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Faith Wayne

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Summary: What if the Dark Slayer's father was none other than the Dark Knight?

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DC Universe > Batman > Faith-Centered(Current Donor)KCollFR182667,2061420767,1391 Jul 1219 Nov 12Yes


FIC: Faith Wayne (25/?)

Xander’s heart quailed, his stomach churning as he faced the demonic beast before him, palpable waves of power, rage, and evil rolling off the beast and hitting him with an almost physical force. Xander forced an unconcerned smile as he glanced at the glowing ring on his finger and then back up at the beast. “So you’re Lucy are you?” Xander paused for a half-beat, all too aware of the battle raging around him. “Thought you’d be bigger.”

The towering beast bared its teeth in a dead man’s grin then flew at him. Instinct took over as Xander stretched out his arm and erected a glowing wall between him and his assailant. The wall shook as the beast crashed into it, deep cracks appearing. It hit the wall like a battering ram again and again until it shattered.

Xander swallowed as the beast advanced on him. Backing up, he pointed to the right. “Say hello to my little friend.” The Lightbringer’s gaze snapped to the left, teethy maw dropping open at the looming ten foot, green-skinned mastodon striding towards them, bulging, veiny muscles rippling as the giant approached. “Lucy, meet the Hulk.” The Lightbringer’s talons slashed at the Hulk’s face only to travel through and slice air. “Ooops, wrong universe, idiot.” Green energy lanced out of Xander’s right to tear into the devil’s side, lift him from his feet and fling him three hundred feet away.

Xander gulped when Lucifer was up and charging him in a blink of an eye, the monster moving at a blur. Xander readied himself and fired another blast that enveloped but seemed to have little other effect on the monstrosity.

And then it crashed into him, hitting him with a juggernaut’s force. Xander grunted as he sailed through the air then crashed to the ground some fifty feet away. “Ahh!” Pain flared through his left hip and he felt his shoulder pop out. Pain blazing through his head, Xander started to his feet.

And then the devil landed beside him, its scaly hand enveloping his neck and lifting him from the ground. “Such impudence.” The creature’s hiss and dead-eyed gaze sent chills through him. “So little power and yet you to seek to challenge your true god?”

Xander’s mouth opened, but whatever smartass reply he was about to make was lost when Satan’s fist crashed into his mouth, shattering his jaw, blood spewing everywhere. Xander gasped as blood clogged up the back of his throat and in his nose, pain like hot pincers stabbing at his jaw. The creature’s foot crashed into his stomach, shattering ribs like they were twigs.

The monster let out a contemptuous laugh then threw Xander’s body aside before turning back to a still struggling to his feet Kal-El. “Hey asshole.” Xander’s arm felt like a ton as he lifted it and shot emerald energy into the monster’s back, knocking it down to one knee. “Did I say I was finished?”

* * *

Lucifer roared in frustration as the green energy sliced into him. To one whose leathery hide was used to the fires of hell, the boy’s attacks were little more than tickles, but the idea of one such as him not quivering at his passing but daring to stand up to him? Lucifer turned back towards the on his knees human, a power building up inside him that when expelled would burn him to a smoking skeleton.

And then Black Adam and Zod landed between him and his target, the Kryptonian and the mystically-enhanced human soaking up his attack before launching themselves at him.

* * *

Harvey Bullock glared impotently as his police regulation shotgun bucked in his callused palms, armoured piercing ammunition slamming into the winged nightmare striding towards him and his companions. “Hell,” Bullock spit out his still glowing cigar when his trigger finger clicked on empty, ducking behind his car, he snatched the shotgun off his trembling partner and continued firing round after round into the monster, crimson gouts spraying out of its back, “this city’ll be the death of me!”

The creature reached the other side of his car, reached across and snatched his gun from him, flinging it into the night. Bullock cursed again, reaching under his shoulder for his sidearm.

A raven-tressed beauty dropped out of the rainy sky, landing in a crouch on the top of his patrol car, her sword back-hand slashing down and through the creature’s neck, tearing through its bull neck in a single savage slash. Bullock blinked as he struggled to take in just what had happened.

He blinked again as he belatedly recognised his ever so beautiful rescuer. “You have a real nice caboose Miss Wayne and I ain’t even gonna ask what you’re doin’ on these wild streets.”

The beautiful heiress raised an eyebrow and shot him a mirthful look. “Why, saving your ass Detective!”

* * *

Zod ducked under the beast’s swinging haymaker and delivered a thumping hook of his own to its belly. In his estimation it was a blow that would have felled mountains but the monster barely seemed to notice it, its only response reaching down to grasp his head and fling him away.

Zod hit the ground in time to see a bloodied Kal-El rising to his feet, battered but with a look of cold-eyed determination. He had to grudgingly admit he could see why the Earthlings revered his adversary so.

The monster had just knocked Black Adam aside when Kal-El met it, eyes blasting heat into the monster as the beast leapt to meet him, snapping Kal-El’s head back with an uppercut. Man and beast wrestled in mid-air, then Satan flung Kal-El away and drove an elbow into Black Adam’s face as the human flew at him.

Zod looked at Kal-El who met his gaze with a nod, the two Kryptonians leaping up and flying at the smirking monster, hitting it from either side. The two hit it with a flurry of fists and feet, blows that would have levelled buildings, flattened cars, all to little or no effect, the monster ending their struggle by grabbing each of them by their heads and driving their skulls together. Light exploded before their eyes and the duo fell back to the ground. “Is that the best you have?” The very cosmos seemed to shake before the beast’s bellow. “Is there no challenge for one such as me?”

* * *

The sky above Moscow was filled with the Rocket Red Brigade battling the Dark Horde while Red Star was in charge of marshalling the grounded metas fighting those of the enemy who made their way through. Red Star blurred right as the nearest demon’s talons slashed at him, his hands reaching up to hook around the back of his rival’s neck and pull him towards him, his knee crashing into his attacker’s gut. The beast grunted and grabbed for his forearms but Red Star held on, twisting at the waist and flinging his attacker away and under the wheels of a passing truck.

Then he looked around and signalled to his fellow Red Shadows members to re-group around him.
* * *

August General in Iron watched wrathfully on a number of screens as his subordinates in the Great-Ten, China’s super-functionaries, fought to protect their nation from the infidel horde attacking them. The Accomplished Perfect Physician and Celestial Archer defended China’s interests in Beijing. In Shanghai Seven Deadly Brothers had split up into identical grandmaster clones, battling the enemy with all the expertise their rank suggested. In Tianjin the Shaolin Robot and Ghost Fox Killer battled the enemy, and Wuhan was defended by Socialist Red Guardian while Immortal Man-In-Darkness flew through the skies, tearing through the enemy as they fell to earth.

August General in Iron’s nostrils flared disdainfully. Wherever these monsters hailed from, he was sure it was the capitalist westerners’ fault they were here right now.

* * *

“Bloody hell!” Giles gasped as he saw a double-decker London bus first tilt on one side and then fall, crashing to and then skidding across the street, a great screeching filling the air and sparks flew across the road as the great vehicle flew across two lanes of traffic, up onto the kerb, and only stopping as it crashed into the buildings’ front, the whole area seeming to shake and tremble with the crash’s ferocity. Looking around, he glanced at his Slayers. “Half of you on rescue duty, the other half guarding the others, quickly now girls!” Thumbing the hammer back on his shotgun, he forced his eyes away from the carnage and started searching the shadows for any sign of the angels.

* * *

Despair filled Superman as he forced his aching body upright. Then a wild idea struck and he let out a shout to Martian Manhunter. “J’onn, telepathically contact my fellow Kryptonians, tell them to follow me!”

“Understood,” the Martian’s voice had the jagged edge of pain.

Superman nodded grimly then launched himself into space, arms outstretched before him as he flew towards the sun. Faster and faster he went, forcing his aching body past limits he’d never found before, every breath tortured as he fought to still greater velocities, the stars blurring as he travelled tens of thousands of miles in a second. Gradually he became conscious of his pursuers – Zod, Super Girl, Power Girl, and Super Boy all flying after him.

“Ahhh,” he moaned softly as he felt the sun’s welcoming rays upon his face, felt his body heal and strength return. And then he was entering the sun, allowing it to power him up almost as if he was a rechargeable battery, until he was almost vibrating with energy.

And then he was shooting back to the moon, his eyes zeroing in on the battle going on there, Captain Atom, Wonder Woman, Eradicator, Captain Marvel having joined the mysterious Green Lantern and Black Adam in vainly battling the resurgent Satan. “Heat vision now!”

All five Kryptonians directed their heat vision towards the devil, the beast roaring in response to their group attack but otherwise remaining uninjured. Kal-El crashed to the ground in front of the monster, stepped up to it and crashed home an uppercut.

The beast’s head snapped back, his taloned hand slapping out to slash open Kal-El’s face. Superman stumbled backwards, blood leaking down his face and shock filling him. Superman blurred out of the way of a kick to the chest and caught the monster with a clothesline to the beast’s throat that seemed to barely register. Lights exploded before his eyes as the monster drove an elbow into the side of his head, dropping him to a single knee. The monster started towards him, but suddenly the mystery Green Lantern was between him and the rampaging beast, throwing up an energy shield of emerald that the monster contemptuously batted aside.

“Superman! I have a solution, but I need your help now!”

* * *

Mr. Terrific worked furiously in his underground lab, doing the best he could do to ignore the carnage coming out of his monitors relaying horrific scenes from around the globe. As much as it rankled not being out there with his companions, he was better served being here, trying to find a scientific solution for the apocalypse outside.

Most of his efforts in the past few hours had been centred on the corpse of one of the fallen angels lying on his autopsy tables, its organs neatly taken out and lying on the table beside it. Terrific’s eyes narrowed as he ran a test for a second time, excitement growing at the result that appeared on his computer screen. Turning to another computer, a makeshift invention of his that allowed him to communicate with any of his fellow heroes on a telepathic level, a machine that managed to tap into someone’s unique brain-waves, he turned it on.


Terrific’s gaze shot to first his lab’s reinforced door and then to the camera surveying the corridor just outside his lab. His heart hollowed at the half a dozen winged beasts filling the underground passageway and thumping insistently on the door, metal shaking under the multiple blows.

Desperation filling him, he grabbed hold of the machine’s mike and rasped out a desperate plea. “Superman! I have a solution, but I need your help now!”
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