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This story is No. 1 in the series "Themes". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: " ' So yes, Mako, we are going to hide. And then we are going to come back to Republic City and kick some Equalist butt.' " 100 themes. Makorra. Summary change as chapters added.

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Cartoons > Other CartoonsDawnieWritesFR131917,275052,49730 Jun 1213 Oct 12No

#58 - Kicking

Disclaimer: OWN. NOTHING.

Most nights, Korra is not a light sleeper. She has accustomed herself to the sounds that make up Air Temple Island and Republic City at night. She sleeps deeply…and sometimes violently, Mako discovers when he is startled awake in the middle of the night by a knee in his thigh. His arms tighten around the girl in question before his eyes open and his brain is semi-functional.

"Korra?" he murmurs; no response, just the soft sound of her deep, even breathing. His grip relaxes slightly and he closes his eyes, waiting for sleep to come again. He is floating somewhere in-between sleep and wakefulness when something makes painful contact with his shin, jolting him into full awareness. Korra is still sleeping soundly and the only other sounds he can hear are the usual dim background noises of cars and people in the streets outside of the small apartment he and his brother shares. For all intents and purposes, he should still be sound asleep; unless…

"Oof!" he grunts when one of Korra's feet connects with his knee as she shifts in her sleep. Mako groans, resting his forehead on the back of Korra's neck as she continues to sleep, oblivious to the world. He closes his eyes hoping she's done shifting and moving; he can tell it's one of the first nights of real sleep she has gotten since this whole war with the Equalists started, (and since it ended), and he doesn't want to wake her.

He's convinced that Korra has finally settled and is dozing lightly himself when a foot collides with his leg, dangerously close to his groin. Mako sighs and untangles his arms from around his girlfriend, rolling over and checking the clock on the bedside table. It's five-thirty in the morning and the sun would have rising in an hour or two anyway; a much more peaceful way to wake up to be sure, but, as he had learned by now with Korra, far less interesting. He sits up and gets out of bed, narrowly dodging another kick as Korra rolls onto her stomach, arms wrapped around a pillow.

He's surprised to find that Bolin is already awake, sitting at the small table in the kitchen staring blankly at a cup of tea. Bolin's not one to rise with the sun, Mako holds that firebender stereotype; his brother is more likely to rise long after the sun.

"Girl problems?" Mako jokes, taking a seat across from his brother.

"You have no idea," Bolin mutters, not intending for Mako to hear him; but he does, and he raises an eyebrow at him, clearly expecting him to elaborate. "Why are you up?" Bolin asks instead, obviously avoiding the topic.

"If the name weren't already taken, I'd seriously consider changing our team to the Rabaroos." Bolin gives him an odd look and Mako rolls his eyes, stealing his brother's half-empty cup of tea and taking a sip before he explains. "Korra kicks in her sleep." Bolin stares at him for a second and then bursts out laughing.

"Oh that's priceless!"

"Would you pipe down?" Mako hisses, eyes flicking to the closed door leading into his bedroom.

"Sorry bro, I just find it hilarious that Korra beats you up just as much when she's sleeping as she does when she's awake." Bolin snickers. "That's karma for you!" Mako glares at him, rubbing at slowly forming bruise on his thigh.

'Karma indeed.' But he still can't help the smile on his face later that morning during practice when Korra notices the purpling bruise on his shin and Bolin bursts out laughing again.

A/N: I actually started this one before I started the other one, believe it or not.
But the other one demanded to be written, so this one is finished a day later, two days after being started...funny...I wrote the other in one day...oh well. It worked out fine so whatever.

Word count: 602
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