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The scorpion

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Summary: The mayor sends a new monster after Buffy just as Wesley wants to put her through some exercises. Will her friends be able to help?

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/AdventureDmitriFR741,435011,18924 Jun 1224 Jun 12Yes


Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to Joss Whedon and Co.

Slightly contrary to the cliché, it was not dark, not exactly. Rather, the last light of the sun was still flickering over the horizon, as the honorable mayor Richard Willikins the Third and some of his vampire minions stood outside of town, just within the range of the mayor’s freedom.

“Okay, let’s see,” the mayor muttered mostly to himself (the vampire minions did not count). “The time-“ he checked his watch (it told him the day of the month as well as the time of the day), “-is right, the place-“ he cast a surreptitious look around, “-is also right, so-” he clapped his hands, stomped his foot and shouted as loudly as he could:

And it arose, bursting from the sand not unlike some ancient juggernaut of war: a huge, unnatural scorpion. “Go!” the mayor said brightly. “Find the Vampire Slayer and destroy her!”

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking