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This story is No. 3 in the series "A Drop in the Ocean Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The missing naughty bits from 'A Drop in the Ocean' and 'Snake Charming' for those who like the lemon-y stuff.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > PWPechoFR2159,09231127,71823 Jan 039 Jul 04No

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The Boy Who Got to Third Base

This scene takes place at the end of "We All Fall Down"

*~* The Boy Who Got to Third Base *~*

"She wants us to die together? How romantic." He joked.

"This isn't funny. You don't know what she did... before. And that was when Buffy..."

Harry wrapped his arms around her. "I know."

"You can't know."

"I meant I know as in I understand. I know I can't know. I wasn't there, but I've been plenty of other places that were less than swell."

"I'm not gonna let my sister die this time."

"Who says it'll come to that?" Harry asked stiffly. So far this conversation was not setting well with him. He could sense what Dawn was trying to tell him, and he didn't like it one bit.

Dawn wrapped an arm around his neck and placed her head on his shoulder. "I just can't do that again. It has to play differently this time."

"And so it will.... but I'm not letting anything happen to you, Dawn."

"But you could get hurt."

"Story of my life."

Dawn looked up as he looked down at her. The next thing she knew, they were kissing... and not sweet little kisses either. They were kissing like it was their last night on earth. Dawn whimpered when Harry yanked her into his lap. She managed, without breaking contact, to settle herself into a straddling position. Something about the whole 'maybe' of Glory returning was making her act rashly. She didn't even protest when Harry turned them and lowered her to the cold stone floor of the astronomy tower.

She knew that she should. It wasn't time for this yet... for either of them. But Dawn was so wrapped up in her worry that she didn't much care what happened to her so long as nothing happen to Buffy... or Harry.

Harry Potter had always been nervous even talking to girls he liked. He wasn't sure how he was managing to press Dawn into the floor and grope her over her school uniform while kissing her without burning himself up in the flames of mortification. Dawn let out a little whimper and Harry pulled back sharply.

"What? What?"

"Nothing... I just...." Dawn shrugged out of her school robe and yanked her sweater over her head.

She flicked open the clasp to Harry's robe and grabbed the hem of his jumper.

"I got it." He whispered before yanking it off.

Harry tossed his robe on the floor next to her and moved to it. He leaned on his side and hovered over her a bit. Dawn grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his mouth back to hers. Harry wasn't rightly sure what to do with his hands here. At first he just braced them on the floor on either side of her, but then one hand started playing with the buttons on her white school shirt. He wasn't exactly sure how that happened. Dawn started returning the favor. His tie was loosened and removed. His shirt was unbuttoned a few buttons and his collar bone began getting some touch.

He returned that. Dawn's tie was removed, and her shirt unbuttoned. He'd seen her without her shirt on before, but this time he was noticing other things besides her scars. He ran his thumb across the one shaped like lightening that Voldemort had given her last summer. Dawn sucked in air. He was a bit reluctant to take their touching any naughtier until Dawn took his hand and guided it down to one of the cups of her bra.

Harry was starting to get a little warm. Yes, he'd kissed before, but he'd never felt someone's boob before. It was a nice thing. He liked it. Not too hard, not too soft. The bra was a bit obstructive though. He began thinking perhaps he should get rid of that.

"Here." Dawn said suddenly.

Harry was a bit confused as she reached behind herself. The bra seemed to go a bit slack. As if it had been loosened. Harry's eyes widened.

"Don't go soft on me now, Potter."

"No chance of that."

Dawn giggled at his joke. She was just glad he wasn't going all embarrassed on her. This was the furthest they'd gone. They usually only kissed. Dawn shivered as Harry palmed her breast experimentally. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him over to her. Harry stumbled a bit but finally settled in between her thighs. His pants were getting a bit uncomfortable in the crotch. harry had figured out he got the best response but rubbing his thumb across Dawn's nipples. She made the most appreciative noises then.

Harry gasped aloud when she cupped him though his pants. Then he groaned.

"I was curious." She purred.

"Can... can I touch you there too?"


Harry scrambled a bit to get an her knickers. Dawn giggled when he got caught up and fell on her.

"Sorry. Sorry."

"Here, Potter, lemme help you out here."

Dawn took his hands and placed them up under her skirt on the elastic of her panties. Harry could feel his face flaming as Dawn's hands helped him guide her underpants off.

"If you wanna keep 'em, you can."

All that blood in Harry's face moved way more south. "Dawn..."

She leaned up and kissed him. Harry stuffed her white cotton underpants in his pocket. He placed his hands on her knees and started sliding them up.

"When was the last time you shaved your legs, Dawn?"

She reached up and twisted one of his nipples. Harry shouted in alarm.

"You just better behave or no more touch for you."

"I'll be good."

"Just not too good."

Dawn was giggling until Harry's hand managed to get back up under her skirt and touch her... there. Buffy would FREAK!

And Dawn was thinking she shouldn't be thinking of her sister when her boyfriend had his hand up her skirt and her panties were a thing of the past.

"I'm not really sure what I-"

Dawn gasped and arched her back. Harry chewed his bottom lip and rubbed his finger over the spot he'd just rubbed. Dawn gasped again. He wasn't rightly sure about this, but Fred and George had tried to explain some things to him and Ron once. Harry knew the mechanics of sex. Insert A into B. But he wasn't sure about the other stuff. He moved his hand experimentally and inserted a finger. Sure, the finger wasn't the A that was supposed to be in the B, but she was liking it.

"Oh God, Harry."

His other wand certainly liked hearing her voice all husky like that.

Harry figured out he got the best response from moving his finger in and out while worrying his thumb over that spot that made her gasp. Harry was figuring that spot might be that thing that Fred called the clitoris that made girls go all crazy-like when you touched it just so. One of Dawn's hands shot out and wrapped itself around the biceps of the arm Harry was using to support himself... well around as much of it as her hand could get around.

All the noise she was making was definitely upping his temperature. Harry pulled back from kissing her to find his glasses all fogged up. He swore under his breath, nothing bad just a damn or a crap. Dawn opened her eyes, noticed his dilemma, and removed his glasses for him. She stuffed them in the pocket he'd put her knickers in earlier. It obscured her face unless he was right up on her, but he didn't need to see... only feel. There wasn't much to see. It was dark in the Astronomy Tower anyhow.


She just nodded. Harry hurried the pace of his hand. He wanted to finish that and stop the horrible and delicious pressure that was building up below his belt. He was beginning to believe he would have been able to kill someone with the raging hard-on he had. He didn't think he'd ever been this stiff before. I mean, Dawn was way more attractive than his hand. WAY more attractive. Far more responsive too.

Harry leaned down and began kissing her as deeply as he could without seeming like he was trying to eat her face. Suddenly, Dawn started shaking terribly. She pulled her mouth away from his and cried out.


Harry was a bit worried, though from the fluid now coating his fingers he was guessing maybe she'd had an orgasm. He couldn't be rightly sure as the only orgasm he'd ever experienced until now had been self-induced.

"Omigod." She breathed.


She started fumbling with his belt and his pants.

"Uh, Dawn?"

"Now, Harry."


"Now now now."

He groaned when she managed to get in his pants and her hand closed around him. She started stroking slowly.

"Dawn..." Harry moaned. "Don't. I'll... I'll..."

"Come." She gave a little squeeze.


"That's the idea."

Harry began kissing her throat as she used her feet to shoved his trousers and boxers down off his hips. Harry felt very naked, but she was just as nude under him. Ha captured her lips in a sucking sort of kiss and moved to get this thing completed.





Snape yelling his name was the same as if Harry had jumped into a pool full of ice water. Harry scrambled up trying to keep himself and Dawn from being exposed.

"You two are in such big trouble." Willow snapped.


end grope-let

AN: This was SO embarrassing. It will be a long time before I write any sort of lemon featuring Harry. I don't know why I have no trouble writing Draco smut, but Harry presents a problem. This should have been written ages ago.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Lemondrops" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Jul 04.

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