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Discord's Morning-Glory

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Summary: It's the end of Season Five, what changes will happen this time? That depends on how annoyed a certain Draconiquis is with current events.

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Cartoons > My Little PonySithicusFR1311,6100491227 Jun 1227 Jun 12Yes
Disclaimer: All characters are the distinctive properties of their respective parent companies, the author Sithicus states that Buffy and Co are the property of Joss and Co, while Twilight and Friends are the property of Hasbro and other parties involved with their creation. This is a work of fanfiction featuring fan made adventures and stuff. Enjoy.

This was the point where it always split, where it always went one of two ways. Either the Slayer would leap into the portal to save her sister from death, or the sister would leap into the portal and so on and so forth.

A sickeningly saccharine sentiment of self-sacrifice and suicidal stupidity. There were of course always alternatives, occasionally Xander Harris found his way up onto the platform and sacrificed himself for the supposed good of all. Or Willow, or Spike, or Tara, or hell probably even Giles at some point.

It is always the same and I grow tired of the same old, same old. It becomes predictable, it becomes boring, it becomes… orderly. At a moment of profound chaotic upheaval the bastard known as Order still manages to achieve some semblance of existence. It defies everything that Chaos is meant to be, it defies everything that Chaos ever could be.

Therefore I choose not to play along any more with these stupid orderly rules. Instead of allowing Order to continue its inexorable stance upon this moment of pure Chaotic bliss I am going to change the rules. Not bend them, not break them, and certainly never re-write the very laws of nature. Oh no, never re-write the laws of nature. In case you’re wondering this is the part of the narrative where you shake your head and say ‘Suurrrrre you aren’t.’ but unlike as always you would be wrong in that assumption.

See Order operates with Rules, whereas Chaos operates with Anarchy. Without Chaos there can be no Order, without Order there can be no Chaos. Unfortunately with this moment in time becoming far too orderly for my tastes I have to ask you all one simple question. If I may borrow it from a certain fiend of reputable chaotic good standing, should such a thing ever truly exist… Why So Serious?

Incidentally, no I am not Janus, he and I don’t entirely see things eye to eye. You may know me by another name, I’m really only a shell of my former self at this point, but hey who said I couldn’t have a bit of fun. Ooooooooooo this is going to be priceless.

Buffy and Dawn stood upon the rickety tower built by crazy people, sharing a tender moment, choosing to follow another pre-destined path. Waiting in the wings to cheer on the Slayer and take full advantage of her selfless act, as well as the selfish one that would occur in five months time upon the resurrection of same. The First Evil in its incorporeal form watched invisibly, egging the Slayer on in private.

As The First watched however something unexpected, and in fact downright absurd happened. It really wasn’t anybody would call wonderful, or spectacular, in fact it almost looked mundane by comparison with certain other events that had transpired in the sisters’ lives. However, it happened just the same.

The glimmering, shimmering, reality destroying portal spewed out a rainbow colored burst of energy and then promptly sealed itself.

Now ordinarily this would have been impossible, however someone outside of the current reality decided to change the rules. Someone who was privately laughing himself silly at his own little game, well inwardly speaking of course.

Dawn and Buffy stared at the spot where the portal had been mere moments ago and both blinked in perfect unison.

“What just happened?” Dawn turned to Buffy and gave her a big hug, mindful of her injury.

“I don’t care, I’m just glad none of us had to jump.” Buffy smiled soberly and started leading Dawn to the stairs. “Let’s get off of this thing before it collapses on us.”

“I’m with you on that one, Buffy.”

And so both sisters started heading down from their lofty perch.

The First stared mouth agape at the sight of the averted catastrophe. It just stared, it couldn’t believe what it had seen, every single scenario had been in its favor, there was just no way that this could have happened.

And somewhere across the myriad vastness that was the very fabric of reality a very exhausted group of six ponies stood panting with their exertions.

“Ya’ll don’t mind if I collapse right ‘ere do ya?”

“Go ahead, Applejack, that took a lot out of us.” Rainbow Dash’s entire body drooped as she landed next to the orange coated farm pony.

“Goodness, I think my mane is out of sorts.” Rarity bemoaned as she quickly brought a mirror in front of her via her magic.

“Well done, my little ponies.” Princess Celestia beamed at her favored pupil and her friends. “I’m very pleased to see the Elements of Harmony helped to solve this crisis, your strength as you master each element is only increasing.”

Twilight Sparkle shared her mentor’s pride and sense of accomplishment, as well as her friends’ exhaustion. “Thank you, Princess Celestia, did we do the right thing? Did we solve the problem?”

The princess nodded slightly. “All of creation is safe once more. You sealed off the interdimensional breach with your abilities and prevented the darkness from encroaching on other lands.”

Pinkie Pie, the energetic pink party pony, frowned slightly as she considered the princess’ words. “That’s funny. I thought we sealed a rift that threatened merging us with all of the realities in existence. Which means we would have met humans and Cybertronians and Pound Puppies and demons and vampires and Vulcans… Oh right, and Willy Wonka, I’d love to have met Willy Wonka, he’s the best chocolatier of them all. For a human.”

Everypony stared at Pinkie in utter bafflement.

“That’s nice, Pinkie,” Fluttershy said patting her friend on the shoulder humoring her strange outburst. “I’d better get home now and tend to my animal friends’ needs.”

“Oh quite, and I must return to my fabulous boutique.” Rarity nodded and turned to trot off.

“Ya’ll didn’t seriously just say that,” Applejack muttered trailing after her friend.

“I’d better get back to catching some Zzzz, I need a lot of rest if I’m going to be ready to tackle that storm front for Ponyville tomorrow morning,” Rainbow Dash chimed in as she headed off.

“If we are needed again, for anything, you’ll know where to find us.” Twilight smiled once more up at her mentor and trotted after her friends.

Pinkie left with a wordless shrug and a glance towards the nearest space that happened to be facing her profile, she shot that space a tiny wink.

After everyone left the area the statue of Discord seemed to almost glow with power. The portal had just so happened to appear directly over his imprisoned form, it had also just so happened to allow his essence to interact with it and affect the changes he wanted to the event in question.

With a mischievous, almost malicious grin, the world around the statue seemed to alter. Change, as the power gathered by the master of Chaos created new life from that which had been gathered.

“What’s going on?” the filly demanded glancing around in confusion.

“Nothing, my dear, at least nothing that need concern you too much just this moment,” Discord whispered in her ear.

“Huh? Who said that?” The filly glanced up in some confusion at the stone statue.

“Oh yes, my little pony, I can indeed speak. For you see I am in fact a trapped being, much as you yourself once were. In another life.” Discord laughed and the young Filly shuddered briefly.

“Why am I here?”

“Not quite sure yet, my special little Morning-Glory, but I’m certain that before too long I’ll figure something out.” Discord chuckled. “For the moment why don’t you run along and explore your brand new paradise, forget your troubles and cares, eventually I’m certain I’ll know exactly what to do with you. But it won’t do if you never have any fun understanding your new abilities.”

The now named Morning-Glory frowned slightly and gave a little shrug, and then she noticed the wings sticking out of her back and promptly forgot all about everything else as she squealed with glee and took to the skies.

Discord watched her go, for as long as he was capable of at least, as the very power he’d collected began to once again darken his awareness of the world outside his stone prison. “I did say I wanted to change the rules. It’s never any fun if you don’t change them every once and a while… Now. How do you suppose I could get that key and her sister here to have some real fun?” Discord began to dream slightly of all the possibilities, and his frozen, fearful expression almost seemed to alter into one of pure malevolent glee.

The End

Author's Message:
Yes I have a lot of unfinished WIPs on this site, I have no idea if I'll ever get back to them, I have not really been in the mood to tackle any lengthy chapter projects for a very long time. If anyone is interested in adopting unfinished works, prepare a written outline of where you think the story should go, how it should alter the status quo of the Scoobies and present it via the site/e-mail link provided in my profile. If I like your writing style and your outline/approach to the story I'll ok you as adopter of my fic. If on the other hand you'd prefer I finish my work... Please be patient.

In the meantime, don't begrudge my desire to make short one-offs like this one. At least I'm still writing something, though I have been discouraged and stuff.

The End

You have reached the end of "Discord's Morning-Glory". This story is complete.

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