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This story is No. 1 in the series "Themes". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: " ' So yes, Mako, we are going to hide. And then we are going to come back to Republic City and kick some Equalist butt.' " 100 themes. Makorra. Summary change as chapters added.

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Cartoons > Other CartoonsDawnieWritesFR131917,275052,49730 Jun 1213 Oct 12No

#90 - Protect

A/N: All characters belong to Bryke.(Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko)

Korra doesn't remember much of her childhood up until her sixth birthday. She doesn't remember the first five years of her life that were actually spent with her parents; all she knows of those years are what people have told her; that she was bending earth, water, and fire by the time she was four and a half; that her parents were always so proud of her; that they protested, her dad yelling and her mom crying when the White Lotus Elders returned on her fifth birthday to seclude her away in the compound.

She remembers her sixth birthday most vividly because it was the day that not only Katara arrived from the North Pole to begin her waterbending training, but it was also the first time that she saw her parents in almost a year. She remembers being afraid that they wouldn't be able to recognize her, remembers one of the female White Lotus Sentries scooping her up into a tight hug and reassuring her that no matter what, her parents would always recognize her because she looked them and would always look like them, remembers the feeling of safety and warmth.

It's the one thing that she can honestly say that she misses about the compound when she first comes to Republic City, that sensation of knowing that she was always safe and protected. Something she missed sorely until she was able to re-discover it not just on Air Temple Island, but with Mako and Bolin as well. They were her first real friends besides Naga. She would always be grateful to the White Lotus for protecting her, but growing up in a secluded compound had done absolutely nothing for her social life.

Which was why she was even more grateful for her parents, who managed to protect her in their own way; they made sure that she always knew how to get home, so that when she did manage to sneak out of the compound, (it was going to happen whether they liked it or not, they knew), she would never get lost. Her father taught her how to hunt and survive; broke tradition and not only gave her the warrior's wolf tail, but also took her ice-dodging on her fourteenth birthday shortly before her firebending master arrived to begin her training. Her mother provided warmth and comfort and reassurance, helping her through her training as a healer and soothing her frustrations with tea and stories of her and Tonraq's childhood.

There are footsteps behind her, breaking her meditation and rousing Korra from her thoughts. She opens her eyes and turns around to find Mako standing behind her with two cups of tea.

"Meditating with Aang?" he asks, handing her one of the warm cups and taking a seat next to her underneath the tree on the cliff over-looking the island's docks.

"No. Just thinking."

"About what?" He pulls her into his side.

"My childhood; my parents." She replies, taking a long sip of her tea to ward off the chill that comes with the beginning of fall. She knows that his own childhood is a sore subject, almost all of it spent on the streets, fighting to protect his little brother and to survive.

"It'll be different this time," he whispers; the arm around her waist tightens slightly and she smiles.

"I know." Her hand finds his and she tangles their fingers together over the gentle swell of her stomach that is just starting to show. She is twenty-six years old with an entire world to protect, but she knows that she will always be able to count on Mako to protect what matters most to the both of them.

A/N: Omigosh it's so FLUFFY!

I wrote THAT? I don't believe it...I was browsing through the 98 themes I had left and this one just popped out at me and next thing I know, I'm writing!

Anyway, enjoy the fluff and romance and...yea...

Wish I could draw...would love to draw Mako and Korra under the tree...

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