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The Lovers of Time

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Summary: Even though many thought they were separate, both Heritage and Earth Wicca have been helping each other out since the beginning of time. Especially two very powerful Wiccans.

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Charmed > Willow-Centered > Pairing: OtherRingofHeartFR1531,450011,11120 Jun 1220 Jun 12No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Don't own Charmed, Don't own BTVS. Whole thing is based off of Trancendance writing contest on Figment. Also, I'm a teenager who barely knows the joys of the English language in these time periods. Don't send me to the guillotine.

Ficlet 1: Tudor England, 1576

"I am abhorred to find a Trunkstone demon on the grounds where they are building this hallowed theater," The young brunette dressed in simple pettycoats told her companion.

The redhead sighed. "Elizabeth, they are not witches. They do not have the absolute certainty of the existence of demons in this realm. Furthermore, they believe that we are the demons," Checking the humanoid creature's pulse, she smiled. "Thank goodness, it is dead,"

"Yes, Anne, I happen to know that," Elizabeth said, annoyed, "However, humans let so many of the creatures into their midst it seems that they have an addiction to death,"

"They were in very little danger," Anne protested. "They couldn't have known. Trunkstone demons have the relative intelligence of a flea. It is their strength that makes them dangorous. What I'm worried about is they are hired assassins. I balk to say for certain that the Source is back- but certain factors certainly indicate it,"

"It is too bad that we had to vanquish him last time," Elizabeth said with a dreamy smile on her face. "He was very brave,"

Anne slapped her companion. "Are you suggesting that you find a demon more attractive than me?"

Elizabeth slapped her back. "Shh! You never know who could hear. And no, I'm just.....looking at the merchandise. And my, it was very, very nice. But nowhere near as wonderful as you,"

"I will listen for that in the future," Anne said snidely. She looked down and noticed the small rune on the demons shoulder. "Elizabeth, look at this character! It is not the queen's english, it is foreign. Do you know what it is?"

Elizabeth looked carefully at the rune. "Thurisaz, dear sister. It is Celtic. It's on his back, it might stand for coil,"

"Coil, what kind?" the readheaded witch asked her secret lover.

She squinted. "Something from the outside, Anne. Do not touch it, I sense magic. 'Tis enchanted,"

Anne, having felt the same thing herself, nodded. She realized what time it was. "It is late, Elizabeth, let us bury the body and be done with the deed. Then we shall couch and figure out the rest,"

Elizabeth smiled and wrapped her arms around Anne. "Mm, couch, I like how that sounds to this weary old maid,"

Once again, Elizabeth was slapped for her troubles. "You vixen. Now help me to cover this body in dirt before ignorant mortals believe us to be cold blooded killers!"

Two weeks later....

Anne could not believe her eyes. She had known the morality of both their lives, all witches did, but when she thought on it, she had always imagined both of them would fall to demons or they would succumb to old age, still holding hands when their secret could finally be free.

She had never expected this in a million years.

"Please, Elizabeth, you are strong. Who else will be my cunning partner in defending the earth?"

Elizabeth looked much worse then she had during the demon vanquish years ago. The black death had not been kind. "Listen to me, Anne. You must fight without me. Mortals shall be in danger if you don't over your grief. Keep using your magic for aid, Anne,"

"But I cannot!" Anne cried. "You mean to much to me! You keep me living, Elizabeth,"

"Keep our secret until your dying day. It shall do no good for humanity if you are delated of the love we shared. My dying wish is to not see you in the heavens early, my dearest,"

"You shall wait for me, then?" Anne asked hopefully.

"Till your last breath. Now go! It shall do no good for us if you catch this vile illness as well,"

And with that, Elizabeth Paige took her last breath.....and died.

Anne stood up and walked out the door. She knew the simple truth in her heart- she shall never love again.
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