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Adopted by the Malfoy's

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Summary: Lexie Meadowes, the newest member of the Malfoy family, must adjust to her new life, and being a witch.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesAstridWinchesterFR132036,3280174,58223 Jun 1225 Nov 12No

A new home

A/N: As you can see if you followed the story before, I decided to change it just a little due to some plot bunnies that were nipping at my heels. I hope the revision is enjoyed, and I changed her age to 11 as well, since it wouldn't really make sense for her not to be getting letters for years. I own nothing but Lexie, all other recognizable characters belong to J. K. Rowling.

**Lexie' POV**

The ride seemed that it was going to take at least an hour, so she sketched Max (who'd agreed to behave and curled up on the seat beside her). Lexie wondered why there were so many owls as they had left. What could possibly have brought them to town? Weren't they supposed to sleep during the day? And why did they feel incredibly important?

"This family is very wealthy, I believe but you should have no problems getting settled in." Mrs. Thomas said in a moment of forced cheer. She was smiling, but why did it look strained to her?

"How old is their son?" The girl asked, glancing up from her sketch.

"Eleven I think, same as you. I'm not sure why they wanted to adopt, they weren't too clear on the fact."

"Why me though?" she stopped drawing for a moment to look her straight in the eye in the rearview mirror. "There are plenty of younger children, why get someone the same age as one you already have? Especially without meeting me, what if I was horrid?"

"But you aren't dear, don't speak like that," She admonished the girl. "I'm sure they chose you because they liked you the most, think positive."

They both lapsed into silence the remainder of the drive as Lexie finished the sketch of Max and showed it to him. "What do you think Max?" He meowed and pawed the paper and she smiled, turning the page to draw something else, glancing around the car.

It was then that the women pulled up to an iron gate with a 'M' on the top. Mrs. Thomas proceeded to the speaker and pressed the button, which gave a loud buzz and the gate began to open. "Alexis, you'll probably see some strange things in this house, but I assure you, everything will be explained by your new parents."

This sparked the girl's curiosity further but it ran wild at my first view of the grounds, which were perfectly taken care of, the grass and flowers alive with color. Her fingers itched to sketch some more, so much so that she briefly considered jumping out and finding the best spot to do so.

Knowing the girl as she did, Mrs. Thomas laughed at her look of wonder, "You'll be able to draw everything soon enough Mrs. Meadowes and you have a family to meet first." Lexie barely spared her a glance or Max as he jumped into her lap, having tired of his human's lack of petting.

The driveway was a decent length and circled around to a giant manor, and if her eyes could have gone any wider she would have been surprised. The manor was huge, far bigger than she ever could have imagined. So preoccupied with my staring, she wasn't aware of the boy from the picture watching as she climbed out, Max following and circling her feet.

"I suppose you're Alexis then?" He asked, and only then did she tear her gaze away from the magnificent building to take in her new foster brother. He was about the same height as she, with blond hair slicked back, his eyes a lovely silver. He was dressed in silver and green, which she had to admit complimented his eyes. His features were still undeveloped due to his young age, but one could tell he would be a heart breaker someday. He examined the girl in much the same fasion, his expression carefully blank.

"It's Lexie," she said and gave a shy smile, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. It'd come a little undone in the car and she was self-conscious. She noticed Max sniffing at the boy's slacks and added, "That’s my cat Max."

"I'm Draco," he straightened with pride, "Welcome to Malfoy manor."

Lexie nodded, looking back up at the manor, and then turned as she remembered her sketch pad and luggage. She circled the trunk to assist Mrs. Thomas pulling it out, and grabbed the sketch pad from the back seat. Mrs. Thomas smiled sadly at her, seeming to debate whether or not to just get back in the car or grab the girl in a hug. Making up her mind, the girl embraced her, taking in one last moment of her former guardian's touch. The kindly woman been the one to buy her first coloring book and sketch pad, had encouraged hed love of art, even displayed some of her drawings in her office. Lexie would miss her greatly.

"Goodbye Mrs. Thomas, thank you for everything." Lexie whispered into her hair, aware of Max rubbing against the woman's legs as well, as if he understood what was going on. Both of them held back tears, then pulled away and she smiled, and reached to pet Max. "Take care of each other dear."

Lexie watched as she climbed back into her car and headed back down the drive and from her sight, heart heavy. Once she could no longer avoid it, the girl sighed and turned back to her foster brother and smiled. He was watching her with no sign of an expression, but the moment passed as he grabbed the handle to her bag, and walked inside without a word.

The girl glanced down at Max and shrugged. "Well, here goes nothing." They followed Draco, still looking around at the entry hall and many pictures on the wall. She didn't know what the future had planned for her, but it was starting now.
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