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Adopted by the Malfoy's

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Summary: Lexie Meadowes, the newest member of the Malfoy family, must adjust to her new life, and being a witch.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesAstridWinchesterFR132036,3280174,58223 Jun 1225 Nov 12No


A/N: Well the secret of her parentage finally comes out! I did say those who had read the series may recognize her surname, but is her father a surprise? You tell me! I own nothing, everything but the characters I myself have created belongs to J.K. Rowling.

Lexie began to love Hogwarts; it was becoming a home to her. She didn’t love, however, the rivalry and prejudice amongst the houses. Gryffindor and Slytherin were the worst, they hurled insults around and were always getting riled up. It was all so pointless! What did it matter who had been rude first? What did it matter what house they were in? She firmly believed in not judging a book by its cover.

It was for this reason that she found herself sitting beside her brother in Potions one afternoon, something that had caused his fellow housemates to glare at her. Draco only arched an eyebrow and gave the others who dared to say anything menacing looks. While he wasn’t rude specifically to her, he wouldn’t tolerate anyone else to be. She was a Malfoy, and Malfoy’s looked after their own.

The only other problem with this action was some of the braver Gryffindor students whispered about her being a traitor under their breaths. Hermione was surprised by her friend’s bold move but didn’t think any less of her for it. If she had a brother, she’d have done the same. Ron was in between, while he liked Lexie well enough, he hated Draco. Harry felt much the same but had bigger problems to deal with in the form of a certain Potions Professor. Snape had been particularly cruel to the raven-haired boy and whenever the man made a snide comment, the Slytherin’s jeered at him.

“I’m Blaise,” the boy on Draco’s other side said quietly to her as class began.

“Lexie,” she replied with a hesitant expression.

The class went by with only the sound of quills scratching as they all took notes and read from their books. Once it was over, she stood and accompanied the two boys to the door, listening to them discuss the assignment.

“Do me a favor next time Lex?” Draco drawled and she waited, “warn me when you decide to pull a stunt like that. My house isn’t exactly welcoming of a Gryffindor suddenly sitting on our side.”

“Why do there have to be sides?” She countered with a frown.

“Alexis, you must stop this. Not everything is so simple; it can’t all be one way or the other.” Draco lectured exasperatedly. He genuinely liked his sister but the girl just couldn’t understand that some things just had to be the way they are, no explanation necessary.

The girl frowned but he just tweaked her nose and walked off again with Blaise. She refused to give up in her mission though. She firmly believed that not all of the Slytherin’s were as bad as they made themselves out to be.

Her second attempt happened a few days later when she wandered down to the Slytherin dormitory in the dungeons aimlessly. She was met with a lot of scowls but she kept to herself, careful not to start any arguments.

“You lost Gryffindor?” A chilly voice asked and she turned to see the girl she’d watched get sorted into Slytherin their first night.

“I was hoping my brother, Draco Malfoy was here.” She answered back, and the girl looked her over without saying anything. “I suppose I’ll catch him later…”

Disgruntled, she made her way back to the Great Hall, her initial reason for seeking Draco out forgotten. It would be the Christmas holiday soon and she still didn’t know what she would do with her free time while everyone was gone. While it bothered her what Narcissa’s letter said, Draco had kept his word.

Her afternoon was spent in the library, looking through books with Harry, Ron and Hermione. The three were obsessed with finding a man named Nicholas Flamel, but none of them would explain why. Truthfully she didn’t really mind, it was a reason to look through the many books at Hogwarts and to be with friends, even if she didn’t understand their seriousness on the matter.

The holiday was rather quiet due to the lack of students in the school, there was only a few from each house. Harry and Ron had stayed as well, while Hermione had returned home. Lexie’s dorm mates had gone as well and Lexie found herself mourning their absence. Even though Draco had returned home and she was unable to speak to the family, he wrote her often. Her brother didn’t agree with his parents not speaking to the girl they’d adopted and realized just how lonely the Manor truly was, now that he’d had a taste of what Lexie’s added presence was like. He often bemoaned the fact in his letters, and she found time to look for books to occupy his mind. This opened the door to Draco asking why she liked The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, and he shared his surprise that such a book had been in their library. Lexie explained to him that it had been hers; that Mrs. Thomas had bought the book for Lexie as a child and the girl had brought it with her when she moved in.

