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Twisted Sister

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Summary: Harrison has a disturbing encounter. Warning: May be a tad distrubing at first.

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Television > Tru CallingkhaleesiFR1517771563730 Jun 1230 Jun 12Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Tru Calling.

Harrison was sitting in a bar on 49th. He often went there when he needed to get away from his crazy life and right now things were pretty screwed up. Harry was in serious debt and his sister Tru was refusing to help him. He knew that he kept getting himself in these situations but he thought that his sister would always be there to help him get out of them. That was what family was for, right?

Harrison noticed out of the corner of his eye that a brunette chick had taken the stool next to him. He turned to her preparing to flirt and if he was lucky, she might help him keep his mind off his trouble. He was dismayed to find that it was his sister.

“What are you doing here?” he asked sounding irate and sullen at the same time.

“Well, hello to you, too.” The brunette answered sarcastically. “What’d I do to you?”

“You know what you did,” Harry retorted.

“Ok. Well, why don’t you let me make up for it?” She said sounding flirtatious.

Harry looked at Tru like she was crazy and noticed for the first time what she was wearing. She had on tight leather pants and a barely there tank top. So not his sister’s style.

“You feelin’ okay?” Harry asked.

“ I feel just fine. You wanna see?” She answered taking his hand and placing firmly against her chest.

Harrison jerked his hand away. “Oh, that’s messed up!” He said frantically wiping his hand with a napkin.

Oh, you’re not into chicks.” She said. “Sorry about that. It’s getting harder to tell these days.”

“What?” Harrison asked. “Of course I’m into chicks. Just not my sister!”

“Did you just call me your sister?”

“Tru, what is up with you?!?”

She smiled at him. It was a wicked smile. One he had never seen his sister use before. Harry knew something was coming that he wasn’t going to like but he had no idea what.

Faith saw an opportunity for some laughs and she took it. She reached over and grabbed the somewhat scruffy, hot guy’s neck and brought his lips to hers. He fought back trying desperately to get her off of him but she was a slayer and therefore much stronger. Faith kissed him long and hard.

There were several thoughts that went through Harrison's mind while the kiss was happening:

”Damn, I never wanted to know that my sister was this good a kisser.”

Followed by:

“Is that a hard-on?”

And Finally:

“I’m going to hell for getting a hard-on from my sister.”

When Faith finally let the guy go, she had a good long laugh at the look on his face.
Harrison downed the whole pint of beer in front of him in a matter of seconds trying to get the taste of his sister out of his mouth. He was getting up to leave when Faith spoke to him again.

“Call your sister,” she told him when she finally caught her breath.

Harrison looked at her like she was crazy again but now he was seriously starting to believe she was.

“Do it.” Faith ordered in all seriousness.

Harrison took out his phone and hit the speed-dial for Tru. He fully wasn’t intending for her to answer because of course she was right in front of him.

“I can’t talk right now, Har,” came through the line.

“Tru?!?” Harrison couldn’t believe it. Someone had to be playing a trick on him. But then Tru said the magic words to make Harrison sure that it was, in fact, his sister on the phone.

“I gotta go, Har. It’s one of those days.”

Tru hung up on a very relieved Harrison. ‘It’s one of those days’ was code for a do-over day meaning someone had died, asked Tru for help, and the day had rewound so that she could save them. There were only three people in the world who knew what those words meant: Himself, Tru, and Tru’s boss at the morgue, Davis.

Harrison looked at the chick that looked like his sister again. It was uncanny.

“You’re not my sister.” He said senselessly.

“No shit, Sherlock,” was Faith’s reply. “I don’t suppose this means you’d come back to my place, now?”

For just a second Harry thought about it but shook his head when he gave himself a wiggins.

“No, thanks,” he said “No offense but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have nightmares, now.”

As Harrison got up and walked towards the door to go home and get very, very drunk alone he heard Faith call out.

“Your loss.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Twisted Sister". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking