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Adopted by the Malfoy's

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Summary: Lexie Meadowes, the newest member of the Malfoy family, must adjust to her new life, and being a witch.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesAstridWinchesterFR132036,3280174,58223 Jun 1225 Nov 12No

Of wands and wizards

A/N: Only Lexie and Max belong to me, anything else you may recognize belongs to J.K. Rowling. That said, I'm not too sure about this chapter as its not canon to the story I don't think but it's been ages since I read it, nor do I know where my book even is. But I hope it's not too bad and is a good chapter.

Draco showed her around the grounds, amused by her reactions and expressions of awe, before stating that they ought to get to bed, for they would be going to Diagon Alley the following day. This opened a door of even more questions, about Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. There seemed no end to Lexie’s many questions, another thing that should have irritated Draco yet didn’t.

“Well,” Draco said once he’d walked her back to her bedroom, “I’ll see you in the morning I suppose.”

Lexie surprised him by embracing him in a brief hug and a hurried good night before she disappeared inside. Once his brain started working again from the sudden contact, he merely shook his head and retired to his own room.

The girl immediately spotted her letter and opened it, sitting on her bed to read, a moment later there was a knock on her door and she looked up to see it was Narcissa, an uncertain look on her face. Lexie smiled in greeting, wondering if she’d done anything wrong but just waited as her foster mother idly pet Max.

“Draco said it was alright if Max stays with me,” she ventured, biting her lip hopefully.

“Of course dear, we’ll have to get him a bed and such, he seems rather attached to you.” Narcissa walked around the room, before her gaze fell on Lexie’s sketchpad. “May I?”

Lexie nodded and then watched as Narcissa picked it up and looked at the drawings, her features impassive. “Draco mentioned we’d be going to Diagon Alley Mrs. Malfoy?” She asked tentatively. She was a little nervous letting the woman see her artwork, and being in her presence in general but tried not to show it.

“Yes, you and Draco will use Floo powder to get there and home. I’m afraid Lucius and I have other matters to attend to.” Narcissa stated, setting her sketchpad back down where it’d been. “Which is why I came, to inform you that our tea will be the following day, unless you would like to have it later in the evening?”

“Um later is fine ma’am,” Lexie answered. “Except I don’t have any money or really any clothing or a trunk.”

“Ah yes,” she replied thoughtfully, drumming her nails on her leg. “I suppose I’ll have to send one of the house elves to take care of the clothes and trunk. I believe you have your own vault, from your mother, so that’s not a problem.”

Lexie nodded, a little taken aback by all the changes in her life now. “Did you know my parents?”

“I knew your father, he and I were distantly related. Your mother however was a Gryffindor, so she kept to her own.”

“What were their names?”

“You should rest; you’ve a busy day tomorrow. Kindly write down your sizes and anything else you need and I’ll see that it’s taken care of by the time you return home.” Narcissa answered, ignoring her question. Lexie acquiesced, curtsying. She wished she knew more about her parents, and why no one would tell her more than bits and pieces.

Narcissa nodded and swept out without a word, leaving Lexie alone in her room once more. She sighed and headed toward the bathroom to brush her teeth, changed, then fell asleep before her head hit the pillow.
The next morning she was woken by Draco knocking on her door impatiently.
"Alexis! We must go, hurry up."

Lexie was already awake, little did he know, dressing and trying to force away the nerves. Today she would be buying supplies for the witch school. While the strange moments in her past were now answered, she was even more filled with uncertainty. Before she was Alexis Meadowes, the artistic orphan, now she is Alexis Malfoy, a witch. It was definitely an adjustment.

"I'm ready, I'm ready!" She called, grabbing her bag that contained her pencils, her wallet, extra hair bands, and her school list. She'd debated on bringing her sketchbook but decided against, not wanting it to get dirty or misplaced. "Well," she said to Max, "here we go!"

Lexie left her room to see Draco waiting impatiently for her, then he turned and headed downstairs without so much as a good morning. She followed at a hurried pace, wondering if he would've left without her if she'd been any longer.

They entered the study and Lexie watched as he took a handful of the powder and told her, "Okay, you take a handful, get close to the fire, throw it in, and then say 'Diagon Alley'."

Lexie nodded an affirmative and copied his actions, watching as he disappeared into the fireplace in a flash of green light. "Diagon Alley!"

The feeling of traveling by Floo was one not even the best wordsmith could fully describe, it made her dizzy and she shut her eyes tight, hoping she wouldn't be sick. When she finally stopped, she nearly fell forward, instead falling onto someone.

"Oi!" Draco cried, startled as Lexie nearly fell onto him, before she opened her eyes and righted herself.

"Goodness, I'm sorry," she apologized but Draco just brushed himself off and took her hand.

"Come on, before you get lost." Draco led her through what looked to be a small inn and out a back way where a brick wall stood.

"Draco what-" Her question went unanswered as he tapped on the bricks in a certain order, and they both watched as an archway began to show.

"Father told me which ones to press," He answered her wondering look, pulling her forward again. "We have to go to Gringotts first, it’s the Wizarding Bank."

They walked, Draco straight ahead and unimpressed on the outside, while Lexie turned this way and that, looking at all the store signs and windows. She kept up a steady chatter about some of the stores before they found themselves before the bank. Draco started to enter but was stopped because Lexie had halted in place to gaze up at the building. In her mind, she was going over every aspect of it she could see, marveling at the sheer size.

