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Budgeted Violence

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This story is No. 8 in the series "The Military Option". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Captain Summers investigating a potential 'Hunter' landing. Who will win this time?

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredbatzulgerFR182120,153619251,53024 Jun 1222 May 13Yes

Break Out

I took my time lining up the shot and gently squeezed Baby's trigger. The three rounds ripped off the the hunter's helmet and most of its head too; sending a spray of glowing green goo everywhere. I winced in sympathetic pain before rolling out of the way of the plasma that started crashing towards my position.

These guys really did not appreciate being on the receiving end. Just goes to show that bullies are the same everywhere. By now the tree trunk I was behind was burning pretty well and it was time to move. I aimed for the top of the tallest tree and started shooting at point about twenty feet above the ground and on the same side as where the firing was coming from.

This was not Baby's intended use, but she made a fine long range chainsaw anyway. It only took a little while before the top section was crashing down towards the trees the hunters were holed up in. During that distraction I loaded Baby with the last belt of ammunition I had on me before scrambling to a new hide.

I heard Boyer's SAW open up and a few more screams of pain-slash-rage in response.The plasma fire shifted to his direction giving me an opportunity to climb the nearest tree and start scanning for more targets.

It sounded like a small war had opened up behind us with the combination of the cannon Buffy was carrying and the smaller machinegun her sergeant had. Then there was the cracking zap of some kind of energy weapon. Then came the sound of a tree falling. I really did not want to know what was going on back there.

"Fawkes!" Bobby whispered loudly, "Pick it up!"

I nodded and hurried on helping drag the alien corpse back to the vehicles just as Alex started firing on some unseen target. Unseen...I can do that too..Only better, a whole lot better. I concentrated and sent Quicksilver all over me, the corpse, and Bobby. I felt drained, but any kind of cover or concealment we could get was a good thing.

"Damn, give a guy some warning!" Bobby hissed, "But it is a good call."

"Thanks Bobby," we picked up our speed and rushed off through the underbrush.

I heard a 'blonk' and knew that Boyer had switched over to the M79 grenade launcher. The sudden 'PHOOM' and a wave of wind and heat, let me know the XM1060 40mm thermobaric round had detonated. Designed for cave fights, they work quite well in the open and the heat plume will royally screw up any thermal sensors.

In a second Boyer had joined me, "I think that might slow them down a second Buff."

"You may be of the right Sergeant, I think we've overstayed our invite though."


"Yes, run."

Boyer took the lead, sprinting through the thinning brush as I kept watch for any incoming fire. The hunters were obviously too busy putting themselves out, finding explosively removed limbs, or recovering from concussion to bother however. Soon we were at the vehicles.

Bobby and Darien had just started loading the hunter's corpse into the van and Darien looked up at the two of us and smiled, "Use enough dynamite there Butch?"

I looked over where he was pointing and saw a smoldering helmet with hunter bits inside.


"Oh crap Buff," Boyer pointed down the road, "company..."

A SUV was making its way towards us with a man and a woman inside. There was no way the could have missed the explosion or the huge cloud of smoke arising from the woods.
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