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Pack Strength

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Summary: Years later in the Heart of Africa, Xander faces his greatest challenge.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Xander-CenteredSithicusFR1813,007152,91529 Jun 1229 Jun 12Yes
Disclaimer: All Characters appearing in here are the property of Joss and company. This is a work of fanfiction, a very darker side of fanfiction as it were. Be warned. The author claims no ownership to the characters, as stated above they belong to their owner and the parent company and all that. Again, WARNING, darkness ahead.


The scent was unmistakable, it clung to the region as though it were a beacon shining in the dark. Long ago, many rotations of the moon and the sun had passed since then, she and her pack had been caged. Forced to travel by the winged metal creatures that humanity had created to transport great distances.

There they had been imprisoned, shackled by the magics of the shaman who was not a true shaman. There they had been subjected to the cruelest form of punishment, a piece of their very soul had been stolen from them.

It had been strangely disturbing to see through the eyes of their other halves, each member of the pack had said so. Had agreed to hunt down the violators and punish them for their crimes, each of her sisters had stalked them when they finally managed to escape. The males were killed outright. The females taken, where they had been forced to endure the ultimate humiliation and serve as part of the hunting parties of the pack.

One of the males however had escaped retribution. For the sorcerer Wilkins had commanded they leave him be, as part of the deal for allowing them to escape their bondage and resume their true forms.

Now he was here. And the sorcerer Wilkins had long since been gone from this world, into the next. Now was the time to strike. Turning to her sisters she issued the command, find the violator and bring him here, or suffer consequences most dire.

Days passed into years, long ago she was normal once. That all changed when she became involved in some mystical possessing spell thing. She and five of her class mates had been transformed, a part of their essence was bonded to a piece of the soul of a Hyena. Only it hadn’t been a Hyena, not really. Apparently the group of men who had tracked and captured these Hyenas were unaware that they had, in fact, captured a pack of Werebeasts. Beings from another dimensional plane who had accidentally wandered into this one by traveling through strange mists surrounding an ancient land.

These creatures had arrived in the African planes and had become stuck for a time in their Hyena forms. There were stories about Werebeasts like them, part of some stupid gothic romance teen horror series or something like that, with some bitch of an empowering female detective or hunter or something. She hadn’t followed along with it.

The Pack was nothing like that. They were savage, they were brutal and they were angry. They had hunted them down after they fled from the zoo, one by one they had been captured. She had been forced to watch as the Werebeasts devoured her boyfriend and his pal, some half-assed reason about needing to cleanse themselves of the taint caused by their violations.

Terrified that she might be next she had been surprised to discover that the ‘Pack’ did not kill women, especially those as weak and in need of proper education as she had been. Terror soon gave way to acceptance as day after day they were shown why they had failed at being proper Pack.

Eventually they accepted their new lives, living amongst beasts, hunting their prey. And yet they had not started out life as animals, they were still human on the inside. Both of them had needs, wants, desires. Things that the Pack just couldn’t provide.

So for them to be told to hunt down and bring the Violator to their ‘Alpha’ meant that finally, after all this time, the last of them would learn what it meant to violate the Pack. And yet, perhaps she could convince her Alpha that keeping at least one of them around meant they might be allowed to have true companionship again.

Rhonda and Heidi formed a plan.

Werewolves, the worst abomination known to her kind. Creatures cursed with the ability only to transform under the light of the full moon. Alpha had chosen to stalk these creatures and keep them from their lands. Now Alpha had a problem on her hands, her Pack had lived in relative obscurity and peace for many years.

Until the mystical upheaval, her kind had sensed it immediately. They had to explain to the Pups what it meant, but those two had only ever been human. Incapable of transforming or understanding what it meant to truly become one with the inner animal.

Slowly, almost lethargically she rose from her prone position, at the moment she was on two legs. Her dark skin glimmering with the exertions of a good hunt. Alpha smiled. Then the commotion, frowning slightly she turned to the entrance of her hut.

Two of her sisters entered dragging a young pup between them, she was touched by the dark essence. Her eyes shone with the inner demon, Alpha frowned, this young Tribesman should not have been able to detect their hidden village.

“What is the meaning of this, sisters?” Alpha stalked forward.

“Alpha, Beta and I discovered this one attempting to murder our sister.”

Alpha’s eyes shone briefly as she studied the young pup. “It is her nature. Kill her and be done with it.”

Beta stepped forward. “She is not the first, we have sensed others from the local tribes blindly stumbling about in the dark.”

Alpha frowned slightly. “Have they dared to attack our Pack before this?”

Beta shook her head. “No.”

Alpha curled her lip. “Then why the sudden change? We remain contentedly hidden in our own hunting grounds. We do not kill more than our needs require, for food, we do not interact with this strange human world. It is different from the homelands, even more different than those strange realms we passed through when trapped in the Mists. Why have her kind suddenly chosen to stalk us?”

