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Adopted by the Malfoy's

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Summary: Lexie Meadowes, the newest member of the Malfoy family, must adjust to her new life, and being a witch.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesAstridWinchesterFR132036,3280174,58223 Jun 1225 Nov 12No

A proper Malfoy

A/n: Here's a new one. Unlikely that it'll be very long, but hey I may just surprise myself! Original characters and content belong to Miss Rowling, I claim only those I have made up.

The time between Lexie's first days till the holidays passed remarkably fast and without incident. She now knew which corridors held her classes, and which to avoid if she was in a hurry. Her dorm-mates kept her company, the girls were nearly inseparable. Lexie's favorite pastime, second to drawing, had become talking to the paintings. She found that they had fascinating stories, if one only bothered to sit and listen. Likewise, the painting were thrilled to have such an avid listener that they told her such tall tales about Hogwarts and the things they'd witnessed.

Draco, it seemed, was ignoring his foster sister whenever they passed in the hallway or in classrooms. Lexie suspected that he'd caught her laughing at the Twins' prank and that when Christmas came around that he would not make for a friendly housemate. It was this reason, among others, that made her consider staying home for Christmas. She even wrote to Narcissa to ask, giving the reason that she wanted the quiet time to focus on her studies more. A reply had yet to return however, so she could only wait and hope.

On Halloween, she'd heard of the troll and Hermione's folly, and from then on, Harry and Ron were always seen with the bushy-haired Gryffindor in their company. Personally, she didn't buy the story that Hermione would try to take on a troll, but supposed it all ended well so it didn't really matter.

"Malfoy!" Lexie jumped as Professor Snape barked one day in class. She knew he meant her as he rarely called on Draco. The Potions master seemed to dislike her mainly because she was a Gryffindor; something she thought wasn't very fair but had enough common sense not to say aloud.

"Yes professor?"

"See me after class." Lexie gulped and cast her gaze back down, putting the finishing touches on her potion.

"Fourteen inches on the uses of a newt's eye," Snape announced to a groaning crowd of students. "To be done over break."
Lexie watched her classmates packing up their things and noticed Draco's blank expression as he left the room, Crabbe and Goyle in tow. She fiddled with her quill as she waited for Snape to speak, not daring to look up at him.

"For a Gryffindor you have shown remarkable promise in my class, Miss Malfoy," Snape drawled. "I suggest you continue this progress. I will not tolerate failing, is that clear?"

"Yes sir," Lexie answered and she could feel his gaze on her before he dismissed her, "You may go."

Grabbing her things, Lexie hurried out of the room and to the Great Hall, hoping there would be chicken at dinner. For the second time that semester, her arm was roughly seized and she was pulled into a dark classroom, a hand covering her mouth before she could call for help. She was just as quickly released and whirled to see that it was none other than Harry, looking a little ashamed for grabbing her that way.

"Harry?" Lexie asked, relaxing once she realized that he meant no harm.

"I'm really sorry Lex, but I just wanted to know what Professor Snape wanted." Harry scuffed his sneaker on the floor then looked at her earnestly.

"Oh, well he said I'm doing well in class and don't mess it up. Why?"

Harry looked surprised, and a little disappointed she thought. "Nothing, never mind. We should-" he gestured over his shoulder to the door and through the dim light she could see a blush on his cheeks. Instead of finishing his sentence, Harry quickly exited the room, feeling silly for having grabbed his friend like he did. He had his suspicions about Snape and had hoped that he may have let slip to Lexie something, due to her being a Malfoy.

Lexie caught up to Harry and they walked together in silence before she asked softly, "Harry, what was that really about?"
Harry didn't answer for a few moments then sighed. "Ron, Hermione and I think that Professor Snape is trying to steal something hidden here at the school."

Thinking over this new information, Lexie realized that Harry must have thought Snape had said something to her. She watched him out of the corner of her eye the remainder of the walk to the Hall but said nothing, keeping her thoughts to herself. Exactly how much could she trust the Professors, or the students? And what was Snape allegedly trying to steal?

Once they reached the Hall, Harry went off to sit with Ron and Hermione after a whispered apology, leaving Lexie to join her own friends, her mind still spinning with questions.

The next morning she didn't receive a letter either, but Draco did. It occurred to her that she had not received a single letter from her parents since she had arrived at Hogwarts. She hadn't really noticed due to the excited haze of being in a magical school but now that she did it bothered her.

"Malfoy," Draco said. He'd seen the letter and approached his frowning sister, note in hand. It didn't escape his notice that the other Gryffindors were scowling at him but he ignored them. What did he care if they didn't like him?

Lexie turned and Draco started for the doors, leaving her to follow so she did. "Here," Draco thrust the letter into her hands and was about to leave once more for his common room only to be stopped by her hand on his wrist. He didn't know why he relented and stayed at her side as she read the letter, was even arguing with himself before he heard a sniffle.

Draco looked over and saw that tears were making their way down his sister's cheeks and he groaned, pulling her into the closest classroom he could find. Thankfully the hall was empty, as everyone was inside eating, and he found one without a problem. He waited impatiently, wondering what to do; he was useless at comforting females! Finally the tears stopped and Lexie sat at a desk dejectedly, still not raising her gaze to meet his anxious one. He huffed and grabbed the letter to read it, curious what it could say to bring her to tears.

The letter stated simply that her wish to stay to work on schoolwork was granted, and that his parents wanted no further contact with her until the summer. It also said that in the summer she was going to be instructed on the proper Malfoy ways. This last part left a cold and unpleasant feeling in Draco's gut. Surely they didn't plan to harm her? Draco set the letter back on the desk in front of her and watched as she avoided looking back.

Draco tired of this quickly and crouched in front of her, making him at eye level. Misty blue eyes met warm gray as the siblings watched each other silently. Draco tried to convey his concern but all he received for his efforts was another sniffle and a tear. Frustrated now, he stood and tugged on her wrist. Lexie stood reluctantly and Draco tapped the letter, whispered Incendio, setting it on fire.

"Listen to me, it doesn't matter alright?"

"How can it not?" Lexie challenged him. "They don't want any word from me. All because I'm a stinking Gryffindor."

Draco frowned; this cheering up thing was hard business! He firmly grasped her shoulders and looked at her earnestly. "I'm still here, anytime you need to talk, just send an owl. I will meet you, I swear." Draco was startled to realize he meant it; he would do anything for the girl in front of him, despite what house she was in. "Still friends remember?"

Finally he was rewarded with a half smile as she nodded and stepped close to give him a hug. The action that once surprised him was now becoming familiar from her. He supposed he didn't mind it, so long as it was from her and no one was around. He returned the embrace but let go and coughed, all traces of emotion gone once more.

"Where are you headed to now?" He asked. It was now Sunday, meaning there was still one more day of weekend freedom before another week of classes.

"Common room, I think."

Draco nodded and they exited the empty classroom just as the door to the Great Hall opened and students began piling out. He heard Lexie whisper a thank you in his direction before the two went their separate ways.
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