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Adopted by the Malfoy's

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Summary: Lexie Meadowes, the newest member of the Malfoy family, must adjust to her new life, and being a witch.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesAstridWinchesterFR132036,3280174,58223 Jun 1225 Nov 12No

First impressions Pt. 1

A/N: All I own is Lexie and Max, all other recognizable characters and places belong to J.K. Rowling.

**Lexie's POV**

Malfoy manor was positively massive, there were a million places I could slip into and get lost, and I had barely made it past the foyer. There was two times the amount of scenery that I couldn't wait to draw and paint. The house looked ancient, seeming to have more widows than doors from an outsider's look. The staircase winded and, like most everywhere I turned, was made of mostly stone. As we entered, there were two hallways leading each direction and I was curious but figured it would probably be safer if I stuck with Draco, I could very easily never find my way back on my own.

"It's amazing!" I said to Draco, quickening my step to keep pace, Max darting around sniffing everything, just as curious as I. "How many rooms are there?" I asked, my gaze on the pictures and everywhere at once without breaking my neck.

"Somewhere around 20, I never bothered to count." Draco answered, seemingly amused by my reactions. "We have 2 libraries, two terraces, a trophy room, a parlor, ballrooms, kitchen, studies, and more bedrooms than we use truthfully. Do you want one on the top floor or lower?" He asked, not quite sure where to put me.

"Where's yours?" I asked, not really wanting to be far from the only person I knew in the humongous house.

"I'm on the second floor."

"Second then." I answered decisively and he dragged my bag up the stairs, Max was no longer in sight. I hope I found him again later. "Did you get lost very much? As a child I mean."

"Sometimes, I've wandered into rooms thinking they were mine but they weren't." He replied as if he couldn't help himself. Once he realized he was talking casually with me, he instantly closed up once more, walking on.

He would take some getting used to as well, I realized, but I didn't mind. I finally had the chance of having a brother; I wasn't letting that slip away just because he wasn't very talkative. I wondered if he was okay with me living here too, considering he'd been an only child before me. Only children weren't keen on sharing, even their homes.

"Is it alright for me to be here? I'm sure this must have come as a shock." I asked and he turned to study me like he'd been doing since I'd gotten out of the car.

**Draco's POV**

The girl was pretty, I hadn't expecting that. Her awe at the manor was to be expected, it was a magnificent house to be sure. I didn’t know what I thought of her yet, mother and father had told me next to nothing about her, only her age and name, and that her parents had been pure bloods as well. I didn't really understand why they were suddenly taking a perfect stranger in, but her curiosity was infectious. She had me answering questions and wanting a room near me, why I couldn't fathom. I suppose it could have been worse, she could have been a half blood, mum and dad would as soon take a mudblood in as become best mates with the Weasley’s.

"I haven't decided yet," I answered coolly and truthfully. For some reason my usual sneer didn't affect her, she just smiled and looked around with glee. I wonder what the notebook she is carrying is.
We continued on until we reached a spare room that would do for her, mine being right down the hall. Why she wanted to be near mine I wasn't sure, but something in me wouldn't allow myself to ridicule her for it. I'd ask her later, once I’d adjusted to her, even though part of me couldn't help but wonder why in the world I wanted to know.

"Here, will this do? Mine's just down the hall," I asked, setting her bag down and opening a door. "There are plenty others to choose from if you don't care for it."

I watched her walk into the room, turning around and inspecting every inch. The closet covered most of one wall, with a white carpet, maroon rugs, a queen size bed perfectly made in white and maroon. There were cabinets and a bookshelf at the far end, a vanity and chair before a full length mirror. If it was possible for her to become even more amazed, she accomplished it.

"The bath is at the far end, you've got both a shower and tub. If you don't like the colors of the rugs or curtains that can be fixed." I added, watching as she walked toward the bath and looked up at the lights, her mind faraway. She seemed to be muttering to herself, probably deciding where her possessions would go.

"It's perfect, thank you." Lexie answered with a dazzling smile that I nearly returned. "What about Max? Will it be alright if I get him a bed and keep him in here? He doesn't really like places he's not used to and will be with me most of the time anyway. And did you say two libraries?" She babbled and I let out a laugh before I could stop myself.

"Breathe," I reminded her. As she did so, I nodded, "Yes we have two, I can show you now if you want. Father is at the M- work and Mother out for tea with some friends."

A look of disappointment crossed her features and I was bewildered, what was wrong now? Then I realized that she had hoped they would be home to meet her as well and felt an unwelcome flash of sympathy for the girl.

"Would you like to see my room?" I asked to cover the moment, not commenting on the expression or the one she'd stirred in me. "I can give you a more formal tour after that if you like, of the manor and grounds."

**Lexie's POV**

I was sad, I had spent most of the ride wondering about my new foster parents and now I would have to wait even longer to meet them. Draco seemed to not have made his mind up about me yet, he sneered a lot more than smiled and was a little stiff and formal, but I could tell it was just how he'd been raised and required to act.

"Yes please, but would it be alright if I change into something a little nicer? I wasn't given a chance to change when I found out that I would be coming here today." I asked, glancing down at my faded jeans and t-shirt.

Draco turned and left the room, deciding to wait in the hall while I did so. I hefted my bag onto my bed and unzipped it, looking for something halfway decent for when my foster parents arrived. Unfortunately, my choices were limited, not having much of a chance to go and buy some nice clothes at the orphanage. My stomach rumbled as I was looking and I groaned as I remembered that I hadn't eaten as well, having been called into the meeting with Mrs. Thomas after I'd finished my chores. Perhaps Draco wouldn't mind stopping in the kitchens?

I finally settled on a peach colored shirt with split sleeves and nicer pair of jeans, grabbing my brush and toiletry bag as I headed for my bathroom. The bathroom was smaller than my room, but only by a little. It had a sparkling claw tooth tub and a shower as well, a full length cabinet, one shelf filled with towels and the other empty for my things. I placed most of them in there, shampoo and the like before focusing on my reflection. My hair looked a mess; my cheeks were flushed from excitement. I brushed my long hair until it shined and then changed clothes, smoothing my outfit and hoped it looked good enough for a first impression.

My supply of makeup was minimal, containing really only lipgloss that I re-applied. Finally approving my appearance, I switched off the light and noticed my bag was empty upon the bed, my sketch pad lying on the bedside table. I hadn't done that.

"Alexis? Are you finished?" Draco called from the hall and I shook my head, figuring perhaps they had maids here and I just hadn't heard anyone come in while I was dressing. "Yeah!" I called back, leaving my sketch pad where it was for the moment and joining my foster brother in the hall.

"Um sorry about that," I said, and he shrugged, looking me up and down as he had when I first met him. He started off down the hall silently and I followed, looking around the top floor, which looked somewhat like the bottom. "Draco?" He turned, "I never got breakfast this morning, would it be alright if I got something when we look at the kitchens?" I asked sheepishly.

Draco's expression shifted before he replied, "I'll have something sent to your room in a few minutes. The servants," his sneer was back at this, "don't really like other people in their area."

"So you do have help!" I exclaimed, and at his questioning look, I went on, "When I went in the bathroom to change, I noticed that all my clothes weren't in my bag and I hadn't done that."

Draco nodded, "Of course we have servants, you don't expect us to handle this place do you?" He looked appalled at the very thought which made me frown. Was my brother arrogant? "Do you want the tour or not?" He asked finally.

"Oh! I forgot something, I'll be right there." I turned and ran back into my room, having forgotten to put my necklace back on when I'd changed. It had apparently been from my father and had been with me when I was found, I never went anywhere without it.
I entered my room and jogged to the bath, snatched up the necklace and put it on, then went back toward the door and hall.


A small, big eared thing stood before my bed, wearing only a wrinkled and dirty tea cozy. "Greetings Ms. Malfoy, can Dobby do anything to help?"

I screamed.
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