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Careless wish

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Summary: A careless wish sends Carol Ferris away from her home dimension into the BtVS one.

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DC Universe > Green LanternDmitriFR1842,122053,23721 Jun 1221 Jun 12Yes


Disclaimer: see previous chapters.

Note: this story takes place in S3.

“Well, that was a lot of disappointment,” Cordy – Cordelia - told Carol as the three of them left Anya’s place; well, after they helped her clean it up. “Sorry about this, Carol, but we’ll probably be able to figure out something else soon.”

“Fair enough,” the (currently retired) Star Sapphire nodded sagely. “But until then, any ideas what I can do?”

“Teach gym?” Cordelia muttered sarcastically. “Ever since our old coach was gone, we’ve went through a number of subs, each one more incompetent than the last.”

“Yes, I can do that,” Carol nodded. “Not very well, but well enough.”

“This is Sunnydale High we’re talking about, honey,” Cordelia said brightly. “Well enough will serve well enough indeed! Welcome to Sunnydale High, Ms. Carol!”

“Hey, I’m the morally ambiguous one here!” Faith piped. “I’ll be the one acquiring Ms. Carol her documentation and all. I should be the one welcoming her to SH!”

And to Carol’s surprise – and bemusement – both girls shook her hands in an almost welcoming manner, all but grinning. In fact, the appearances and enthusiasm were so catching, that Carol instinctively grinned back.

‘Maybe life here won’t be so bad,’ she mused to herself, ‘or that different from what I had be-fore. Just... on a smaller scale. And without any reputation baggage of my past.”

Life, it seemed, was looking up to Carol Ferris.


The End

You have reached the end of "Careless wish". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking