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Wolf Blood

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Summary: Sixteen year old Faith wakes up from her coma, and discovers that she no longer has her slayer powers. And who’s this guy saying that she has to come to Washington with him? Wolf Lake crossover.

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Buffy/Angel/Wolf Lake

Summary: Sixteen year old Faith wakes up from her coma, and discovers that she no longer has her slayer powers. And who’s this guy saying that she has to come to Washington with him?

Spoilers and alterations
BtVS: AU Season 4. Starts in ‘This Years Girl’. Walsh and Angleman are still alive, no ADAM.
Angel: Post “The Ring”. Gunn has joined Angel’s team, and brought one of his crew along.
Wolf Lake: Post Series

Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy and Angel. Wolf Lake is property of UPN, or I guess CW now.


Rupert Giles jerked awake at the sound of the telephone ringing shrilly on the bedside table, letting out a grunt as he hits his hand on the wood as it shoots out to grab the offending electronic. He lets out a curse and then quickly grabs the phone on the second attempt, pulling it over to him and holding it up to his face.

“Hello?” he asks tiredly, complete baffled as to who would be calling him at two-fifty-three in the morning.

“Is this the residence of Rupert Giles?” a female voice asks back.

“This is him.” Giles confirms quickly.

“This is Sunnydale Memorial.” The woman says, her tone crisp. “You are on the list of people to contact in regards to the health of one Faith Lehane correct?”

“Yes, I am.” Giles replies quickly, sitting up in bed. “Did she flatline again?” He asks worriedly.

“No, Mr. Giles.” The woman answers back just as quickly. “It’s good news actually, she’s awake, and shows no sign of brain damage from her accident. She’s been anxious to get out of here actually.”

“Do not under any circumstances allow her to leave. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.” Giles says, quickly returning the phone to it’s cradle. He rolls out of the bed and quickly throws some clothes on before running out of his apartment to his car and speeding towards the hospital.


Faith pulled the jacket she’d stolen from the nurse that had been leaving tighter against herself as she slowly walked away from the hospital, eager to get away from the open before Buffy or any of her friends came looking to get payback for what she did last year.

It didn’t matter that she didn’t want to be that person anymore, and wouldn’t be a threat to them anyways, seen as how she was no longer a slayer.

She didn’t know exactly why it happened, but if the dreams she’d had during her coma were right, then she was meant for other things besides being a slayer. At least that was what her dead mother had told her when she’d visited. She was also told she needed to find her cousins, who would be able to help her through the ‘transition’, whatever the hell that meant.

She let a half grin slide onto her face as her hand slips into the pocket of the jacket and comes out with the nurses’ wallet. She quickly removes all the cash, which after a quick count amounts to four hundred and seventy-six dollars, then tosses the wallet into a post box as she passes.

She uses her memories of the town from the prior year, quickly making her way to the bus station, keeping out of sight of people and worried that she would run into one of the Scoobies. She stops herself before walking up to the terminal, conscious of the fact that aside from the jacket she’d pilfered off the chair when the woman’s back had been turned.

Spotting an apartment without any lights on and no cars in the driveway she grinned and quickly crept around the back. Coming up around the back door, she briefly prayed that the apartment wasn’t rigged with an alarm as she picked up a loose brick from the walkway and threw it through the glass door.

She let the tension out of her posture as no alarms went off and she didn’t hear anyone yelling in response to the sound of glass shattering. She kicked the shards to the side of the floor and entered through the door frame.

Thankfully the apartment was occupied by a woman, college student likely, with the style of clothes the depowered slayer found in the bedroom closet, quickly undressing from the hospital garb and slipping into tight blue jeans and a black t-shirt before slipping on the sandals that were slightly too big for her. She quickly grabs a duffel from the floor of the closet and throws a couple changes of clothes into it.

She grabs up the jacket and shrugs back into it, grabbing the bag and and then walking to the back door to leave, before stopping and quickly walking over to the kitchen counter and dropping two hundred dollars on the surface.

She then grabbed a sharpie out of a small basket full of writing implements and using a napkin, pulled one of the memo pad sheets from where it was stuck to the wall and wrote in block letters ‘For your trouble. Sorry.’

She then used the napkin to grab the salt shaker, putting it atop the note and the money. She goes to leave again, this time scooping up the brick she used to break the glass amidst the mess and steps outside. She quickly puts the brick back where she’d gotten it, and shifts the dirt to cover it a little and making it less obvious as the tool used in her crime.

Her clothing issue solved, she quickly made her way to the bus station to procure a ticket off the hellmouth.

Giles arrived at the hospital just in time to find Buffy storming out, Riley at her side.

“They called you too huh?” Buffy asks angrily, and Giles nods.

“How is she?” the British man asks.

“Gone is how she is. They can’t find her.” Buffy gripes and then turns to Riley. “Come on, if we’re lucky she went to try and get out of town, so we’ll check out the airport, and then the bus station.”

“I’ll contact the police about her going missing.” Giles says.

“Don’t.” Buffy shakes her head. “They aren’t prepared to handle her. This is something I have to take care of.” She adds resolutely before turning and walking to where Riley’s car is parked, getting in the passenger seat as the soldier throws Giles’ an apologetic look for his irate girlfriend and then follows after her. He gets into the car and drives it away as Giles watches them go with a look of regret on his face.

Faith finally let herself relax as the bus passed the sign at the edge of the town limits that read ‘Now Leaving Sunnydale’, with the second half of the sign spray painted over with ‘Murder Capitol of California’.

As soon as she reached Los Angeles, she knew that it would be more than easy to fall into the cracks and remain hidden from Buffy. With her slayer powers gone, the council wouldn’t even be able to track her. She was a normal girl again, she could start fresh anywhere.

She had no idea she would not remain normal for long.

To Be Continued…
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