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Shego on the Halo

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Summary: The master chief finds something while on a mission. What happens when he brings it along? If it doesn't make sense right away, I'll explain a few things to characters later.

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HappyWonKinobiFR181017,8150136,90327 Jun 1210 May 14Yes

Shego wakes up again and John gets a hug

When she awoke, all clad in new bandages and fresh clothes, the first thing she saw was the ceiling.

The second thing was the Master Chief, out of his armor (which was getting serviced).

She smiled tremblingly and gave him an inescapable hug (not that he tried to get away as this wasn't something he'd been trained for).

After a minute, she let go, showing the tears on her face. "Sorry, it's just that I've had a bit of a hard week, and it's good to see a properly human face."

"That's nice." Cortanna said.

She jumped and pressed herself against him, before pulling away, disgusted with herself. "What am I doing? I'm not a helpless child." She turned around and saw the glowing purple figure standing only a handsbreadth tall on her bed. "Well, all considered, things could be worse." She sat down on the bed. "Sooooo, you wanna help me fill in the blanks?"

"We were hoping you could."

She smiled. "Well, if I don't know what you know, then I don't know what blanks to fill, so could you give me some information?"

"Information about what?"

"I could do with information about, well about anything really. So, why don't we start with the generalities and eventually move to the specifics?" She tried out a small 'puppy dog' look, just for the heck of it.

Cortanna smiled at it. "Well, the human race has been fighting a war with an enemy that is vastly more powerful and outnumbers us by a five to one ratio."

The green woman looked thoughtful for a moment. "Kinda sounds like your average 'Cowboys Vs. Indians' scenario. Or like something out of Star Wars." She said quietly. Then she returned her attention to Cortanna and said, "Sorry, please continue."

"They're called the Covenant, and they are a group of races that have declared us to be an offense to their deities and so have been trying to exterminate us ever since first contact." She gave the woman a wry smile as she said, "Surprisingly enough, they haven't had too much success."

The woman gave a small laugh and a mirroring smile of wryness. "Never mess with the human race." She said sagely.

"Yes, though due to their technological head on us, it's pretty easy for them to kill us. I have no clue why we haven't been exterminated, other than the Cole Protocol."

"What's that?" She asked.

Mentally, she cursed herself for assuming. She'd forgotten the woman had been in cryosleep for a lot longer than the war had been going on. "The Cole Protocol: A survival protocol created by Admiral Preston Cole. In summary, under no circumstances are civilian or UNSC ships fleeing Covenant assault are to set escape courses towards the UNSC core worlds, and all things with information pertaining to the location of Earth, her colonies, or any defenses are to be wiped or destroyed should the risk of being captured become very likely. That especially includes all constructs and cyborgs, like me and the Master Chief here."

She could see the connection between the special inclusion and keeping alive on the woman's face, but she didn't notice the question until it came out.

"Can you dumb it down a little for me? I'm not a genius, so I won't make the connection unless you spell it out for me."

She was a little taken aback, but tried her best anyway. After a moment, she came up with this. "A construct is typically something digital or holographic to represent something, or a program of some sort, often self-sentient. I'm a construct. Cyborgs are cybernetically enhanced humans."

"Okay, I get that. But, can you give me an example of a construct according to common things in my time?"

She thought a moment. "A digitized storage unit. Today we have holographic storage to retain data and commands in nonphysical consoles."

"Uh, huh." Nodding to show that she had at least rudimentary understanding. "So, when 'dit get created?"

Cortanna was thrown off balance by the question. "Hunh?"

"The Cole Protocol. When was it created?"

"Oh, after several colonies on the outer edge of the known galaxy were taken out by the Covenant. He decided that destruction of any intelligence we had was better than having Earth overrun by Covenant in the process of being wiped out."

"Ah." She smiled in appreciation of the idea. "Smart move."

She yawned suddenly, and then a thought struck her as she moved to put her head on the pillow. She touched her wrist and looked a little disappointed. "Quick question, how long was I out?"

"After you single-handedly saved me?"

"Oh, you were on that chip?" Cortanna nodded. "Wow. I knew whatever it was was important, but not that it was you. Yeah, after that."

"You were unconscious for 2 weeks."

The green skinned woman nodded tiredly. "Yeah, that sounds about right. I gotta take another nap, and once I fall asleep, I'm out like a light." She put an odd smile on her face and repositioned herself on her side. "Wake me up for breakfast, 'k?" She asked sleepily.

Cortanna was saved from answering because Shego was already asleep.

When she woke up again, she just sat there, staring at the dark ceiling. She sighed. Nothing made sense, especially her recent past. It's just too damn chaotic. Images mostly, in fact, too much whirlpool of color to figure out. The best she could do at the moment was that an explosion occurred pretty darn close, then there was a few hallways, then Kimmie's worried face. She'd tried to cover it up with a warm smile, but failed pretty miserably. She'd just been too darn oddly exhausted to point it out.

Then cold.

Then nothing.

Then she was running through GJ, or something. Guys with guns? She'd laughed in their faces and knocked their lights out. Simple.

Then that window. Not so simple. It was an amazing view, but wasn't the best thing for her sanity.

On the other, weirder hand, getting the life knocked out of her had been.

Life's funny that way, isn't it?

Yeah, it was.
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