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Summary: She's seen him around, tall, white blond hair, imposing figure. She was attracted to him, and she wanted him. He'd seen her around, short, blond, petite. He wanted her. Then they met. Buffy/David. Read and Review

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Movies > Lost Boys > Buffy-CenteredLostGirlFR71303051,62210 Jan 0410 Jan 04Yes
Discalimer: I do not own either Buffy the vampire slayer or the Lost Boys. If you sue me all you will get is a couple of pennies and a stick of gum.


She'd seen him around, tall, imposing figure, white blond hair, day old stubble. Seen the way that he moved, graceful as a hunter. Riding his motorcycle as if he were the Lord of the Boardwalk, long black trenchcoat flaring behind him as he walked.

He was her type pf guy.

He'd seen her around, small, petite, blond hair. Very cute. Seen the way she acted round her friends, had seen her fights with those half-breed vamps that explode into dust when staked. Her sarcastic nature. He liked what he saw.

They met, hunter meeting the slayer, and immediately they knew that they could not part. Inseperable. They each liked what they saw in the other and they could not part, even if they wanted to. It was magnetic.

They grew accustomed to each other, fell in love. They were passionate, kisses filled with a liquid fire that neither had ever felt before.

They needed each other. Could not be away from each other. Then she made a decision. One that would be with her the rest of her life.

She joined him. She knew he was a vampire. A different breed, and she loved him. She became his mate. She enjoyed the hunt.

It was intoxicating.

And the slayer had finally met her match. In a vampire. But not just a vampire, a lover. And they would never leave each other.

Long live David and Buffy. May their love last forever.

Authors Note: ahhh yes, i wrote this one for Judith, my second reviewer, this ones for you!! You said you wanted Buffy/David and here it is! Enjoy!

The End

You have reached the end of "Intoxicating". This story is complete.

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