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Of Honor and Love

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Summary: The Powers that Be has made a mistake and now its up to Xander to protect and keep his home safe.

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Cartoons > GargoylesSpiritravenFR2112,326161,11717 Jun 1217 Jun 12No

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Title: Of Honor and Love
By: Spiritraven
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Gargoyles. I make no money off of this its for fun only.
Warnings: Yes here there be slash and it will be AU. I have no beta so please excuse the mistakes. There will also be gargoyle/human pairings.

Chapter One:

The Powers that Be huddled around their Creator knowing 'He' wasn't pleased at all with what was happening in the mortal world. The Powers job was to keep watch in their dimension and to make it easier they made a deal with the Wolf, Ram, and Heart. Many champions had died in the name of good, but it couldn't be helped. Balance had to kept no matter what the least that was what they believed until now. The Creator had faith in his creations the Powers that Be and knew they would see balance wasn't the way. There was no such thing as balance not when so many innocents were killed everyday and more evil was born because of this. Almost every month the world was in danger of becoming a new Hell dimension. The Creator couldn't leave this to his 'children' anymore it was something he will have to handle.

The Creator looked into 'His' favorite dimension and most importantly New York where his most favorite creations lived and protected. The gargoyles were special they were creatures that looked like demons and some would think they were evil just by looks alone. The gargoyles had honor, pride, and would protect their castle and loved ones no matter what. Humans had turned against their protectors and still the honor bound gargoyles would fight for the human race and keep them safe. The Power's dimension will be lost if something is not done. The champions needed help in their fight and what better than a gargoyle? However the Creator could not just create a new species in the dimension...well 'He' could, but there was a chance they could end up more demonic.

“Oracle come to me.” A flash of light appear near the Powers showing a small childlike being with glowing eyes and a soft face. “I have a job for you.”

“I live to serve.” The being bowed low in front of the being that created all life both good and bad. “What is it that you wish?”

“Send a message for me.” The Creator handed a small glowing red ball to the Oracle and told her 'His' message. “If he agrees give this to him and it will do the rest.”

“Yes as you wish my Lord.” The beautiful creature bowed once more before disappearing from sight.

“Father what will you do?” One of the more braver of the Powers asked its maker in fear of what would happen to the dimension they ruled over. The Power may not show it with their actions. They did care for the dimension and the champions who kept it safe.

“I will fix the mistakes you all have done.” With that the Creator went to rest leaving the Powers to wonder and fear. 'He' believed a little fear for them was a good thing. It would keep them for making such a mistake again.

Another long night of patrolling and researching with nothing to show for it. Xander thought to himself as he made his home and sneaked in not wanting to wake up his drunk parents. While his dad no longer beat on him it didn't stop the yelling or name calling and that was something Xander didn't want to deal with right now. Xander made his way quietly up the stairs into his room locking the door behind him. He got ready for bed and thought about what happened at the library and why he kept going back when he was treated like dirt. Xander knew why he kept going back no matter how his friends were treating him because they thought he was weak. Sunnydale was his home and it was the right thing to do to defend it and its people. Xander did it for his friends and his family even when they didn't care because Xander felt it was something he had to do.

Sunnydale wasn't much it was small and only had one Starbucks and was the home of the Hellmouth. It was still his home and it had both good and bad memories for Xander. A day may come when the Hellmouth will be destroyed and with it the town and until it happens Xander will do everything he can to protect his home. Buffy and Willow can't seem to understand how Xander felt and believed he should stay out of the fight and keep to the books and donut getting. Giles would ignore everything and agreed to whatever Buffy wanted. Xander wonder at times if the Watcher knew half of Buffy was saying when it had nothing to do with demons, magic, or the Hellmouth. Giles was didn't treat him like dirt and he would help Xander when asked. Giles wasn't good with people because books didn't talk back.

Oh, well no use wasting tears over it all. Xander thought as he laid down looking up at his dirty and cracked ceiling. Really his dad needed to fix some of the problems in the house instead of worrying about his drinking. If the house gets any worst they are going to end up living on the streets and that would so be of the not good.

“No, I image living on the streets in this town would be bad.” A giggling voice said from above Xander. He blinked as a small girl appeared above him smiling widely. She had to be around 10 to 12 years old and was dressed in a old fashion dress with her hair held back by a blue ribbon. Xander knowing it must be a ghost smiled back. After all what harm could a dead girl do to him? Okay maybe that wasn't a smart way to think this was the Hellmouth after all. “I bring you an important message.”

Okay now the ghost had his full attention. Xander sat up in his bed not moving when the small girl floated in front of him a small red orb in her hand. “Um is it for Buffy?” It had to be for Buffy, she was the Slayer he was the Zeppo and Go Get This boy.

The girl shook her head looking at Xander with sad eyes. “No Xander the message I carry is for you not the Slayer. I bring a gift from the Creator. Its a great honor Xander one not many humans have received.”

“I want nothing from the PTB.” To Xander the Powers caused more harm than good and he wanted nothing from them. Knowing his luck it would be something to make everything even worst than it already was.

The Oracle couldn't blame the boy. The Powers had done more harm then good and now her Lord had to clean up the mess they left behind. “The gift is from the Creator Xander not the Powers. The Creator made all life and would not give you something to hurt you.”

