him for me so I can go get Dom a clean record so he can come home."

"Letty, you know I'll watch him for how ever long you need me to but, adopting him is going to the extremes, don't you think? Especially, since you will be back for him with Dom."

"I have no illusions as to the likelihood of me surviving this operation, Brian. I need to know that Little D will be well taken care of and I know you will never allow anything to happen to Dom's son. Just sign the papers and don't let go of him. Ever. If I can I'll be back with Dom but, if not then, you take care of both of them. Understand me, Gringo?"

"Does Dom even know that you were pregnant when he left?"

"No. I was gonna tell him the next morning after I was sure but, he was gone before I even had a chance to confirm my suspicions."

She handed her son over to Brian and said, "Take care and get out the cop business, Brian. Go see Mia while you're at it."

She then left the apartment without a backwards glance and Brian had the horrible feeling that it was the last time he would ever see her alive again.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking