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A Most Marvelous Adventure

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Summary: Xander and Faith are transported into the Marvel universe. X/F No other Buffy chars used.

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Marvel Universe > General(Current Donor)KCollFR182354,709311056,9691 Jul 1213 Nov 12Yes


FIC: A Most Marvellous Adventure (2/?)

Faith’s eyes narrowed as she looked towards the alley entrance and the seven ‘men’ there. They were all looked to be ‘bout the same age, late twenties to early thirties, all dressed in wife-beaters and frayed denims. Experience and her senses told her there was somethin’ off ‘bout them, like they were vampires only not.

Then the lead one’s eyes flashed golden and that more or less settled that. “Kill the man, keep the girl.”

Faith’s eyes rolled. Typical, her life was one long slasher flick. But wherever they where, she was still the Slayer and she still knew how to deal with vampires. Faith rocked back on her feet as if she was about to retreat, a manufactured look of terror on her face. Then the moment the grinning goons started forward, she leapt into the air, knockin’ the first two to the ground with a leaping clothesline to their chests.

Faith hit the ground in a crouch, blocking a left hook to the face on her forearm before twisting at the waist and sinking a stake into her attacker’s chest. The demon’s mouth half-opened in a gasp as he exploded into dust.

“Ooof!” Faith grunted and staggered when another of the demons caught her with a kick to the gut. Out of the corner of the eye she saw Xander snake past her to engage her assailant.

”Aaaah!” Faith grunted when another vampire grabbed her by her thick mane and yanked her head back, her elbow shooting up and back to crash into the demon’s jaw. The moment her attacker’s grip loosened, she spun into a backfist that her rival ducked under. Her adversary failed to avoid the follow-up knee she drove into its gut, doubling it up. Faith grunted when someone caught her with a knee or fist to the back, pain exploding down her legs, but ignored it to drive a back-heel kick up and into her attacker’s chest, then kick off him and into a flying stake of the vampire straightening in front of her.

Faith crashed through the dust to hit the ground in a crouch, spin around and dive back into the melee with a full-blooded laugh. Ducking under a straight right, she kicked her rival on the inside of his knee and down onto her raising stake. She started to revolve into a spin-kick only to be grabbed around the crotch and neck, and thrown into the alley’s trashcans.

She hit the ground on her hands and sprung up into a boxer’s stance, blood flew from her mouth when a demon caught her with a left uppercut to the jaw, coppery fluid filling her mouth. She staggered, blocked a right on her arm, and retaliated with a leaping thrust kick to the chest that knocked her attacker into a back-flip.

Then HE dropped from the sky and business really picked up.

* * *

Blade dropped off the roof and into the greatly depleted band of vampires that he’d been tracking throughout the night. He didn’t bother to wonder just who Leathers and her companion was, just got to work finishing the rest of the vampires off.

His katana shot out to the right, slicing through the neck of the demon stood there, while his teakwood dagger thrust through the chest of the vampire stood to his left. He pirouetted out of the way of another demon’s lunge, his blade slicing through the back of the bloodsucker’s neck. The vampire had barely begun to explode when he was ducking through its ashes, brushing off a kick that thudded into his side, and reverse-swinging his katana through the last of the vampire’s necks.

“Holy shit, you don’t fuck about do you?”

Blade glanced towards the dark-eyed beauty, her full lips parted in a smirk and flowing mane resting on the shoulders of her faded denim jacket, her black gym vest pulled tight over her ample bosom, and black leather pants emphasising every curve of her legs, hips, and ass. “I find it’s best not to.”

“Yeah,” amusement flickered in the husky-voiced brunette’s pool-like eyes, “I hear that.”

”You’re, you’re Blade.”

His gaze spun towards the bombshell’s companion, a six foot muscular dark-haired guy with one eye covered by a patch and the other filled with compassion and humour. “I know you?” he curtly demanded.

”Um,” the boy blinked at his terse tone, but then he wasn’t known as a people person. “Maybe not.” The youth rubbed at the blood trickling down his face before continuing. “But I know you, you were born in the late nineteenth century, and in the Soho district of London, to a pro-, to Tara Brooks-.”

Before he knew it Blade was lunging forward, grabbing the youth by his throat and ramming him into the wall behind him. “How do you know my mother’s name!” he roared, fangs gleaming in his mouth.

”Hey back off!” The girl’s impossibly strong hand grabbed him by his collar and flung him to the other side of the alley, taking up a protective stance between him and the boy, almost like a mother lion protecting her cubs. “Xan’s just kinda a comic book geek, so he knows a lotta ‘bout you people. And holy shit, you look a hell of a lot like Wesley Snipes. Nice biceps by the way.”

Blade stared from the girl to the boy as he tried and failed to process what was being said. “Comic books?”

“I can prove it,” Blade tensed when ‘Xan’ reached inside his jacket, only to relax slightly when the boy pulled out a crumpled magazine, “have a look at the front.”

“Jesus Xan.” The brunette groaned when she took it and threw it to his feet. “We were on a mission, you could at least try for a little professionalism.”

The young man flushed. “It helps doesn’t it?” rejoined the boy.

Blade risked a glance down, blinking as he read the title. “Daredevil Vol 2 88?”

“Yeah,” the young man glared at his companion before looking towards him, “and I also know you were trained by Jamal Afari.”

“Okay,” Blade looked from the girl to the guy and back again. “How about you explain all this?”

“Like I said,” the girl’s voice was steady, untroubled, but her eyes told a different tale. They said that if he made a move towards her companion, she’d rip him a new asshole. “The world we come from, you’re a comic book character, so’s Spiderman, Batman-.”

“Different verses,” the man interjected.

“What. Ever. I went to see ‘Batman Begins’ with ya, don’t push it.” The girl shot her companion an irritated look. “Like I said, I’m not fluent in geek. Point is, the dimension we’re from, you’re a fictional character.”

“Huh, huh.” It was in his nature to be instinctively sceptical, but the boy knew an awful lot about him and there was the damn comic. “So how did you get here?”

“What did I grow a beard and start lookin’ like Merlin?” The girl shot him a volcanically scathing look. “All I know we were fightin’ some big-shot sorcerer. I killed him, that’s his corpse lying on the ground, but his spell continued and we ended up here.”

“Dimensional magics?” Blade mused. “I’ll have to take you to see the Sorcerer Supreme.”

“We’re gonna see Dr. Strange! How cool is that!” exulted the young man.

“Jesus,” the brunette shook her head, “we jump dimensions, and you’re still an embarrassment.”

* * *

Xander looked left and right as Blade led them through the cool night, eyes hungrily eating up the Bohemian scenery of Greenwich Village, the coffee shops, art galleries, and independent theatres. “We’re here,” their guide announced with a grunt.

“Huh?” Faith sceptically exclaimed. “All I see is a condemned apartment block with a sign in front of it saying it’s to be replaced by a Starbucks.”

“Magic,” Xander impatiently explained. “Only those specifically invited like Blade can see what it really looks like.”

Blade shot him an irritated glance, clearly his knowledge was annoying the hell out of the black dhampir. “And only those that Strange would invite if he knew and approved of their wish to see him can approach the building without feeling nervous and queasy.” Blade looked at him and Faith in turn before looking towards the apparently condemned building. “Go on.”

Faith raised an eyebrow and shot him a questioning glance. After a second he nodded. Clearly this was another test, but Xander was sure they’d pass. The beautiful Slayer let out one of her long-suffering sighs, a sound he’d become intimately familiar with over the last two years. “’Kay,” Faith nodded, “let’s get this mystical shit over with.”

The moment they stepped onto the block, the run-down apartment block shimmered and disappeared to be replaced by a three-storey townhouse. Blade jogged up the three steps leading up to the house’s arched doorway and pulled on the door’s bell-rope.

Xander’s breath caught as the door creaked open and a slender, line-faced Oriental with gentle eyes dressed in black silk pyjamas. “Wong,” he gasped.

The man-servant’s gaze flitted to him and them back to Blade. The Oriental half-bowed. “Honoured Blade, as always it is a privilege to see you. Please, bring your companions inside, the Doctor is up. He sensed a mystical disturbance.”

”Hum,” the dhampir looked towards them and back at the man-servant, “why am I not surprised?”

“Ah,” understanding filled the Oriental’s kindly eyes, “in that case the Doctor will be doubly pleased to see you. Please, follow me.”

“I can’t believe we’re in The Sanctum Sanctorum,” Xander reverently whispered as they entered the entrance hall and started up the dimly-lit stairs.

“I can’t believe I actually asked you to be my Watcher,” Faith muttered. “A world filled with super-heroes, boy do I feel redundant.”

Xander smirked. “Hey don’t worry at least you’ve got the Wonder Twins.”

”What are ya babblin’ ‘bout?” Faith’s brow furrowed as she looked at her companion then followed his eyes down to her chest. “Hey!!!”

“I can just tell your partnership’s all roses,” Blade commented.

Faith sighed. “Oh you have no idea.”

* * *

Strange looked up as the doorway to his occult library creaked open and Wong strode in, followed by Blade and a pair of strangers. His eyes narrowed as he registered the pair of strangers trailing behind the vampire hunter. “You’re the cause of the dimensional disturbance!”

The young man reared back at his sudden outburst, but the femme fatale just stared unblinkingly at him. “Victims of -, not cause of,” the curvy brunette corrected.

”You don’t mind if I don’t take you at your word,” Strange replied.

The brunette tilted her head to one side and shot him a shit-eating smirk. “Don’t mind at all, Doc.”

Blade stepped into the tight silence that followed the beauty’s rejoinder. “I found these two in a fight with a bunch of vampires and a dead body. They’ve got a hell of a story to tell.”

“Then by all means,” Strange summonsed a trio of red leather-upholstered easy chairs, “please take a seat and talk.” He looked towards Wong. “Could you get our guests some drinks my friend?” As the duo talked, explaining their world and their position in it, how they had gotten here, and how their world was thought of in theirs, Strange cast a number of discreet spells, checking the duo’s honesty, character, and histories. Surprised and intrigued by what he saw and heard, he sat back in thought as the duo finally fell silent. “You’ve got a very interesting story, I’d like to introduce you to a couple of my companions if you don’t mind?”

“Sure,” Xander beamed at him, “we’d love to!”

“Oh shit,” Faith groaned as she slapped her forehead. “You just keep leadin’ with your chin don’t ya?”

Strange tried and failed to stop a smile from tugging up the corners of his mouth. Xavier and Richards would be very interested to meet this duo.
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