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Careless wish

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Summary: A careless wish sends Carol Ferris away from her home dimension into the BtVS one.

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DC Universe > Green LanternDmitriFR1842,122053,23021 Jun 1221 Jun 12Yes

Part Two

Disclaimer: see previous chapter.

The next thing Carol knew it was morning, she was in some (rather pretentious) bedroom, and yet another teenage girl was looking down at her with a casual interest.

“Faith!” the girl yelled! “Your new friend is awake!”

“She’s not my friend,” the spear-wielder from last night said crossly, as she emerged from the bathroom. “Just some poor lady that I rescued last night from a couple of demons.”

“You mean vampires?”

“No, pure-blood demons, though rather on the dumb side, fortunately.”

“Mm,” the second girl nodded thoughtfully. “That’s unusual. Usually the numbers are on the vampires’ side-“

“Excuse me,” Carol interrupted this rather bizarre conversation, “but how do I get back to Las Vegas?”

“You know,” the new girl – not Faith – turned and faced Carol crossly, “this is Nevada we’re talking about – can’t you loan a car or buy a plane ticket?”

“Cordy, wait,” the first girl – Faith – spoke up. “Lady, why aren’t you in denial regarding the two of us talking about the demons and vampires?”

“Interesting question,” Carol nodded calmly, “and I promise to answer you your question once you answer mine: why did you kill the one with the tentacles and not flee the other way?”

Faith and Cordy exchanged looks. “Well, fair enough,” Faith shrugged. “I am Faith the Vampire Slayer, the Chosen one who is destined to save the humanity from the demons, vampires, and other creatures of the darkness.”

“Ah. I see,” Carol said thoughtfully. “Then to answer your question, I need help going home because I believe that this isn’t my native dimension.”

Faith and Cordy exchanged yet another look. “Not your native dimension. Right,” Cordy muttered sceptically. “What makes you think that?”

“Look, here’s what happened,” Carol confessed. “I was sitting last night in a bar, depressed about my love life - or lack of such – confessed that I need a break-`

“Wait!” Cordelia all but shouted. “Did you say the w-word? You know one that expresses some sort of a... desire?”

“That’s an odd way of putting it,” muttered Carol (since as a Star Sapphire she had her own relationship with desire). “I just made a wish, sort of-“

“Say no more,” Cordy said firmly, as she turned to Faith. “One of Anya’s – Anyanka’s – little friends, no doubt.”

Now both Faith and Carol stared at her. “What?” Cordy said crossly, before realization hit. “Oh! My point is that we go to Anya’s and see if she can help us!”

“Sounds like a plan,” Faith nodded solemnly, before turning to Carol. “Are you game?”

“Yes,” the Star Sapphire said firmly, and they were off.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking