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A Badass Summer

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This story is No. 3 in the series "A Badass Family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A story where a team of superheroes learn to bond. A man of iron loses his heart to a certain queen slayer if he can survive Uncles’ Phil and Clint. Whilst getting over his shock about Captain America and the Dark Slayer.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Buffy-CenteredhellbellsFR15712,857106227,74619 Jun 1221 Dec 12Yes

Seasons change

The sad thing about Summer is that every year the season passes. It was apparent that the Avenger's time in London had helped them bond away from prying eyes. However they were a team that were meant to protect New York and they’d been away for three months. As summer turned to Winter the decision was made to return, but unsurprisingly given the relationships that had formed between Buffy and Tony, as well as Steve and Faith, the Chosen Two had decided to go and run America. It was a convenient excuse for wanting to be close to their boyfriends, without most of their overbearing friends being close.

They were on a Quinjet because Tony wanted to show Buffy all the cool toys. Still when the plane touched down it was time to face reality and all of the Avengers and Slayers exited the plane. It went without saying that the minute the Avengers touched down in America they had been swamped by the Press. They wanted more information on the superheroes who'd saved New York and then disappeared. It was ironic that on some days they were heroes, but on others they were villains for having ever left.

All the Press had found out was that they were encamped somewhere in England and that to try and get on the family grounds of their residence would incur the anger of the Queen of England. The Avengers had at one point asked about why they weren’t being swamped. Buffy’s only not particularly reassuring reply had been, “I have friends in high places.”

It was only later when she’d explained to Tony that ‘Beth’ was a real sweetheart and had a soft spot for her and Faith that it had really hit home. Maybe for lesser men they might be freaked that their girlfriends were on first name terms with the Queen of England but not Tony. I suppose when your close circle of friends includes, a Super-soldier, a God, a Hulk and two master assassin's - then your perception of what might be a big deal would be probably be redefined.

So anyway the minute they touched down in New York they were swamped, but it was kind of a given. The really funny part was that the Press were stupid enough to voice a controversial comment in front of Buffy. Faith had winced and hid her face in Steve’s shoulder - it was as good as excuse as any, and it wasn’t like she needed much of an excuse. All knew that Buffy could handle herself and had in recent years enjoyed duelling with more than just violence. Giles was proud that in recent years she’d gone from quipping against villains to jousting in diplomatic circles.

The idiot reporter, who asked Tony how dare he run from his city without doing anything. really should have realised that he was in trouble when Buffy smiled sweetly. Hawkeye and Coulson knew better than all of them that this was most assuredly a trap.

“Excuse me could you repeat that please?” The fact that Buffy had lost nearly all trace of her accent should have clued them in. It was never a good sign, it usually meant that she was channelling Giles.

“Tony Stark destroyed large parts of New York and then disappeared and looked to have had a good time.” The male reporter, who Buffy never bothered to learn the name of sounded so sure of himself. He would soon realise the error of his ways.

In years gone by Buffy would have at this point played the Californian Princess act up to the hilt but now she had a new ‘act’. One that gave her as much leverage - British Lady.

“I see so the images where he flew a nuke through a portal to save Manhattan were forged.”

The reporter stuttered, “No of course not.”

Buffy smiled but it had lost all traces of any kindness, “Right and the fund that has pretty much rebuilt New York was funded by another billionaire?”

The reporter was going red in the face in embarrassment, he’d badly misjudged the blonde. Old adages like never judging a book by its cover were coming to mind. “No it was the Tony Stark fund.”

Buffy grinned leaning back into Tony, who didn’t even think before he was wrapping an arm around his lover. “So you stand here making accusations about my boyfriend for what - sensationalism?” She remembered when she and Giles had spoken at length about the Press and knew he would be so proud of her right now; he’d used that word often when ranting about the British rags* as he called them.

The other Avengers were desperately trying not to laugh; the funniest part was that of Buffy and Tony they all knew that Buffy was the scarier opponent.

The reporter was unable to reply, which was delighting his work rivals, who were all recording or writing down a transcript of what could only be described as a verbal flaying. Tony looked adoringly at her, head resting on her shoulder and facing the press. “Ladies and Gentlemen ... It’s no wonder I love her.”

Buffy swatted him playfully, “Not in public honey.”

The Press were shocked by the clear affection from the couple - it was clear that this was not just for the benefit of the cameras. The press had also been royally duped and not very observant because they were so engrossed by the show put on by the happy couple they’d missed the other Avengers ducking for the cover of a S.H.I.E.L.D car.

A smarter reporter asked, “So do we get a name for your English Rose?”

They all wondered at the smirk that passed between the couple, “This is Lady Elizabeth Giles. Now excuse us.”

The Black car pulled up behind them and the door opened to let Buffy and Tony in. Buffy sat primly and flicked her hair in feigned arrogance, “You all owe me huge ...”

Clint wiped a mock tear from his eye, “Ah honey the kid has grown up and is being all manipulative - it makes me so proud.”

Coulson’s eyes narrowed at the honey comment. Deadpan expression perfect, “Yes she learnt from the best but I was more in favour of reaching for my tazer.”

Tony was starting to regret the offer of everyone moving into the newly renovated tower. He was wondering whether they would all survive living under the same roof.
They would soon see this Winter whether they could all live under the same roof but that is a story for another time.

*Rag - British slang for papers that sell the scandals and kiss and tells in preference of the more legitimate stories.

Authors Note: Okay it was pointed out in a review that this story is a little mute what with it being December. Still I can only say that Real-Life really interferes with writing. So I’ve decided to end this story here. However this verse is not dead and you can expect more from it!

A big thank you to everyone who has commented or recc’ed this story

The End

You have reached the end of "A Badass Summer". This story is complete.

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