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Adopted by the Malfoy's

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Summary: Lexie Meadowes, the newest member of the Malfoy family, must adjust to her new life, and being a witch.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesAstridWinchesterFR132036,3280174,58223 Jun 1225 Nov 12No

What's in a name?

A/N: Apologies for the short chapter, and I own nothing, everything recognizable belongs to J.K. Rowling and affiliates.

George Weasley, twin to Fred Weasley, was devastated. Surely it was a joke, that the pretty young girl with the soft eyes that he'd met on the train wasn't a Malfoy? He was more than devastated, he was stunned, curious, and in complete denial. How could she be related to that horrible family? The reigning Malfoy had terrorized his father every chance he got, yet she was from the same line?
He followed her progress as she set the Sorting Hat down and walked toward their table, amidst cheers of welcome. He caught her glance in his direction but he was too lost in thoughts to return the smile she sent. His lack of reply caused her eyebrows to furrow, which was something else to confuse him. Malfoy's didn't care what people thought, and she didn't bear any resemblance to the Slytherin with the same surname. How could she be a Malfoy?

George chanced a look over to said Slytherin to see that he was also following the girl's progress with what looked like a disappointed scowl. The expression was quickly replaced with a sneer as he watched the rest of the Sorting. Lexie sat near some other first years he hadn't bothered to remember the names of nearby and watched the ceremony. She was joined by Harry Potter and George's younger brother Ron. She had such a sweet smile, he noticed and was distracted by it, losing his train of thought.
Professor Dumbledore stood and said a few words and the feast began, and George put the matter aside for the moment in favor of food. He'd consider it later once he could talk it over with his twin, he decided.

As they began eating the other students started to talk about their parents, some using odd words like "muggle" or "squib". None of it made much sense to her but she ate in silence until Harry asked her, "What about you Lexie?"
She choked on a piece of fruit that went down the wrong way and the student next to her handed her a goblet of water. She took a sip and nodded her thanks before remembering what Harry had asked and thought hard. Mr. Ollivander had mentioned her parents, but not whether they were pure or half blood or even muggles; whatever those were.

"I don't really know actually."

"What? Lucius Malfoy is your dad isn't he?" Ron asked in between swallows and her blush deepened.

"Sort of...”

"Were you adopted?" Hermione asked softly, guessing the meaning of her words and she nodded again. "I'm so sorry."
Lexie shrugged, trying not to appear troubled. "The Malfoy's just took me in a little less than a week ago to be honest," she explained. "It was a bit surprising, one minute I'm an orphan, the next I'm a Malfoy and a witch."

Further down the table, George fought back a relieved sigh, glad that she wasn't part of the family his own despised but sad that she had to be adopted in the first place.

"What about your birth parents?" He asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

"They died when I was still a baby, I don't even really know their names. I've heard that they went to school here though, so they were at least magical. But I don't know if they're muggles or not, but what is a muggle anyway? That's a funny word; muggle. Muh-gle...Mugggle...mug-gle...” Lexie giggled but the others were looking at her with something between confusion and amusement.

"My parents died too, when I was one." Harry offered, a sad expression on his face. She reached over and squeezed his hand once, and he smiled at the offer of comfort. She could already tell that they were going to be great friends.

Soon the feast was finished and Dumbledore stood and the hall got quiet. "Ahem, just a few words now that we're all fed and watered. I have a few start-of-term notices to give you. First years should note that the forest on the grounds is forbidden to all students. A few of our older pupils would do well to remember that as well," his eyes flashed in the direction of the twins and Lexie bit her cheek to keep in a laugh. George caught her eye and gave her a mischievous wink and she was glad to see that whatever had bothered him seemed to be forgotten.

"I have also been asked by Mr. Filch, the caretaker, to remind you that no magic should be used between classes in the corridors. Quidditch trials will be held in the second week of term. Anyone interested in playing for their house teams should contact Madam Hooch. And finally, I must tell you that this year; the third-floor corridor on the right-hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a very painful death."

Lexie heard some laughs and titters, but there were very few. She noticed Harry muttering to Percy, but couldn't hear what was being said. Once the Headmaster was finished, everyone began to leave the Great Hall, the first years following their House Prefects. Lexie followed but her eyes darted all around, taking in as much of the castle as she could as she walked. She so wanted to examine each of the portraits, explore the corridors. The staircase they were on moved, causing those remaining on it to grab the banister and hang on as it readjusted itself. Percy gave them all a warning about the staircases and stopped in front of one portrait, speaking a password loud enough for the students to hear.

As the portrait swung open, they all segregated to their dormitories, but Lexie was grabbed in a hug by George. "Sleep well fair maiden," he said and smiled. She laughed as Fred repeated his twin's action and both bustled off to bed. She was very happy to have made so many new friends.

In her dormitory were five beds with curtains and duvets in maroon and gold, each with trunks at the end and a bedside table. She smiled at the other girls who were to be her roommates as they prepared for bed. When she finally lay down, she was greeted by Max, who licked her hand and flopped down on the bed next to her. Whispering a goodnight to her cat, Lexie fell into a dreamless sleep, her last thought of what the following day would bring.
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