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This story is No. 3 in the series "A Drop in the Ocean Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The missing naughty bits from 'A Drop in the Ocean' and 'Snake Charming' for those who like the lemon-y stuff.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > PWPechoFR2159,09231127,71523 Jan 039 Jul 04No

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Tales From Snape's Bedroom

ALL PARTS OF THIS COLLECTION RATED: 21 for sexual activity

*This takes up in the last scene in chapter 33 (The Boy Who Lived and the Girl Who Dies... Twice) of A Drop in the Ocean, you know when Willow finally lands her Cranky Pants.

*~* Tales From Snape's Bedroom *~*

Severus Snape entered his dormitory quietly. He was feeling a bit apprehensive. He'd given the pixie his password. Now she could accost him in his own chambers. What in the devil had he been thinking? He hadn't been thinking. Well, not with his brain at any rate.

He was about two steps in when something attacked him. He gave a shout. Whoever it was had jumped on his back. He struggled to wrench them off when a scent filled his nostrils.


He reached around and caught an arm. He tossed an giggling redhead onto the small sofa before him. "Are you MAD?! I might have killed you!"

"What's the matter, sexy shorts? Don't want your desert anymore?"

"What did you just call me?"

"You heard just fine." She yanked her sweater over her head leaving her in a little green tank top.

"What are you doing?" He snapped, knowing full and well what she was doing.


"I think you should go. Now."

"I think you should stop trying to be all noble and sexless and get over here and ravish me."

He stood stock still.

"I'm just gonna keep taking the clothes off, mister." She said in that cheery voice that he found so irritating as she slid out of her long corduroy skirt, leaving her in her socks, her little white panties, and the green tank top. "Then I'll just start dancing around you naked, and we'll see how long you last."

Snape swallowed. She was going to win this little game of hers. The mere suggestion of her frolicking about his chambers nude was making him sweat. He was going to lose again.

But he didn't think he'd mind losing so much this time.

She lifted her tank top off, leaving her in her bra and panties. "I really thought you would have cracked by now."

A muscle in his jaw ticked.

"Nothing to say?" Willow slid off of the sofa and stalked up to him. "It's awfully cold in here." She looked down at her chest. "I think I could cut glass with these. What do you think?"

He didn't realize what she was doing until she had actually placed his hand on her breast. He jerked back and took a step away from her. He took out his wand and muttered something while pointing at the fireplace in the room. It suddenly blazed to life. He jumped when Willow took the wand out of his hand.

"Won't be needing this. Unless there's some kinky stuff you're into that I don't know about."

He glared at her. "Rosenberg-"

"Shh." She placed a finger to his lips. "Can you just call me Willow tonight? I love it when you call me Willow."

Her hand slid around his neck as she pulled herself up against him. She stood on her toes and kissed him softly. One hand stayed behind his neck while the other was working frantically to undo buttons and latches and clasps.

"How many layers of clothing are on you?" She growled, shoving his over robes off and onto the floor.

A button popped off of something somewhere on him in her frenzy. It shot across the room like a bullet. She threw herself at him again. It was all he could do not to move. If he didn't move, perhaps she would leave. She wasn't that irresistible.

Until she bit his neck lightly, then licked the bite.

Snape growled. He growled like an angry dog who was having a stick poked at it through a fence. Willow squealed when she was scooped up into two arms that didn't look as strong as they apparently were. She should have recognized though. She should have noticed in all the times he had grabbed her or yanked her about that his grip wasn't exactly the softest touch she'd ever felt. That it was strong. And these arms had always made her feel safe.

Willow wrapped her arms around his shoulders tightly and buried her face in his neck. There were butterflies in her belly that were slam dancing. He carried her back to a sparse little room with a tiny little bed. He kicked the door to the adjoining room closed. Willow giggled a bit. She looked and the bed and wondered how he even fit on the damn thing, let alone how both of them would. He laid her gently on the bed. Snape stalked to the lone window letting in the silvery moonlight and pulled the massive black curtains on it closed. The room was suddenly bathed in black. Willow couldn't see a damn thing.


"Shhh.... patience, little red."

Her heart gave a little jolt at the silk in his tone. Willow could hear the rustle of fabric. She found her anticipation was greatly heightened by the fact that she could not see. And then he was there. Breathing. Hands in the darkness and lips on hers. She crawled back across the black cotton sheets on the bed. Her eyes were wide, but there was no light for them to take in. There was just touch and smell and oh... taste. Willow gasped as he licked her throat. It was so distracting. Just heaven. Had to be. How could he manage to find her in this pitch?

"Could we perhaps... oh!"

There was a hand on her boob. Hand on the boob! Hand on the boob! A large slightly calloused hand. And it was nice. And where exactly had her bra gone? She'd definitely had one on earlier. When had he managed to de-bra her? Just who was doing the seducing here?

Snape pressed her back onto the bed so that she was laying upon it. He was kissing her again. The girl was so sweet. She even tasted sweet. If he kept the room dark, he could actually do this to her. He'd never had anything quite so sweet before. Her skin was smooth like silk. He knew she was the color of rosy milk all over. Pale this one. Snape teased her mouth with his own, his hand moving over every inch of upper torso he could reach. She was making this gasping sound. Like she couldn't get enough air. Her hands were on his shoulders and traveled down his back. Snape let out a little moan.

Willow was just trying to touch everything. He felt awfully toned for someone who spent most of his time in a dark, dank, funny smelling dungeon classroom. She felt fingers in the waistband of her underwear. The silence in the room was heavy. All she could hear was both their fevered breaths. Lips were on her collar. They moved down, down. Across her collar bone, licking, sucking, and nipping. Her hands found his hair, so she could at least feel where he was headed. Those lips traveled down between heaving breasts, across taught and nervous stomach muscles, over a trim abdomen, but not before stopping to let a warm tongue dip into her bellybutton.

"OH!" Willow arched off the bed a bit. That was unexpected.

Her answer was a sinister chuckle that vibrated against the skin at the top edge of her panties. Those fingers that had sat so still under the edge of her underwear began the slow and torturous process of edging the scrap of cotton down over her hip. A hand on the other hip slid the last barrier of her clothing off. She felt a whoosh and some movement. Willow couldn't be sure, but she imagined him throwing her panties over his shoulder.

Hands were on her thighs. She was quite certain a body had settled between them. Willow gave a little tremble eliciting that sinister chuckle again. And then there was something warm and wet touching her... there. Tentatively at first.

Willow gasped. "Oh Goddess."

"I haven't even done anything... yet." Came a velvet whisper.

It was spoken against her thigh, and Willow swore her skin started to hum right then and there. But that was nothing to when his mouth actually settled on her.

"OH!" Her hips bucked up.

He placed a hand on her abdomen to hold her down. She was twitching like crazy, and he'd barely even touched her. He started a lazy pattern with his tongue, and the annoying little pixie became quite vocal. Snape was glad he'd placed the silencing charm on the room when he'd stoked the fire because she was getting very loud. It was driving him crazy, and he wanted to do this right, but if she kept moaning like that, it was going to be over before it started.

Her legs started trembling. Willow felt like little bits of newspaper in a tornado.

"Oh FUCK!"

"Such a dirty little mouth on you."

"Don't stop, dammit!"

She got that sinister chuckle yet again before the ministrations to the lower half of her body started up again... but this time not so lazy. She threw her arms down against the bed and started wailing. She could feel the build up. It was getting rather intense. She was trying to wriggle all over the place, and he was trying to keep her still. The hand holding her down snaked up her body to settle over one of her breasts. Willow started whimpering appreciatively.

Willow was spiraling wildly out of control. There was the edge of consciousness that she was about to go over. Right as she was about to be there, it stopped. Willow got about half her howl of rage out before she felt him enter her with one thrust. She arched her back and screamed his name as white spots appeared behind her eyelids. She could only hear the blood pounding in her ears as her body shook violently. Her breaths slowed to little pants eventually.

Merlin, there wasn't a damn thing about her that wasn't intoxicating. Severus tried not to move as she shook and twitched beneath him. Her lithe little body was now slick with sweat. He started raining kisses on her throat. She tasted salty now. And the heat she was giving off could have warmed the whole castle. He was waiting for her to come down a bit before he started up again. His body was one giant nerve, throbbing painfully and demanding friction against her.

When her breathing slowed a bit, he made his first agonizing movement.

"Severus." She hissed in a voice that sounded nothing like her. It was thick and husky.

He started placing little bites on the smooth column of her throat as his movements increased. She became quite loud again. The louder she got, the faster he moved. And the faster he moved, the more shrill her cries became. He grabbed one of her legs and wrapped it about his waist. There was going to be the imprint of her backside in his mattress before the night was through. Something was happening here. More than just the act itself. Something was stirring way down in the depths of places that Severus Snape had long forgotten.

What was happening to him was greatly intensified by the fact that he'd gone and done something incredibly stupid. He'd acquired a weakness. Against his better judgment, he'd gone and fallen in love with the little idiot he was banging into the bed.

Snape yelled out when she ripped her fingernails down his back. He was quite certain she'd drawn blood. They were still going, and she was rising up off the bed to meet his every thrust. Each rise was met with a little cry of pleasure from her. A sound somewhere between a sob and a shout. A sound he was starting to feel in every pore in his body.

He moved suddenly and rocked back on his heels pulling her up with him. Snape loosened his grip and let her slide down slowly, eliciting a long scream of absolute pleasure from her as her orgasm completely took over. She was like a giant pulse all around him. He laid her back to the bed and went back once... twice... thrice, then froze above her in complete bliss. He bellowed her name with such force that he was sure the walls shook.

He tried not to collapse on top of her. She was so tiny. But he was so very spent. Physically and emotionally. She was holding him to her and kissing his face and throat lightly. He rolled away from her a bit and pulled her still trembling body to his chest. Somehow he managed to get the sheets and blankets on the bed over the two of them. Snape couldn't see her, but he could tell she was about to fall asleep. He was quite aware she should not, but he was a bit reluctant to make her leave. Ever.

"Goddess help me because I'm fairly certain I've gone and fallen in love with you." Willow whispered.

Snape blinked in the darkness. Her breathing had slowed to the evenness of sleep. What? The pixie? In love? With him? Was she mad?

"Sex is like Chinese dinner. It ain't over 'til you both get your cookies."
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