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The Lovers of Time

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Summary: Even though many thought they were separate, both Heritage and Earth Wicca have been helping each other out since the beginning of time. Especially two very powerful Wiccans.

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Charmed > Willow-Centered > Pairing: OtherRingofHeartFR1531,450011,11120 Jun 1220 Jun 12No

Chapter 2

Disclaimer: See Chapter One. Nothing's changed.

Ficlet 2: Late 1960's New York

"Why the heck are we here again, Lisa?" Mary, a redheaded girl asked her vampire-like girlfriend

"Because you need a break, Mary," Lisa said. "And come on, Flimore East is the hotest place in town.

"Yeah, but it's filled with people, it's not practical!"

Lisa rolled her eyes. "Since when do you not like people?"

"Since I found out every worst nightmare I have is real?" Mary questioned the crazy one in the relationship.

"Your point?"

Mary sighed. "You. Are. Nuts. Besides, my magic is going seriously out of control,"

"Which is exactly why you need to get out of this smudged house and live a normal, ordinary life for two hours. Having magic on the brain 24-7 is going to drive you insane. So come to the concert, please,"

Mary smiled. She couldn't say no when she wanted to see Lisa in the hot, sexy outfit she had put out. "Well, fine. You're the expert. But if I start growing roots, I am holding it against you,"

Lisa smiled and walked closer. Mary's heart climbed up into her chest, and she barely breathed. She almost missed Lisa saying, "Hold it against me how?"

Seeing the implications, Mary hit Lisa playfully. "Don't you dare poison my poor innocent mind,"

"Oh, like it's so innocent," Lisa smirked. "Yeah, sure. I remember exactly what you told that innocent last week as an excuse for a demon,"

Mary shrugged. "There are worse ways to explain a Western Ooze. Besides, it was plausible,"

"In a world without science, maybe," Lisa told her. "I may not be a geek, but even I know that blue slime wasn't caused by an STD,"

"He bought it, didn't he? Now, I thought we were going to go!"

Two weeks later

"Please tell me you just saw that," Mary told Lisa.

"Yeah. He's going to ruin our weekend. Damn!"

The two had just spotted a blonde headed freak show with a spiny face watching his hand move. Damn, a vamp. Double damn, a high vamp.

"How the hell'd he get high?" Lisa asked. "Cause it is so unfair for a vampire to get high before the living,"

Mary snorted. "You know it screws up your magic and Leo has put a strick ban on you getting high, right?"

Lisa shrugged. "That doesn't mean he's allowed to get high,"

"Well, we're the vampire police, because I seriously, seriously doubt the slayer's at Woodstock, so get your butt over here and grab a damn stake,"

So the two witches grabbed stakes out of their jackets and ran towered the seriously high vampire.

Well, the being high part didn't make him any less dangourous.

Mary's last thought before being drained was: Future generations are seriously screwed.
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