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Seven Days of Darcy

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Summary: Seven prompts, seven days, seven Darcy ships. For Darcy Lewis Ship Week. "With all the worlds' weapons at her fingertips, Tony wants to know why tasers. "

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JadedFR1521,3490175,14625 Jun 1226 Jun 12No

If Darcy were a Hero--or a villian [Darcy/Natasha]

Author: Jaded
Story: Seven Days of Darcy
Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy, Thor and The Avengers are owned by Marvel. I write for fun, not for profit.
Summary: Seven prompts, seven days, seven Darcy ships. For Darcy Lewis Ship Week.
Warnings: Age Difference, femslash, AU, Real!Family
Acknowledgments: Thanks to Kremer, ConstanceTruggle, moonstarsfu, pinkhairedharry, SariLane, jupitersdaughter, kirinketsu Jaylynn, & slmncpm for the reviews!
A/N 1: So, over on Tumblr, they're doing a Darcy Lewis Ship Week, with 7 prompts for each day. I decided to go ahead and do this, but with a general theme...which is Darcy is the third Summers sister. The stories are only gonna be connected by that one simple fact, hence the seven ships. :) Enjoy!

Prompt: If Darcy were a Superhero...or a villian [Darcy/Natasha]
Summary: Darcy claims she isn't a hero. Natasha disagrees.

Darcy wasn't a hero. She'd never been the hero type, always too involved in her own problems. She wasn't like Dawn, who'd fought tooth and nail to join the fight in Sunnydale. As far as Darcy was concerned, she couldn't fight, wasn't all the much into the research, and that was that. She'd support Buffy, of course, she was her sister for godssake, but actively trying to get into the fight for herself? Yeah right.

When she'd met Thor, Clint, Tony, Natasha, Bruce, and Captain Fraking America, she'd come to the conclusion that maybe she'd never been meant to be a hero because the actual heroes needed the people in the background. The people who got them coffee when the machine was pissed at them (Tony never should have gave it AI), who made sure they ate and slept (which was mostly just the scientific minded among them, though she'd never forget having to haul Steve to his room at five in the morning because he'd lost track of time playing Mario Brothers), and generally made sure they were healthy enough and awake enough to protect the world on a semi-daily basis.

When she'd explained this conclusion to Dawn, her twin had simply rolled her eyes, smacked her on the back of the head, and called her a moron. Apparently, Darcy was a little slow on the uptake.

“Natasha?” Darcy asked, after a fantastic round of sex that left her limp as a noodle. Darcy was fervently glad she'd taken the plunge way back when and kissed the redhead (the alcohol hadn't hurt).

“What?” her lover asked, not moving from where she was spread out on the bed. Darcy felt a thrill of pride that she'd done that, she'd made the infamous Black Widow that relaxed. Then she shook her head. Not the time.

“Who's your personal hero?” she asked, hand going to tangle in the red locks she liked so much. “I mean, you're a hero, right, or heroine, but there's gotta be someone you admire.” She privately thought it was gonna be someone she'd never heard of, maybe some badass russian spy or something, but she was curious so she'd asked.


“Huh—what?” she asked, snapping up into a sitting position. Natasha gave her a displeased look, which to anyone else would look like she was thinking of ways to fellay your innards. Darcy now knew better.

Natasha gave a put upon sigh and sat up, not caring that she was nude and certain parts were jiggling enticingly. “You. You're my hero.” She looked like the last thing she wanted to be doing was admitting this. Darcy looked at her like she was crazy, cause, hello? Totally crazy!

“That's insane! I'm no hero!” she exclaimed. “I tripped over thin air this morning. In the gym. I'm not a hero!”

Natasha gave her the I'm so disappointed in your tiny tiny mind look, which was only slightly different to her What the hell am I going to do with you look. Darcy had a lot of experience with both looks. “Heroes aren't the strongest or the most idiotic in battle,” she said slowly and Darcy knew right then Hawkeye was going to be getting a lot of grief for ending up in medical (again). “They aren't the people with fancy gadgets or special skill sets. They're the ones who will do whatever it takes to get the job done, to protect others at risk to themselves. They're those who think only of others.”

By that definition, Darcy knew, Natasha didn't consider herself a hero (heroine). She'd insisted, several times, that she only fought to take care of the red in her ledger, to make amends. Darcy didn't agree but it was an argument neither woman were ever going to win. Still....

“I'm not a hero!” she insisted. “I run the other way when trouble comes! I let you guys do it all! You're the ones with the fancy powers and stuff, not me!”

“But you take care of us,” Natasha said, hand going to her hair. “You don't have to, but you do. You make certain everyone is happy, content. You go out of your way to find the right kind of pencils for Steve, you hunt down Clint and get him to stop brooding after he has a solo mission, and you give Tony someone to bounce off of, to help him forget the horrors. Ask any of them and they'll agree; you keep us sane, Darcy Lewis-Summers, and that is a power all your own.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Seven Days of Darcy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jun 12.

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