Draco tugged her hand to get her attention once more, half amused and half irritated at the interruption. He was anxious to get his books and hers but she would surely want to look at everything.

The two walked inside and her eyes widened, taking in each detail, of the building and the goblins, while still trying hard not to stare. Draco rummaged in his pocket for their keys, both of which his Father had given to him that morning before he left for the Ministry.

Finally it seemed they were standing before the goblin and he cleared his throat, putting on his expected Malfoy attitude. "We need to go to our vaults please."

The goblin leaned over his podium and book to look down at them and Draco felt Lexie squeeze his hand slightly in worry. "Keys?" The goblin drawled and Draco handed them over. "Very well, Griphook will take you to your vaults."

Another goblin approached them, their keys in its hand and led the way to a cart, gesturing for them to climb in, they did so. Lexie glanced at Draco and the goblin and smiled politely before the cart sped away with a lurch, taking her stomach with it. They sped past at an unnaturally fast speed to stop just as abruptly in front of a vault.

"Vault 139, Miss Meadowes."

Lexie got out and walked unsteadily toward her vault, deciding not to look down, and saw that there were sizable piles of coins, in different sizes. She grabbed a couple handfuls of each and went back, figuring that she could ask Draco about them later.

Once she climbed back into the cart, she shut her eyes, not wanting to be sick from the sight of her surroundings becoming only a blur. They stopped at Draco's vault then were headed back to the surface, at last.

Draco was concerned, Lexie's face looked particularly green and he wondered if she was going to lose her breakfast. He followed as she edged to the side, handed her some chocolate and waited until she seemed okay before he explained about the coins.

"This will be faster is we split up, just follow the list and the signs and then meet me back here when you're done." Draco stated, mentally planning out his route and where to go next.

Lexie nodded, not trusting herself to speak yet and watched him walk off in a different direction. Unsure, she started walking to a store that said Madam Malkins, and saw robes in the windows. She entered and allowed the woman to fit her for the robes.

That done, she set off looking for a bookstore, since most of her list consisted of books. Suddenly she was hit in the shoulder and she turned to see a redheaded boy glance back at her and smile, before running off to follow another redhead. Shaking off the moment, she hurried inside and got what she needed, watching as a bushy brown haired girl also looked.

"Excuse me, but do you know where I might find Hogwarts: A History?" Lexie asked her shyly.

"Of course, it's right over here." The girl answered, pointing toward the shelf. Lexie grabbed the book and thanked her with a smile, and went to go check out.

"It’s my first year too," the girl stated, seeing Lexie's textbooks and holding up her own. "Maybe we'll be in the same house."

"Oh, maybe!" Lexie answered, and tried to make her smile not so wobbly. "I'm Lexie."

"Hermione Granger."

The two girls paid and walked out of the shop, "Do you know where I would go for a cauldron? I'm afraid I don't really know where anything is."

"I can show you, it's down there. Did you come alone?" Hermione asked as they made their way toward the shop.

"I came with my brother but he went off somewhere." Lexie answered, trying to get a grip on her books.

"Oh. Have you gotten your wand yet?" Lexie shook her head and Hermione pointed to another shop, "Go there, Ollivander's is wonderful."

Lexie glanced over but was preoccupied by the giant man standing in front of it, holding a white owl in a cage. "Oh my!"

Hermione stopped and smiled, "Well here we are, one cauldron shop! I'm afraid I have to go though, but I'll look for you on the train!"

Lexie waved as Hermione disappeared, and entered the shop to get her supplies. She got a few looks and stares but tried to ignore them, just got what she needed and left. The bell dinged as she entered Ollivander's, and she looked around, fascinated. The store looked and smelled old, and she saw many thin boxes stacked everywhere she turned.

"Ah, Miss Meadowes! Holly and unicorn hair, supple." Said a man, appearing out of nowhere and making Lexie jump.


"Your mother, that was her wand. Not your father though, willow and ash, flexible, that was your father's."

"You remember what their wands where?" Lexie asked, mystified. She never expected to learn what kinds of wands her parents had.

"Yes, yes. Now let's see what wand is for you hmm?” He looked around, his fingertips trailing over each wand until he pulled out a box, "Here, this might do."

Mr. Ollivander handed her the wand, "The wand chooses the witch my dear."

Lexie examined the wand as if it would bite; feeling a strange yearning already, then it grew stronger in her palm, making her hair blow lightly as if there was a breeze. "It’s beautiful sir," she said, examining the design of flowers etched into the wood that wrapped all the way around to the tip.

"Larch, phoenix feather, slightly yielding. Good for Transfiguration and Charms." Mr. Ollivander commented, tearing her gaze from the wand and back to him. "That will be 4 knuts."

Lexie handed over the amount and hesitated, "Might I keep the box, I don't want to damage it."

Mr. Ollivander nodded and watched as she bade him a good day and left, still contemplating how much the girl looked like her mother.

Lexie looked back at her list and saw with satisfaction that all that remained was a pet, but she already had Max. He didn't like other animals so this meant she was finished. The day had been so exciting, and she couldn't wait to go to Hogwarts.
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