Christmas morning Lexie was greeted with a small pile of gifts at the end of her bed, and she opened them curiously. She’d given her brother a dragon pendant and a silver train, her Father a similar broach, her mother she’d sent a gift certificate for a store that sold mainly tea. She honestly hadn’t known what to give them, but thanks to Draco’s help, she’d managed. Ron received a small batch of candy but for Harry she’d done something special. Her roommates all received gifts to their specific tastes, ranging from books to muggle music and magazines. Hermione she’d also given a book, the two girls had bonded over muggle books and found they liked the same genres.

Lexie received more pencils and paints from Draco, whom she’d finally let see her sketchbook. The first thing he’d requested had been a drawing of his owl, and had framed the picture. She received a violet sweater from Narcissa and a new cloak in deep red; she pulled the sweater on immediately, marveling at the softness. Lucius had sent a book on Purebloods and their beliefs, with a simple note wishing her a happy holiday. She was happy to have received anything at all from the man, still a bit surprised that they’d included her at all. Hermione had followed her example and sent her a book, while her roommates sent her music for her enchanted music player. Hogwarts was bewitched to not allow most electronics but she’d gotten an okay from her Head of House to have it. From the twins she received prank supplies and George had sent her a barrette studded in rhinestones separately. Lexie was aware that the boy liked her, he made sure to let her know in small ways such as winking and he still called her ‘fair maiden’, no matter that she asked him not to. She brushed her hair and wore the barrette as well with a happy smile. Harry had owl-ordered a book on different forms of art through the years and from Ron there was sweets. Her last gift had no sender, a pure white rose with a red ribbon tied around the stem.

Wondering about her mystery rose sender, Lexie joined the boys downstairs, “Happy Christmas Harry, Ron.”

The boys replied with the same and Ron thanked her for the candy, while Harry hugged her tightly in thanks. She’d painted a picture of Hedwig especially for him, spelled to move so the owl flapped her wings. She’d spent the most time on his gift, and when he shined genuine gratitude and happiness at his gift, she was pleased to know it was worth it.

After breakfast Professor McGonagall stopped at her chair to say the Headmaster wanted a word, and told her the password as well before bidding the children a Happy Christmas. Harry and Ron filled her in on the chocolate frog card and finding Nicholas Flamel while they ate. Lexie’s mind was on whatever the Headmaster wanted, and excused herself once she’d eaten her full. She had no problems finding the gargoyle and telling it the password, hopping on the stair as it turned. She hadn’t been to the Headmaster’s office before now and looked around with wide eyes. The first thing she noticed was the Phoenix on its perch, watching her curiously. She’d learned about the magical creatures in her books and was properly awed at being so close to one.

“Hello there, you’re lovely,” she said to the bird and it hummed at her.

“I see you have met Fawkes, my familiar.” Lexie turned to see Headmaster Dumbledore watching her and she blushed at the attention.

“Yes sir,” Lexie took the seat he offered but declined the lemon drop. Lemons always irritated her throat and she was a little too nervous to think on anything but why she was there.

“Relax my dear; I simply wanted to see how you were settling in at our grand castle.” Dumbledore smiled easily at her and she did ever so slightly.

“I really like it here sir, it’s wondrous!”

The Headmaster chuckled as he studied the young girl, “The portraits inform me that you are quite the curious student?”

She blushed, “they always have such fascinating stories Headmaster.”

“Indeed they do, Miss Malfoy. I also have something here that once belonged to your mother and father; I thought it would be a good time it was given to you.” Dumbledore removed two packages from his large desk and handed them to the girl, then smiled in a grandfatherly way.

Lexie gazed down at the bundles in her lap, her mind frozen. All she had of her parents were the dreams and the necklace Mrs. Thomas had said was found with her along with the explicit instructions to give it to her and for her to never take it off. She looked up at the Headmaster, her eyes misty.

“No one will tell me about them, not really anyway. I don’t even know their names,” Lexie watched the elderly man take on a sad air as he looked back at her.

“Your mother was in Gryffindor, she was a fine witch. I’m told you inherited her talent in Charms; your father was gifted in Potions. Your mother was usually found in the library, I suppose that was how they met.”

The girl digested the information eagerly and looked back at the gifts, “will you tell me their names Professor?”

The Headmaster was silent for a short beat, “your mother was Dorcas Meadowes, your father one Regulus Black.”
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