Beta smiled ferally. “They have become organized, Violator is here.”

Alpha’s expression darkened. Then she smiled and a laugh escaped her lips, allowing the transformation to begin in her bones Alpha changed. Adopting her hybrid form she slowly circled the captured hunter. “He will come for her. He always comes for ‘her kind’, break her legs so that she will not try to escape then place her in one of the huts,” she commanded.

Beta bowed before her and quickly lashed out with a heavy stone club.

The pup screamed in agony as her bones were shattered. Then she spoke. “They’ll come for you, you know. We’re everywhere now. The Slayers don’t take kindly to when you hurt one of their own.”

Alpha snarled at the stupid pup and lashed out with one clawed hand, cutting flesh and muscle, causing the pup to cry out again. “We are The Pack. We do not care for your ‘Slayers’ we care only for the one you harbor amongst you. And he will come… Xander will come.”

The pup gasped. “How?”

Alpha chuckled a throaty laugh and resumed her transformation into her animal form. Proudly she circled the pup showing off her large and imposing form.

Confusion gave way to fear and the pup, despite her injuries, tried to back away from the Alpha Hyena. “He told us about that horrible day when he found us… You can’t be.”

Alpha laughed some more. “Xander and I have an old score to settle.”

Xander was ready to bring the entire squad of Slayers down on this hidden village of weres, his advanced recon party was missing. It was a really stupid idea to send the relatively inexperienced Tianna in, but they’d needed a lay of the land.

Now she was probably dead and it was his fault. Xander grabbed the handle of his axe and tested the weight, still perfectly balanced to his liking. Turning he prepared to go out only to freeze when he found himself looking into the eyes of a ghost.

Movement came from his blind side and once again he cursed that sick excuse for a priest for taking his eye. Another ghost from his past emerged into his vision rapidly, before Xander had a chance to react the axe was gone.

Both of them were naked, both of them were well tanned, and both of them were more than familiar to him.

“I knew we’d find him first, they stick out too much as being something else. We can still act human enough.” Heidi smiled as she circled her prey. Her hair was atrociously long and wild, dirty and unkempt; it was difficult to maintain your body out in the wild.

“How does it feel to be visited by your past?” Rhonda demanded as she playfully swung his axe around.

“What the hell is going on here?” Xander blurted. “Where did you two come from and why are you… I mean…”

Heidi chortled sounding almost inhuman. “At least you still remember us. You Bastard!” she screamed loudly and scratched Xander across one arm with her long nails. “Do you have any idea what your pack has endured since then? Do you even know who it is out there you and your precious group of girls are poised to kill?”

Rhonda hissed and leapt at Xander, knocking him backwards into the chair behind him. She bit into his cheek and drew blood. “They killed Kyle! They killed that other jackass too, it’s been too long, I can’t even remember his name. They said they were seeking retribution for violating them. But us!” Her voice rose in a screech.

“They took a sick sense of pity on us, believing we were too young to know what it meant to be ‘Pack’ to be ‘Family’ they decided to educate us in the proper ways of being ‘like them’,” she spat, her words filled with venom and years of repressed anger.

Xander’s eye widened in shock. “Wait, are you telling me…”

Rhonda smacked him across the face. “You let us run off after eating Flutie and then having the spell reversed!” she accused. “You let us go, because we were bullies, or what? Maybe because we reminded you too much of something none of us had any possible control over! God, Xander, we’ve been living like Animals! Since then, and now they know you’re here, and Alpha commands that we bring you before her so she may have the pleasure of killing the one who violated her.” Rhonda’s expression changed and she suddenly lowered herself into Xander’s lap. Purring.

Heidi took up the explanations. “We’ve been too long out here, I don’t know if we ever could return to any sense of a ‘civilized’ world. But we do miss our Alpha, we miss male companionship. These Weres, they think we want to be just like them, able to live like Gods among men. Able to ignore the baser desires of what it is to be human. They aren’t like any kind of Were animal I ever remembered reading about in those bland little books they marketed to our teenaged minds. They walk on two legs half the time, but they almost seem to be more animal than human.”

“They don’t even care about sex!” Rhonda cut in loudly.

Xander’s roiling stomach finally settled down. “I made a mistake, girls. I let you down; I should have realized that you’d need some type of therapy after what happened to you. But I was a teenager too, I kind of repressed half of it, and I didn’t have the issue of dealing with eating a man. I guess, since we were never friends to begin with, I just assumed your families would help you out. Or the authorities… We thought the Sunnydale PD picked you up and stuff.”

Heidi’s eyes shone wet with tears as she nuzzled up against Xander. “We’ll help you kill her, kill the Alpha and the others will be easy prey. We’ve done it before, to other packs. But you have to promise us, promise us that you won’t abandon us again.”

Xander sighed. “Alright. You have my word, now… What’s your plan?”