“Okay I'll take you word for it.” What choice did he have? “So what is the message?”

“Let me explain it in a way you will understand better.” The Oracle knew the prefect way to explain her mission. All dimensions were tried in some way and the world where the gargoyles lived was no different. “You've seen the series Gargoyles have you not?”

“Yeah its one of my favorite shows.” It was on Xander's top 5 list of favorite shows. It was number three behind Star Trek and Babylon 5. “What does a kid's cartoon have to do with anything?”

“The cartoon is really a different dimension. A writer simply thought it was dreams when in reality he was having visions of a another place.” The ghost like child held out the glowing orb in her hands. “Gargoyles protect Xander and they are loyal and honorable and that's needed in this world more than ever. It's not fair for you having to clean up a mess created by other beings and yet it can't be helped. If nothing is done your home will end up another Hell dimension.”

“So gargoyles are real in another place?” And how cool is that, Xander couldn't help his inner nerd from thinking it. The whole Hell dimension thing though was of the bad and gave him an uneasy feeling. “Are you going to bring them here?” Again how cool would that be?

“No Xander we can't bring them here at least not yet. They are were they are needed and wanted.” The Oracle's smile turned sad. “You are like a gargoyle Xander it was one of first things I noticed about you. Sunnydale is your home and you'll protect it with your last breath. You are loyal to those who have done nothing, but hurt and put you down. Xander in a way you are a gargoyle in a human's body.”

She took one of Xander's hands and placed the orb into it. “This orb is the gift from the Creator. It will change you Xander you will become gargoyle and it will be a hard road to travel. You will be hated and you will be loved.” The Oracle placed her hand over the orb and Xander's hand. “And you'll be lonely at times.”

Xander forced himself to laugh. It was a old habit he couldn't break when things were looking bleak. “Becoming a gargoyle would be awesome, but I don't really like the whole lonely and hated part.”

“It's your choice, Xander.” The Creator made it clear to her at not forcing the human into anything. “Everything will get worst and having the power of a gargoyle will give you the edge you will need to protect your home. Like with everything else you will have to take bad with the good.”

Xander seen the cartoon and how Goliath's clan suffered being hated for no reason other then breathing. They were seen as beasts and animals with no thoughts and feelings of their own. At the end of the series it gotten better and there was the feeling of hope that things would turn out happy for Goliath and his family. Now Xander knew the gargoyles really did suffer and they still fought for the very humans who hated and tried to kill them. There was a big difference between Xander and Goliath. Goliath had his clan and friends on his side while Xander for the most part will be alone. He had no clan and his so called friends ignored him more then help him. Xander sighed and tighten his hand around the glowing red orb. Like the little ghost said there was good and bad. Xander knew in his heart what he needed to do. “I accept the gift and thank you.”

“The orb will give you all the knowledge you will need.” The Oracle knew this was cheating and so did the Creator, but evil has had a upper hand for long enough. “You need to break the orb in your hand for the change. Its better to do this with someone you trust. This way you have a witness and your Slayer friend won't try and stake you.” Not that it will do much good considering gargoyles were much stronger then slayers.

“I know just the person.” Giles entered his mind. Xander knew the Watcher was the best choice in this matter and he could handle Buffy if she gets attack happy.

“Good luck Xander.” The Oracle released Xander's hand with one last squeeze.

Xander smiled brightly knowing he had a new path to follow. “Thanks I won't let you down.”

The Oracle giggles for once seeming more childlike then before. “I know you won't.” She slowly disappeared from sight.

Giles was used to staying at the library later then the kids. He was cataloging and putting up the new books he received from the Council when Xander walked into the library looking tired with a good dose of fear in his eyes. Giles grew worried at once and walked over to the boy. “Xander is something wrong? Are you in trouble?”

“Giles I'm going to do something and I need you to stay calm and I'll explain everything after I'm done.” Xander reached into his backpack and took out the red orb. “Promise me Giles.”

“Xander what is going on?” Giles didn't like the look of the orb one little bit. He could feel the white magic coming off it in waves. It was good magic and a lot of it, but that didn't make the Watcher feel any better.

Xander gripped Giles' shoulder with one hand and looked at him with serious eyes. “Please Giles promise me you'll stay calm until I can explain.”

Giles took a deep breath and nodded. “Against my better judgment I'll do as you ask, Xander.”

Xander gripped the glowing orb with both hands and put as much pressure as he could on it. The orb was tougher then it looked and Xander began to wonder if he'll ever break the thing when it cracked in his hands. Xander used as much force as he could summon and broke the orb completely then everything changed. Pain, so much pain came out of nowhere Xander felt like he could pass out from the pain. Giles had rushed to help the boy when Xander fell down to his knees and then stopped when he began to change. Xander's body grew becoming taller and more muscular and his skin turned a blueish purple. Giles stared in awe as a pair of wings sprouted out of Xander's back and his hair grew to the middle of his back and turned jet black. Finally it was over and Xander's face relaxed as he fell face first to the floor out cold.

“Bloody hell.” Giles found a chair and sat down. He was going have to wait for his answers.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Of Honor and Love" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Jun 12.

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