Rhonda smiled, her expression wicked, and she proceeded to explain her idea to her Alpha.

Facing one another in the heat of the battlefield, Alpha and Xander stared at one another. Alpha studied her prey, when the pups had returned with him as a prisoner she had foolishly let her guard down. But the pups were not true Pack, they held loyalty to their Alpha, and so they had sided against her.

They would be brought to line for this. First however she needed to deal with the Violator. Xander. Circling again she prepared to lash out.

Xander held his axe one-handed and loosely at that. He’d spent a good three years in the heart of Africa already strengthening his body. He was confident he could take this bitch down. Especially now, after what he’d seen they’d done to Tianna.

Alpha smirked. “Xander, you and I know so much about each other. Do you think you can take me so easily?”

Xander growled his eyes almost shining. “A predatory act.” Lashing out suddenly he brought his weapon to bear.

Alpha dodged her body changing into her hybrid form even as she moved to avoid the blow. Claws unsheathed she lashed out, cutting into flesh, blinding him by sending blood into his remaining eye. This kill would be so satisfactory.

Xander wasn’t fazed. Blood from his open wound was seeping into his eye and effectively rendering him sightless, but he still had his ace in the hole. He waited until she jumped him.

Alpha stared with confusion into the smirking face of her Violator. She couldn’t understand why he was grinning in the face of death, her teeth mere inches from his throat. Suddenly she felt warmth in her side, dazed she glanced down. Imbedded in her body was a weapon she hadn’t seen Xander holding, or even capable of holding. She should have known he’d have some extra defenses. The cowardly young pup.

The large jagged piece of wood sticking out of her side caused her to tumble off of him. Alpha smiled proudly as Xander stumbled to his feet and brought his axe up high. “Pack is all, take care of Pack,” she whispered before the killing blow fell.

The head rolled bouncing to a stop at the feet of Beta. She collapsed to her knees and let out a cry of anguish. The axe swung again and Beta was no more.

Xander wanted to kill them all for what they did to Tianna, but none of the others were making any sound, nothing that could lead him to them so that he could deal with them. He could barely make out anything in the haze of red before his eye, panting with his exertions he waited to defend himself from imminent attack. The last words spoken by the Alpha barely registering in his mind.

Then he felt the soft hands on his bare chest, at some point he’d lost his shirt. Bemusedly this made him think of Kirk for some odd reason.

Soft lips pressed against his, it was hard to tell if it was Heidi or Rhonda, he knew it couldn’t be any of the weres, they smelt different to him.

“It’s over, Xander.” The soft whisper in his ear finally allowed him to relax.

“Time to celebrate.” Rhonda kissed his chest and slowly lowered down onto the ground.

Xander protested. “We should wait until you’ve been seen to… And seen by a trained counselor, or something.”

Heidi shook her head. “You are Alpha, we are yours.”

Rhonda grimaced. “Besides, being human again. I mean civilized fully human, that’s never going to happen. I kind of like this less inhibited life style we’ve got going here. I could do without the carnivorous aspects of it though.”

Heidi smiled and started kissing Xander’s chest. “Yes, yes. Please, Alpha, please,” she begged.

Xander sighed. “I suppose any kind of healing would have to be gradual, you don’t just change back over night… But… We should probably still get you to my place, because doing it where the rest of those bitches can see isn’t exactly my idea of a good time.”

Rhonda giggled a trace of her humanity finally coming back. “We have so much catching up to do, Alpha.”

Heidi licked Xander’s face, cleaning his wound and getting the blood out of his eye so he could see again. What he saw made him forget his inhibitions momentarily and his body betrayed his logical thought processes as he inhaled the scent of both wild women.

“You killed them for me,” Xander said with a pleased smile.

Rhonda nodded. “Naturally, we weren’t about to let any of those bitches join our Pack. Too many bad memories.”

Xander didn’t even know what to say to that. Instead he laughed, and his eye shone briefly. A Predatory Act indeed.

The End?

Author's Poste Note:
This idea came to me in the wee hours of the morning. I'd been toying with the idea of bringing a Werebeast into the Buffyverse, creating one that would fit in with Buffy Cannon and the like. I didn't want to do a full blown crossover, I mean it wouldn't be fun. Blame this on Ravenloft, I recently picked up Heart of Midnight and have been reading about the exploits of a famous Werebeast in this Fantasy setting. It got my mind percolating. There are vague hints at possibly where the Pack originated from, but I do not consider this story a cross over of any kind.

Hope you enjoy it, enjoy the strange take on the Possession incident. Since this is written a bit differently as far as POVs are concerned from my usual style the story might be a bit vague with some of the descriptors. I might clean it up a little in the future, but for now enjoy what it is here. And perhaps others would care to test the waters by bringing in Heidi and Rhonda to their own fanfiction ideas.

The End

You have reached the end of "Pack Strength". This story is complete.

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